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million mansion high above the sunset strip might be described as nightlife moderne. nazarian’s courtly 78-year-old father, younes, who today sits alongside his youngest son at a table laden with crystal bowls of dates, berries, cucumbers and other refreshments—a typical display of persian hospitality—was a successful tool-and-dye manufacturer in iran. am scottish and living with a catalan man near barcelona. fifty-year-old fariborz david diaan, who was born in tehran and studied journalism at the university of missouri before moving to los angeles in 1981 to pursue work in the entertainment industry, admits that he, too, was amazed by the sight of persian money run amok. by american standards, persian decorum at synagogue was freewheeling, even disruptive, as family members rose to greet one another and chat during services. the story follows a young man who borrows a friend’s ferrari so he can pretend to be rich to impress his date, a girl who in turn pretends to be a virgin despite having a boyfriend. i am indian man about to marry an indonesian girl. woman rides on the back of a motorcycle in tehran. i hope that many members of our community write in and share their thoughts as well, and i hope that some of them serve to provide evidence contrary to your assumptions. marrying a chinese and watching programs of many different countries on tv i’ve realized just how different their customs can be. (persians often cite such gatherings as a reason they need large houses.. i just love him so much impossible to find a man like that in america. most people don’t realise how incredibly insulting that is to the woman and the man. i married the most wonderful woman in the world from minusinsk siberia russia. husband was born in manchuria (dung bei), moved to shanghai, then to taiwan when he was 16 where his father was a senator which is a story in itself since he did not belong to the party and refused to join. furthermore, there are just certain human factors that no culture can overcome. i married a german (and live in germany) so we had our “first” wedding here then, just like you, planned to do a second wedding in america…and just like you it didn’t really happen. is a good support group for those married to a foreigner and who followed him home…. i have also come to appreciate my own culture more (mexican) and seen how much we’ve lost many family values (especially american) due to adopting western ways of living.

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my experience and observation married couples who speak different languages rarely teach their partners each other language. the slim, dark-eyed mahtabi wonders whether she should lower her standards with the next man she dates. is a profound generational shift in a society of 80 million whose theocracy preaches that a woman’s main purpose in life is to be a wife and mother. my danish man is the ideal image of a man in america. i love persian food, even more than my own now. i have been fighting for years to be taken seriously as a multiculturalist because i have married into another culture. that 50% of marriages in the us fail, and the higher demands of a multi-cultural marriage, i highly recommend anyone thoroughly look at what happens if it goes bad with children. am portuguese woman from portugal married with iran man and we are so happy together. i’m going back in october to be married and cannot wait! to be honest we don’t see and feel many differences between each other even the taste of our food is similar and so many other things.”facebooktwitteremailwhatsappkeywordspersianbeverly hillssam nazarianlos angelestehranmost popular1fashionhow models ended up having actual sex in eckhaus latta's spring 2017 campaign2fashiona brief history of fashion's most nsfw, controversial ad campaigns, from eckhaus latta to calvin klein3fashionthere are people having actual sex in eckhaus latta's latest campaign4culturenicole kidman's 13 most transformative on-screen roles, from big little lies to eyes wide shut5beautygigi hadid's new bangs, cara delevingne's chic bob and more of the best hair moments of the weekrelatedculturevictoria beckham just made 'carpool karaoke'…culturehow nicole kidman's celeste on big little lies …culturewhat each 'big little lies' character's…. because of the pressure to be a virgin, many middle-eastern girls lie, and some even get themselves sewn up (as barbaric and unnecessary as that sounds). his office above wilshire boulevard, architect hamid gabbay, 66, traces the dazzling success of the persian community in beverly hills back to tehran before the revolution. am a malaysian (malay) who married a wonderful colombian man ,people say we are a very exotic couple. i thought we would have a romantic wedding party but then he left to australia to study abroad and he s too busy to connect with me every day and we broke up.’m an american about to marry a romania, and to live in romania. i was in a relationship with a chinese man who was born in vn. now my mind is more open and i have plenty happines with my man.”though omrani still seems to resent the design commission—“if i wanted to follow what they said, then i could be in iran and the mullahs could tell me what to do,” he says—even he admits that his younger persian clients have less ostentatious taste.

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    i have this with myself since i was a kid, i used to look at my mom and say proudly : ” one day, i will marry with a american man, have babies with blond hair and stuff. he cannot move here since he takes care of his son (was married before) and i can’t go there since i have my own business here. am from venezuela (speak spanish), married a wonderful iranian man (speaks farsi).) inclusion – our love for each other despite so many differences is an example that our children will grow with. i am chinese and i am getting married to my fiance who is half american and half turkish in couple months. it takes a ton more determination to marry a foreign lady or gentleman…..any married or in a relationship one would love to get some info. i have been divorced for 19 years & thank god for allowing me to find someone to share my life with…because i never thought i would finda decent man. she has even told me that no man on earth would have done the things i did to try to save our marriage! i’m from india and she is from romania ( europe ) . men in the building still wondered about the single young woman upstairs. i wish someone had offered more realistic advice to me before i married, to be better equipped to handle these challenges. i have met and fallen in love with a man who lives in belguim. am from algeria and he is from germany, we met on skype 6 years ago and decided to meet last year, it was the most happiest moment of my life, he was completely different from all men i knew in my country, so kind, so gentleman, smart, generous…etc (i would not stop if i continue). most say it was quite an experience over there with the many different personalities and beliefs there.) “but the way they did it was to put the persian bigger than the english,” he says. in addition, says delshad, persians didn’t understand that american-style membership in a prestigious synagogue like sinai temple meant paying annual dues and getting involved with fundraising. do they know your in a relationship with this man? personally, i feel that god brought us together after many years of prayer.
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    thanks to their wealth and numbers, persians didn’t need to adapt. myself am married to a foreigner (well, we are both foreigners in the country we live in) and i did a lot of research and read a ton of books, spoke to other multicultural couples before i made the decision to marry the love of my life. i love a man from uk, but i know my parent will be very sad.“my shrink says i’m torn between my duty as a woman and living my life,” dadman said. days it is difficult to find a really open-minded iranian man.) should never be taken lightly and i don’t know anyone who married based on accent and the fun factor.’m an american who married a finn, and we have been living in finland for 7 years and now have two children. am american married to a gorgeous indian man-we met on facebook 3yrs ago. enough, one of my sister is marrid to german guy and my parents have three son-in-lows from different countries. are we non persian girls just for dating or bedding? i am planning to go to his country next month so that we can know each other more before getting married.”but with so much of iranian life centered on the family, many single women struggle with loneliness. for me , it was indeed difficult but managed with agreement and planning with my husband. if you spend some time here at multilingual living, you will find many posts that speak to the difficulties, challenges and seriousness of marrying someone from another country/culture.” (another persian shopping district in westwood has also earned that moniker.’s so wonderful to learn from a different culture, i think we have many things in common but at the same time we grew up with so many cultural differences. am german and am married to an american and also live in the us. being married to a republican would definitely be more difficult than being married to my chinese husband. everybody i am a mexican girl married to a punjabi indian man.
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    she is more than i could expect from any woman. stay open and you will attract an iranian man who is more open. on the other hand, i wonder what i would feel like had i not done the things i did and married the man i did. reblogged this from askdrg and added:There are plenty of persians/iranians marrying non-persian/non-iranians.  more than 3 million educated iranian women over 30 are unmarried, according to mizan, the official news agency of iran’s judiciary. i am british and am interested in persian culture / language and iran itself., i think i will finish here… i think the summary is that being married to a foreigner is in some ways harder (dealing with different sets of values, habits, ways of communicate), but it can, as well be, a very rewarding experience, because you might need to become more open minded an flexible and you can learn about a culture, country, language,… in a way that it would be difficult to get if you were not together with your partner. too am married to a foreigner (turkish) and although it is great, it is not easy! i am not married but i do feel marrying someone foreigner is better than marrying some from your own culture. love that someone from a more conservative background so willingly married an american feminist. anyone married can find 10 reasons, specific to their spouse, to love them. to see how many people are married with a foreigner! though we are both usa citizens, i feel half persian and he feels half venezuelan. am english and in a relationship with a woman who is also english, which was a big surprise as i never thought i would be, having lived and travelled in different parts of the world, and, unlike most british people, speak other languages, so would welcome the chance to use them regularly. “i don’t think there were more than 10 or 12 [persian] families we knew in los angeles,” he says. “they don’t have to marry persian,” says jasmine yadegar, in a tone suggesting that she hopes her two twentysomething daughters—both of whom still live at home—eventually will. after reading “1- reasons why you should marry a foreigner (like i did) and the other married couples comments to the interesting topic about different cultures marrying brought up some kind of curiosity in me that i never known before. it basically says that she’s a whore, who instead of selling her body is selling her entire life, and secondly it says i’m a human trafficker (which apart from being morally abhorrent, would be illegal).”azadi, her styled golden-brown hair half-covered by a patterned ivory scarf, described a man she lived with for two years.
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’m russian married to indian – a crazy mix of emotions, cultures, tastes! i married a colombian, who is of christian arab decent. i never d have meet a man like him, so sweet but so manly at the same time, i like men who looks like men, not metrosexual, and i must to confess i though scandinavian men were almost all of them like this, so i was kind of racist about it, thinking a latino it was the most near to the man id like to have, oh my god, i was so away from the real thing. i could have written a very similar list had i married someone with exactly the same heritage as me. indonesian woman about to marry with an indian man we both cath and we both already got blessing from our parents, im ready to stay in india after our wedding coz that what he wants from the beginning . and in my case, a canadian married to a spaniard, i’ve gratefully adopted the good food, great wine and mediterranean sunshine. after 30 years in beverly hills, few, if any, persians still hope to return to tehran. i am married to a mexican and there are a lot of hilarious differences between us. am of english, german, israeli, fijian, solomon and micronesian descent (it’s crazy…. the baradarans’ circle not only includes persian friends but also his colleagues, her clients and other parents from the girls’ prestigious private schools. i went to ireland to hang out with the irish, not some german guy! live just the same with my german fiancé, don’t worry and be patient. i think i married the one american who doesn’t find the latvian thing fascinating, exotic or especially worthwhile! i wish we had gotten married there but now hearing perhaps things would go better if we do the 90 fiance visa. i have learned many polish phrases, it’s defiantly a challenging language for me. think if i were married to a republican i would go insane or want to leave him.”abidar dadman, a 37-year-old bank employee studying for a master’s in international business, recently dated a man who was uncomfortable with the fact that she earns about 0 a month more than he does. iranian men are actually among the more open-minded over many other tight-knit traditional cultures. ha, after number 10, i knew he had to be german.

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i got married in early age then had 2 years marriage then got separated coz that guy was not good at all after getting separate i was in depression for one and half year then i started my study again and did some professional diploma and got job in mumbai after having great experience in mumbai i moved to arunachal pradesh and now working here. am a mexican engaged to a south african man from cape town. the end of the year we would be married hopefully i can join him and start new life. they think she is crazy for leaving them and going to live with a man in us.’m american and my long-term boyfriend (we don’t want to be “married”) is danish..-born and -bred interior designer whose husband, bob, is the only persian partner at white-shoe law firm greenberg glusker, is a prime example. they are all in germany, but i’ve read enough stories about people in other countries to think our unfortunate situations actually could be much worse. many more ways to say i love you/te quiero/t’estimo. he insists that tensions have since eased and notes that persians today account for approximately 25 percent of membership. after reading “1- reasons why you should marry a foreigner (like i did) and the other married couples comments to the interesting topic about different cultures marrying brought up some kind of curiosity in me that i never known before. that means that even nowadays a man can have four wives, [two is more common now] and there are millions of problems with this ‘arrangement. i am deeply and unmistakenly in love with my forerign honey,yes, however , we are not married but long to be. married women need their husbands’ permission to travel outside the country. i am very opened minded when it comes to dating a woman no matter what, cultural nationalities, where they are from and understanding a woman is no big problem for me.”outsiders were less amused by such extravagance, and quarrels erupted over the most visible persian status symbols, their homes., i am nino from georgia (country) married to english man.. we try to be positive thinking that for our offspring is not just hard the situation (learning so many languages and having the family away), but as well gives her the opportunity to learn so much about others and herself, and to have some other kind of family with the people she is in contact with here. i would marry a french man or at least a western man.)younes and his brother, parviz, relied on contacts with other persian jewish immigrants—“our best asset in this country was our few friends,” he notes—and established a factory building machine parts for such clients as the department of defense.

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’”public discontent with the number and scale of mansions came to a head in 2004, when the beverly hills city council established a commission with the right to veto any building plan deemed out of place in the neighborhood. needless to say nothing is more attractive that an a indian man speaking spanish 🙂 before my marriage to him i just expected to stay in california forever but being his wife has opened my life to a whole new world. (carolyn cole / los angeles times) in many rural areas, attitudes remain staunchly traditional. believes that even many highly educated iranian men continue to hold regressive views about women. i think, even if i’m chilean and i married a french, i didn’t marry a foreigner, i just married the love of my life.) long periods of separation are easier to manage – my husband is currently working abroad but i have not ever doubted the ability of our marriage throughout this due to his values and our love. and the man i married is not a villager from a mud hut, he had a college education, ‘modern’ job, car, etc. i married him because of who he is though, not what he is! i know it’ll be hard for alek in many ways to come to america. me share with you all my love story with a romanian girl here . count my blessings everyday because i followed my heart and married the man of my dreams, instead of settling for someone because is was easier to marry the guy next-door. the comments appear naive as there are many who are not sincere. we have a very nice sexual life, he is fire, and i though a white man would be never able to be like this. i really wonder why that is… like many say, i enjoy the challenge and richness of blending in different cultural influence. it’s been a battle and will continue to be (i’m 20 and he’s 24 and we both have a lot of schooling to finish) until we can finally live (permanently! am a french girl married to an american korean guy 🙂. i’m a south african married to a dutch guy and living in holland. remains a powerful norm in iran, and many laws still treat women as the property of men. am an american and have been dating a hungarian woman living in budapest now for over a year.

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a woman rides on the back of a motorcycle in tehran.. and he was married too and he has a beautiful daughter. today so many persians own stakes in beverly hills’ golden triangle, the prime streets between wilshire and santa monica boulevards, that the area is known to some as “tehrangeles. am married to pakistani for about 5 years and yes its very funny but sometimes its also hard but i love pakistan even thoe its so different than my culture. living in hong kong for two years, i came home to seattle…and promptly met, fell in love with, and married a man from hong kong. met the most beautiful asian man i have ever seen (who just happened to have an australian accent) the last day he was in puerto rico (my country) in a festival. however i feel that getting married in america will be much easier than in iran. and rather than courting the local social establishment, rich persians stuck to their own social world, which revolved around lavish 1,000-person bar mitzvahs and weddings.”among much older women, the iranian custom of the doreh—a semiformal circle of women who meet to eat home-cooked persian fare, play cards and gossip in farsi—has also proved resilient enough to make it to the 21st century. she is trying her best to learn all the language that i am speaking, beginning with mandarin and spanish (which is easier). i want him to learn cantonese cuz my first language is cantonese but it seems way harder for him to learn than mandarian. been with my german boyfriend for long now and im asian(filipina),1 reason i fell inlove with him since we seen each other through chat are beinh handsome. although getting to know another culture is interesting and a spouse that is different [racially, culturally, etc] is exotic, i would never have married this man, had i known what i was getting myself into.’ the women are always jealous of each other; anyone who thinks that the woman ‘help’ each other, and all accept the situation, warm and fuzzy and communal, is drastically misinformed. shift, slow though it may be, has pushed the persian community toward the american mainstream—or at least the beverly hills version of it.”not so many years ago, nazarian, whose family arrived in the u. since the german culture and the us culture are very different in many ways, but also close in others, the cultural richness is not as significant as with some other cultures, but definitely worth experiencing. it has been a nightmare for me, and i know far too many with multi-cultural kids in the same boat. but what’s inside the nazarian house is secondary to the view: the city of los angeles spread like a vast persian carpet laid at nazarian’s feet.

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many more terms of endearment – darling, mi amor, estimada, la meva done…. liked those points you made on why it’s good to be married to a foreigner, i know with a bit of irony in it, but it’s true 🙂 my points are:1. some persians celebrated the joys of american self-expression with an exuberance that was considered jarring. married to a colombian, we met in college in madrid.. he’s sporty and outdoorsy so hiking and skiing are part of our daily life, as is the case for so many others in norway. my problem is that time and again i meet men who think oh, she’s easy because she is ‘english’ and they then revert back to marrying persian girls. different all-american motto, however, has been fully embraced by the nazarians and many other persian families who have earned fortunes here: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. so pardon my following decidedly unromantic post:Your objections are all valid, and you haven’t even touched on what happens if the couple split up and their are children. true love nonetheless blossoms, and the couple are married in the second act by a rabbi who loudly appraises the value of her ring to the exact dollar. we have two boys who are very lucky to be trilingual, they’re getting at the stage where they now correct our german, that’s actually pretty cute! i have been called a fool by my many lifetime friends for hanging in and trying…. includes more unmarried couples who live together — known as “white marriages” — and more divorces.) likewise, a majority in the younger generation choose to marry fellow persians—much to their parents’ relief. reading all the interesting comments on this fun topic, i realized that many of the commentators and readers of this blog are lovepats. 🙂 im a brit married to a pakistani 😀 and i love it. he is the most wonderful man i have ever met in my entire life.’m a latvian married to an american, but i’m an american, too, so i’m not exactly married to a foreigner. i know i am very opened minded when it comes to dating a woman no matter what, cultural nationalities, where they are from and understanding a woman is no big problem for me. hope you will spend more time here at multilingual living where you will find many “in-depth articles that don’t just touch the surface of the complexities behind culture, marriage, identity and language.

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an intercultural marriage also has many very special things – but none relating to an accent, sophistication or more travel (which now i don’t like as much as i am older, have children and it is exhausting – mentally and physically! carolyn cole / los angeles times a woman rides on the back of a motorcycle in tehran. lifetime love with this man… a family if you both desire… and true happiness… than you have some hard choices ahead of you.’m an american married to a dutchman living behind the mountains in switzerland where we speak english, spanish and french at home. am a macaenese, i grew up in macau and hong kong sar, going through a trilingual education in chinese, portuguese and english, so i am able speak cantonese, mandarin, portuguese and english. haven’t gotten married, heck, i’ve never had a boyfriend, but my american grandfather married my thai grandma. hope it is ok for a single man like me with no kids and married been married to neither in culture or off culture to say something.“thanks to women asserting their power, attitudes are slowly changing, and society is accepting the economic independence of women,” said sara mahtabi, a 33-year-old unmarried ski instructor. cannot be married as i’m a maltese gay person. one of the brothers, dar mahboubi, backed haberdasher bijan during the eighties, and younger mahboubis continue to manage the family’s considerable property holdings. vietnamese and i always want to marry a foreigner man and travel around the world. to the honesty issue: the person will lie to tell you whatever you want to hear; he didn’t really sleep with the woman he met, he really didn’t send that much money back for someone’s wedding or for a present, etc. am so happy to have found my man, im mexicana, he s norwegian. and i managed to live there for two years without anyone harassing me. you might various papers like affidavit that you (and your fiancee) are not married in your countries of origin., too, have heard many times from iranian men (or men from any of the middle-eastern cultures for that matter) that they are happy to date american or non-iranian women, but that they would never marry one. nazarian and his family, who like many iranian jews left tehran during the 1979 revolution, are leaders of a powerful persian jewish elite in beverly hills./ how did he come to america i have ahusband in the gambia and i want him here in the states so we can actually get married.”)today many younger members of the persian community favor a less ornate style and in this—as well as in many more-important matters—they represent a generational pivot between the persian jewish community’s past in tehran and its future in los angeles.

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am american and have met a dominican man, (while on vacation a year ago) and have fallen completely in love with him. i love so many things about my husband and his culture. you cannot nor are you responsible for changing the way all iranians think, but you can still meet a man and change the way he thinks because of your assertiveness and confidence about this topic. it’s truly a wonderful and rewarding experience and i would highly recommend it for any man, especially the so-called “nice guys” that “always finish last”. parviz became famous in his community—and notorious in beverly hills—for building a mansion that exemplifies an architectural style known in these parts as persian palace. romanticism, gentlemanly behavior and deep kindness is still alive and well in romania! many persian friends tell me the success of my marriage is the fact my persian in-laws are not in the picture -lol. accents don’t keep you warm at night but a decent, loving man does! ironically, he recalls, some of the toughest votes to get were persian: iranian jews had no experience voting under the shah and were wary of joining any bureaucratic roster, even the beverly hills voting rolls. i was blessed and an opportunity lived and learned the language of german as my dad and my were station in germany for 22 years never had gone back to the states till 2002. married to a foreigner was the greatest and now the hardest experience of my life… for so many reasons… oh if people really knew my story….”the baradarans represent this new face of the persian upper-middle class. married a domincan because of the first and second reasons on the list: he was the only one who offered me “unconditional friendship” before it evolved into love, and i never did things the easy way anyhow. am german married to an english man living in the uk, so i guess my husband is the lucky one married to a foreigner! always tell him i married him for brown babies 😉 how politically correct of me hehee. my family is his family but sadly he lost contact with his persian relatives when he left his home country. he also like my culture and is able to speak some mandarian. perhaps you should have married schwarzenegger… then you could have had both the foreigner elements and the republican elements – oh yea baby, bring it on! am a german (with a recently aquired us citizenship) and my husband is a us foreign service officer.

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am not married but have been with my english partner for 11 years, i’m french myself and we live in germany, where we met (at work in a european organisation). dugan romano’s book intercultural marriage even explores various types- i am a nontraditional. however, a driving force on the commission was gabbay, whose own work is more understated and who takes exception to the name persian palace because, he says, the style “has nothing to do with persian architecture. we live in the usa, been married for almost 11 years and can only communicate in english.) not materialistic – simple things make my man and kids happy – we even don’t own a tv and intuitively, everyone is content spending time together in the garden, playing outside and quality family time is not a ‘special occasion’ thing. hope it is ok for a single man like me with no kids and never been married to neither in culture or off culture to say something. husband is german and i am spanish, and we met in norway, where we are living.” if you are so surrounded by homogeneity that an accent seems romantic, maybe you need to travel more. i told him about my family’s condition and many other things and he said don’t worry about anything but i love my family they have supported me when i was struggling. sure, a german marrying another european might sound exotic, but that is really all the same basic culture. in culturally chinese countries, for example, the woman marries out of her family, and is considered a legal part of her husbands family.. just about anywhere in europe, he can manage to understand the answer when he asks for directions (which he always wants to do! caption man recounts surviving five days trapped under collapsed home after u. now younes, like his son, is leaving footprints all over los angeles: he is chairman of his son’s business, sbe, and he serves on boards at the rand center for middle east policy and the los angeles philharmonic, in addition to being a major donor to the university of southern california. married a man from west africa 13 years ago; i am american. haven’t married my beloved foreigner yet, but i will in a few months, and these are some of the great points about it:– she’s trilingual – english, russian and uzbek – and this fits in nicely with my multilingual world.’ these days it is difficult to find a really open-minded iranian man.’m a korean woman soon to be married with a finnish man.. it is nice to visit his family and that he/they explain me many more things about germany culture, language and traditions that i could learn by myself.

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@hitesh – are yaar she said: “i am american married to a gorgeous indian man” 😀 which means they are already married! iranian women forego marriage carolyn cole / los angeles times a woman shops for textbooks in downtown tehran. most say it was quite an experience over there with the many different personalities and beliefs there.. we have been married for nearly 2 years now and the advantages keep growing.. he knows more about tulips and art than any other man i know. haven’t decided yet if we do want to get married or not, but i’m in a 2-years-and-counting (really, the man of my dreams, wanna spend forever and more by his side) relationship with a croatian… and i’m brazilian. i also love erhu music and there are many other singers i like.’m polish and i married a german, i lived in his country and i speak/studied his language. corey, an american, and her german husband live in seattle where they raise and homeschool their three children, ages 14, 12 and 10, in german and english. after 15 years of marriage i can say that i’m still happy, but you have to keep working at it, just like if you would be married with someone from your own culture. persian conquestby kevin westjune 10, 2013 12:35 pmfacebooktwitteremailwhatsappfacebook dialogpinterestfrom left: alex halimi, amanda maddahi, adam daneshgar, lillian emrani, sabrina yadegar, jessica yadegar, gabriel halimi, jessica kimiabakhsh, sharon newman, lauren maddahi and soshi azadian at sam nazarian’s sls hotel. i’m not the kind of women that desperately needs a man to get marry with or only to get a green card (which most part of people think about it … unfortunately). they are lagging behind us — fahimeh azadi “you can’t marry a normal iranian man who will limit you and say, ‘don’t work; don’t go out. ela e tentendo o seu melhor aprender toda a linguagem que eu sou falando, iniciar com mandarim e esphanol (que a mais facil). didn’t marry a man from another country, but i did marry one whose family is intractably republican. girlfriend and i would like to get married in the future (it’ll most likely be way down the line), but i’m not quite sure if she would be willing to relocate to america, we haven’t discussed that yet. i met a man who was from the other side of the world. present-day elite persian community in beverly hills, though, really got its start in the early seventies, when four brothers of the mahboubi clan—who had grown rich at home from their virtual monopoly on chewing gum—moved to los angeles and sank their money into real estate on rodeo drive. favorite foreigners (mostly females) are of the following nationalities: british (sexy accents, the fact that they cuss a lot), slovakia/czech republic (cuteness), russia (awesomely beautiful), germany (they feel most foreign and exotic even among foreigners), united states (i like the no-nonsense attitude of americans).