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Women, be very careful with your relationship with men in Jamaica

i’m dating a jamaican man and he’s been the best to me…. but who cheated fuss, su goh an blame yuh female or ooman gendas bicaz mon doin dis hout of reataliation an vengence. my parents have been married 43 years, and every saturday morning, they still turn on a slasa record ( yes the lp) and dance with one another. however if i do the same with an afro-american chances are he will want to challenge me ( unless he’s a college educated man ). me ignorant but i will never date either of them again because i have seen it happen way too many times. being a man starts on the in, not with the type of car i drive, if u dont have anything inside u, then u wont be able to recognize whats on the inside of a man, so u will always be guessing. still believe that jamaican men have 20 children all over the world.? a real westindian woman doe take no azz kickk, she have foot too. ashley taylor this list is very true, since i’m married to a jamaican man , yes yes yes caribee caribbean in the house……. in the end i learned definitely was not a man i would want to be involved with, he was a liar and a cheat. man thats silly missy most of em will but some of em won’t. please…that mf ain’t bought a shirt for my son, but he has a 100% jamaican daughter he make sure she taken care of. i’m jamaican and i’m sorry but jamaican/caribbean men are the biggest mama’s boys, so go ahead if you’re willing to do everything and get very little in return. badroc646 the difference is a caribbean man will still support his child raise his child and that child will who his father is even if he’s not paying his presence will be felt ! combine this with the obvious sex appeal of sexy jamaican men, and you realize why few can resist the temptation of dating jamaican men..they still think that a woman place is in the home and all she should do is wash, cook, put their food on table etc. while this may hold true for some men from this culture, the generalization can’t hold true for all jamaican men. westindian4lyfee no offense but either your island is effed up or your dad was self hating old man, nooooo west indain or caribbean man would ever advise their daughter to marry outside of their culture, they may not directly say not to and may accept it if u decide on your own but to advise it?  it’s none of your business how many men she slept with.

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  🙂 foxxy married men cheat irregardless of their nationalies and race,some are just better at hiding it. sassysabrina they left the most important reason you should date a man from the caribbean; they are usually hhhuuuggggeee!. – no, we cannot shack, or live together, no, loving without the marriage certificate, no other women or even man on the side, no man who lives at home in his mother’s or some other relative’s house in a “basement bachelor pad”, and etc. westindian4lyfee the truth is caribe1 is somewhat right, sure everyman gets rejected times in his life, a lot of african american women have so much damn attitude, like their clothes are their personalities, all their value is in what they have one, how they are dressed, hardly any with something substantial on the inside. in america black folks got lost from themselves so now they are having an identity crises but they should just recognize that they are as much a part of america as jamaicans are a part of jamaica we all started at the same time.  eleonoracruiz oh, boo hoo, someone got rejected by a woman. tasha west indian men are no different from any other man when it comes to cheating.  go and bathe your vagina and settle down with a man. sadly, statistically, many of the men who complain and make negative statements about women in general were raised by single women. it is you females who are too sensitive not man. 305moveslikedagger yeah you have not met one caribbean man who valued education, haha this must be a huge joke. foxxyladynj no type of vagina will keep a man,men will cheat because of opportunity to do so,whether he is caribbean,america,african,european,asian,latin. f3ral anarchy what does any of what you have to say have to do with a man being hard working, loving their mother, working with their hands etc? no man wants a strong black woman nor any cultured female who think she’s over the men with her fussy self stirring up arguments all the time for no appearent reason cause its that time of the month everyday to them.  besides him, not all, but a lot of the jamaican men i know are “players’ and “womanizers”. it is natural for jamaican men to be polite to women (mother earth). its their war over here in america so don’t unite with them & get into there business when the white man attack them. he may love for his mother, but the mothers (grandmother & mother) obviously either do not like, care for, or want their grandson/son to date, let alone marry an african-american woman. jamaican picknee i’m not going to entertain you… i was born in america from jamaican parents.

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even when you know that this is just the type you can fall in love with, the jamaican men stereotypes may have you wondering if love and jamaican men is a little like inviting love hurts and heartbreak into your life.. a man is a man — no matter the creed, color. of course they still take care of their child mother and their children, but if you are married can you really accept the fact that man cheats on you? no we don’t expect woman to stay home n cook, tell ah trini gal that she might beat your azz…… west indian women are strong and independent, hardworking…list goes on, you can’t tell no west indian woman that rubbish and ain’t get cursed out or dumped on the spot. caribbean in the house he’s refering to the bible unruly woman. an inconvenient truth i love idiots like you who turn to the bible to keep the woman in the house and then go on cheating because you just live once! it’s pure problems you’re going to have in your life with her, especially a pretty, conceited woman.  he was then, and even to this day is a god-fearing christian man. alldawg take it easy, that was overkill…lol maria curvycurlytrini i am sorry but this post should have been called * reasons to date a jamaican man. in our household we were not taught to be gold diggers, get a man to take care of you…we were taught to do it on our own to respect ourselves, respect goes far in our family and goes a long way. fed_up18 my daughter’s reading this, & her remark is “half of these are reasons to date a gay man! personally, i want a woman who can take care of me and take care of things around the house.’s hard to resist the masculine charm and the good looks of jamaican men. i’m almost certain that you are middle-aged woman picking fights online. xoxo-mn trini as long as you a black man you an africanand we on here pointing fingers!  have to say i disagree with the comment on education, i haven’t met one caribbean man who valued education – which is pretty much why i don’t date them. stereotype regarding jamaican men is that they cheat on their romantic partner. so please crawl back under the rock you came from and leave with your sh*t “respect a man and he some what (priceless ignorance on your part) will respect you”. if a woman demeans herself to be slavish and desperate behind a man, how does she expect to be treated?

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the woman has to be somewhere in the middle and not be too bad to look at though.  i am a single african-american woman with my own place, credit (never had a co-signer), re-enrolling in college to obtain a degree, decent paying full-time job. my mother an educated woman who also did her role as a woman and could also hold down her own. from experience, caribbean men can be romantic, gentleman, very hardworking (ugh). guest actually the jamaican i dated was the one who wanted to try anual sex as you call it. soca, reggae, zouk, kompa……you never hear such blatant disrespecttriniman out……all west indian ppl big up, remember one from ten is nought (eric williams). so there is one example of the difference between afro-american men ( i am generalizing here) and a caribbean man. jamaican and nigerian men are just as bad as each other! a long while i always belive it would be in my best interest to date a jamaican men because i belive we had a lot more in comman then any other culture. there are tons of great jamaican men– like my father, uncles & cousins mr final justice they are considered cheaters, yet you have a babydaddy…. blkmarriedsinglemom i really dislike articles like these that tend to lump people into one stereotype. i’ve learned from being around the different nationalities that some caribbean girls can be “ghetto” and rude, as well as americans, but many black women (not matter what country they are from) go far against the stereotype and thrive in a world pitched against us. a jamaican man is bred to be a king by his mother therefore in a relationship he will not accept any less. as a woman i have to say i enjoy a d*ck or two, because i also only live once. i am a west indian woman and it was my fathers dying wish for me not to marry a west indian man and he didn’t have to say a word because i experienced all of their bs enough! i shouldn’t get banned from the internet it is you females should ban your vagina from sleeping around with so many different men in your lives, i mean you girls are nothing but a bunch of cars getting pumped & fill her up at the gas station & split.  my jamaican girlfriend told me to be very careful dating jamaicans or caribbeans in general. none of these reasons have anything to do with being caribbean or being a man (except for number 10 which doesn’t even count. deesse girl you are crazy nigerian men are even bigger cheaters than aribbean men and i thought that was impossible lol ciara i have many white friends who has boyfriends or friends with benefits who are nigerians, they all have other women at home sitting with their children while they just work, sleep with other women etc.

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second, just because i said they were treating us since the early 80’s doesn’t mean you know my exact age for me to date a middle age woman. great sense of humor is one of the most appealing characteristic of jamaican men. it may be better to entitle it “jamaican men”, as no mention was made of the other wonderful men in west indian islands like dominica, st. single most important thing you can do or give a man in a relationship is peace. if your vagina wasn’t good enough to keep a man, then its you. mr final justice probably because ww know how to shut up, they know that if a man can’t perform well at his job, the money stops rolling in, and they also realize that maintaining a proper weight keeps a man attracted to them, whereas black women do none of the above…… aisha shamwell perkins i bet you are single…. he had so many girls upset w/ him because of his antics + he was sleeping around with many many girls. kno more trustin ooman bicaz oonu tuu ginal an liad. some men need to not have a woman because they don’t know how to treat her and some women need to have integrity and know what they’re worth. even though this article was only meant to be a bit of fun you know there are going to be some thirsty women, after rading this, booking their one way ticket to trinidad only to be dissapointed as caribbean men are only mortals like every other man.“when a man has secured a mate, the potential cost of being discovered may increase his choosiness regarding short-term partners relative to unpartnered men, who can better increase their short-term mating success by relaxing their standards,” wrote the study authors. my own grandfather has all of these traits…and uses them to get women less than half his age (he’s 84 and married! millionario not boasting, but i’m a caribbean man and this list describes me to a “t”!'m a mixed caucasian women, irish, italian and cherokee indian, my experience with a jamaican was not a good one. westindian4lyfee thanks dc8n1equals9 i am half jamaican and have been with a hatian man for 10 months…he is very possessive (but he is a scorpio so that is to be expected), is all that is listed in the article and more…though he has his quirks he really is a great man. tamar as a jamaican woman, i will give you one reason i don’t date my brothers anymore. people get older they usually yearn for the comfort of their original cultural base, which is why though i’ve dated men of many races and nations, i want to marry one that shares the same cultural background as mine.  all west indian food is jamaican food, every accent is a jamaican accent, and so forth. many african american/black americans ,unfortunately, don’t understand this cultural connection within caribbeans and africans and other groups of people.

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if you were willingly having sex with a man that you knew wasn’t exactly faithful, i would hope you at least had the good sense to get checked out……. often when it looks like a jamaican man is being overtly seductive; it is more than likely that he thinks he is being just nice and friendly..i am a caribbean man and yes there is a prevalence of the hiv virus but for the past 10 yrs caribbean governments have managed to keep it under control and look at the rates for the united states. i got two married men right now trying to make a misses out of me. so when the babies came out white out of the black woman [thats when light skinned first invented] whom your fore fathers raped the light skinned revert back to there dark skined color but they fail to realize they came from the white man seed so yes he/she is a white boy/girl traped in a black people body looking black. & if you do a family tree background ancestry check, you know the majority of the afro-american came from the white man. you want to star in “how stella got her back grooved” hunybunz i just started dating a jamaican. man is supposed to lead and you are to follow, be his navigator !  lots of men from the island have many qualities from this list, i can relate to many. so-lodown314 i met my son’s father while on vacation in jamaica……i consider myself very classy lady, i did not go on vacation intending to meet a “jamaican” to date! stand up da truth i love my jamaican men, but as in every culture and race there’s good and bad, not every jamaican/carribean man has the qualities listed above and i am sure there are afro-american men that also contain these qualities, anyone who believes these articles to the t is a fool. while there are some good men, most jamaican men whom i’ve encountered had issues.“if his partner cheats on him, a man risks raising a child which is not his own,” explained the authors. because jamaican men always say nice things to women, does not mean they are seeking ulterior motives. when you have your mind set on being with your jamaican soulmate, here are a few of the stereotypes you may hear of and the truth about them.  i dated one also who cheated with a jamaican jump off that his entire family knew about, but no one seemed to think i needed to know. the way a man treats his sister and mother and woman in public is the same way he will treat you.! i’m in a relationship with a caribbean man for the 1st time of my life since last year, and i must say he’s the most mature and respectful man i’ve ever dated !.that’s steaknext …i can’t even waste time on you man………….

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westindian4lyfee im a man from the west indies as well and yes caribbeans/west indians (our cultures are really similar) are very different from black americans, we do not think like them and a lot of the times we dont understand why they act the way they act. respect men and they will some what respect you if your a real woman and not a school girl.. why do we see jamaican men – some fine jamaican men – choose white women who huge fat ugly with garish looking make up, sticky stringy hair, gross looking clothing to dance with? add to this their natural tendency for being polite and it is easy to see that great social manners are sometimes mistaken for flirty behavior and seductive games. natae just like every other black man…dont be fooled. if that piece of sh*t respected his woman in the first place there wouldn’t be any argument.  there is something to be said about swaying to the sounds of soca music wrapped in a island man’s arms ci i dated one (1) jamaican brother during my pre/college years, he was truly a jewel and a gentleman. jamaican picknee i’ve dated all colors and i prefer men that were raised up by a good mother or father. i am married to a jamaican man and it has been a very good life..  lolaallen i’m caribbean and i would never marry a caribbean man. we need more articles about them <3  jc yeaa i don’t know you forgot the part about if you want to be cheated on they are your men millionario not boasting, but i’m a caribbean man and this list describes me to a “t”! i’m jamaican and i’m sorry but jamaican/caribbean men are the biggest mama’s boys, so go ahead if you’re willing to do everything and get very little in return. dumb female asual no wonder men are smarter than girls when they dumb azz get pregnant by many men & the men happen to run out on them. i asked if he was married and told me no. but i do think that many jamaican may be undercover homosexual men.  and they feel as though what they have on justifies their attitudes, well if u only value whats on the outside u will always get cheated on because u wont be able to find a real man. he’s a jamaican he’s not a new yorker. illyphilly each experience is different because i haven’t met a caribbean man with any of these qualities. more watch more 8 reasons to date a caribbean man november 23, 2011  |  by renay alize 301 comments you had to know it was coming.

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features like a smaller jawbone or fuller cheeks are closely linked to a woman’s perceived attractiveness, which in turn is taken as an indicator of health, youth and fidelity and other traits, it said. who wake up in the morning with a screw face & no smile while listening to their stupid r&b slow jams manipulating their mind first thing in the morning. jamaican men tend to be more broke that’s all but they have the same attitudes and both are highly sexual and cheaters. i dated every nationality — nothing like a west indian man! on factors that influence human mating mostly focus on women, who have shown a similar preference for a hunkier man for a fling but a geekier one to settle down with- possibly a more reliable bet for helping to raise children. they are not all bad, cause my jamaican girlfriend is married to a good jamaican man, but be careful when you date a caribbean man! let the man be at peace with you and allow him to build a home around your heart. of all i am a man not a female so don’t call me sista. the common stereotypes surrounding the men from this culture revolve around jamaican men and relationships. so for example, when riding on a train if i look a black man in his eyes without anger a caribbean man or otherblack man ( not from america) he will acknowledge me without anger look me in my eyes and there is no animosity and he will greet me. my father an educated man who raised us to be independent thinkers. til this day they continue [known as your people] to treat us as if they concour america from the white man & take it over & saying get the hell out you don’t belong. had an experience with jamaicans and haitians and they weren’t good at all.  hell will freeze over before i date another cheating jamaican. suzywong this is the most moronic thing i’ve heard… if your man kicks you around you turn to other men.  i have never heard any man say that he wants a woman with bad credit, living at home with her parent(s), uneducated, a high-school dropout, a mother with different children by different men, and so forth. wear make-up, hair done & nails, nice skirts, dresses or spandex [which look better on them] not jeans nor dress pants, i mean just looking good but you wanna have screw faces when a man see how well you dress & approches you to say hello & you give him that dirty looks., 28, medical sales rep:If you really think about it, when you’re young it’s all about looks, but when you’re thinking long-term, you want the woman who’s less obsessed with looks — and whose looks other people are less obsessed with, to really settle down with.  he is a nice looking man, but a far cry from tyson beckford.

Women, be very careful with your relationship with men in Jamaica

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thats your female role in life just as much as a man suppose to provide & take care of his responsibilities no matter what as god command. ashley taylor my jamaican husband treats me like the queen i am caribee caribbean in the house……. like living with a woman was ohh so perfect and you never did anything wrong like: being bossy , knowing it all, refusing to see your own flaws, holding out on the coochie, being lazy in bed cuz ya got the ring so you dont have to put in the work any more, not listening to the man, trying to be the boss, putting him on blast in public just so you look the boss and most importantly not letting him be the man.  many women easily accept one or more of the above from men. a sense it’s true, as the song says, never make a pretty woman your wife. so go date the white man because they miss raping you nappyheaded ho’s anyway. sooooo many girls in this world, why stick with one. i have friends from all over the world, including haitian, jamaican, colombian…the list goes on. how many populations in america do you think afro-americans made up of huh. geegee i think some of ya’ll are missing the point of these articles… there are so many bad stereotypes out there about men (black, white, west indian, etc. belive every woman was creat for them to jump on. men here have too many options so i guess they do not feel the need to commit. i hate to generalize (but i’m about to), but it seems as if these – in my case, jamaican – men with all the drama and babymamas are from the city i.. caribbean man is kind & will support u 100%, afro-american man 50-50%, caribbean man loves a woman who is domesticated & motherly,but you will have to accept cheating from them as it is their nature, they will spoil the hell out of you though…this article is true. does that make sense, aren’t you jamaican also or just an american. they don’t act right in public embarrissing there black american men, they don’t like to wear dresses or skirts but where too much man pants especially tighter than their own vagina, can’t talk right with their ebonic language, shaved eyebrows & put majic marker on them to make it look real but look like a tranvestite like wendy williams, weed lips, & so on. blacklolita oh the bible,go put down the white man bible for a second.  as an example of a stereotype, i can just imagine some hood woman patting her weave, snapping her gum and saying: “i need to get me a caribbean man. caribbean in the house me divisive, who said anything about the white man/black man bible.

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my jamaican relatives seem to be more focused on looking down on my african american relatives, and seem to always have something negative to say about them. second, just because i said they were treating us bad since the early 80’s doesn’t mean you know my exact age for me to date a middle age woman which older man leave the dusty old vagina & go for the younger fresh vagina.  and with books like “think like a man, act like a woman” perpetuating this mentality, its over, they have celebrity support and recognition now. & no rich man definetly wants a lazy women who in his heart wants to take care of his woman in a loving way but all she wants in return is gimme gimme all the time & only think of herself. it isn’t a white man’s bible, it was misused by a certain group of white men.  we can tell a french accent from a british accent, a german accent, a italian accent, etc. how many men you slept with to get to a jamaican man & get burned in the end. badroc646 caribbean women just understand that a man is just that a man. caribbean men, like most men, come in many shapes and forms. this may be true about a select few wealthy popular jamaican men.. i however ended up marrying an african american man though but he has all the good qualities of west indian men so i’m set for life 🙂 sherae renee’ never date a dominican! – to go after anything they can get, sometimes even if married =( mary i went to a haitian wedding and when the priest said to the groom” forsaking all others” the men in the audience were trying hard not to laugh; sitting nest to their women with eyes all innocent like..i’ve dated both black (one american whose parents came from jamaica as adults, and one man who was born and raised in barbados and came here as an adult) and white (both american) men. too many of the younger & or americanized ones are like this. but with a pretty woman you’ll always have to be on guard, especially the men who are not so attractive themselves. to understand a people you have to look a variety (not just middle classes, just mixed, just northerners, just educated,or just ghetto) and learn how they see the world and what is on their heart as a people, search for their commanalities in worldview that go beyond their differences, then you get at the essence of a people. yuh look like di type ah ooman who gi mon jacket. “caribbean in the house” i like your defense of our people but in a way your comments can be a little extreme even to another jamaican man. redbonelicious nope never noooooo i would never date a caribbean man!

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mr final justice well, by that logic, ted bundy and charles manson can be “appreciated”, because ted bundy was supposedly handsome, and charles manson was an exceptional musician for his time…. but not all men are like that and we as woman need appreciate the men that do right by woman. triniman everywhere you go men cheat, no one place more than another, its globalthat stay home and cook talk is bs. can’t dance that well/compete with the real jamaican maidens. no wonder their culture will never grow past 13% like a black woman hair. suffice to say my man thought that way before but he knows better now. keepinreal i dated a jamaican, lawd he was so selfish! my dad, my brothers, my uncles, my cousins, my co-workers, the married one at the gas station.'m a jamaican woman who is finding it hard right now to defend the jamaican men lately. where r the sexy & good jamaican men, bcse i hve yet 2 meet any in person except on line. date any man you please regardless of nationality , caribbean , african ,african american  black men are black men ! jamaican men have underlying issues in regard to race and beauty is based on skin color, hair texture w. ~from dating experiences  caribbean in the house caribbean in the house……you make no sense at all calling yourself “jamaican picknee” but your stating you dated a jamaican man. is some silliness caribbean in the house & no type of broke man can’t keep or get a female who is materialistic cause her mind is set on the dollar sign only. can honestly say, regardless if its a term of endearment, you would never hear ah west indian man call ah woman ah b*tch unless its an argument.*  zee i am a caribbean woman who has lived on university dorms with men and women from every island in the caribbean, and as a therapist i have unique insight into male/female relationships and this article is absolute rubbish!., tyler perry movies & sitcoms , the boondocks cartoon, soulplane the movie, jerry springer or any talk show & many more. badroc646 illyphilly i dont think you have met a real caribbean man then, even with my father not being in the home i still have these qualities ( and i’m saying we are better or worse ) but it is apparent to me that as caribbean people go we tend to hold on to the family unit much, you said just like every other black men you dated & you went for a jamaican.

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