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What does 420 FRIENDLY mean? - 420 FRIENDLY Definition

, an explanation as to why people use '420 friendly' in their dating profiles, what it means for you (and possibly, them). see the definition of 420 "420 originated at san rafael high school, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the waldos". in 2012, voters in colorado and washington passed a historic initiative state law to legalize cannabis, making them the only 420-friendly states for now; while at the same time, opened the door to 420-friendly business entrepreneurs, creating new 420 friendly jobs.

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Also, search our forums and events calendar and meet 420 friendly people and cannabis smokers like you. Join for free and find 420 friendly stoner singles like you that smoke marijuana. almost every single dating profile will mention "420 friendly" in some way or another.

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Why Do People Put '420 Friendly' On Their Dating Profile?

you better be careful, those highway police are definitely not 420 friendly.)what i will say however is this: marijuana use, like smoking, drinking, religion, children, and politics, are all deal-breaking topics for many singles. majority of people who share the 420 lifestyle are aware that several us states allow individuals with certain health problems to buy or to grow a limited amount of marijuana for their own personal use.

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420 friendly is a dating site for singles who smoke weed. so let's jump in as to why this appears in parts of the world and not others, what it means, and why it might be important to you. Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of 420 FRIENDLY is.

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even if its true origin will never be revealed, 420 has already been a big part of the marijuana culture and its use has spread among entire generations. someone you're dating, or, someone you're talking to via an online dating site, mentions that they're "420 friendly," what do you say? today, you can find 420 friendly vending machines, 420 friendly magazines, 420 conventions like kush expo, hempcon medical marijuana show and in canada, the vancouver cannamed fair expo.

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there are plenty of myths and rumors on the origin of 420, such as: 420 is a california police dispatch code for smoking pot (which is untrue). could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of 420 friendly (420 friendly acronym/abbreviation/slang word). 420 friendly is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained.

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you may find the phrase 420-friendly often in personal ads, especially on craig's list. but why do so many people in america get high on april 20th and what does 420 friendly mean? april 20th has become a counter-culture holiday where friends in us cities gather in groups to celebrate 420-friendly events, parties and festivals.

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do you mention anything 420-related in your online dating profile? is a way to express the acceptance of smoking pot or accepting somone who does so, without overtly mentioning pot or marijuana. in my neck of the woods, '420' commonly appears in dating site profiles, and i've had quite a few folks tell me they're uninterested in dating unless their potential partner is a pot smoker, activist, or at the very least, tolerant of its occasional use.

What does 420 FRIENDLY mean? - 420 FRIENDLY Definition

What does 420 mean? 420 Definition. Meaning of 420

there are also 420 friendly hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, as well as jewelry and cosmetics all made from hemp and we did not even mention the most important of them all, 420 friendly dating sites. when i'm in my hometown of vancouver, canada, it's rare to see a dating profile where '420 friendly' isn't mentioned in some way. now you know - 420 friendly means "person who likes smoking pot" - don't thank us.

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i have no doubt that this is just the beginning of the 420 friendly never ending story. there are even 420 dating sites catering to people with this interest. it refers to the term 420 which has become lingo smoking pot.

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refers to marijuana smoking, so '420 friendly' means that the person posting the profile either smokes pot, or, is open to dating someone that uses marijuana. a recent website search on google for “420” brought up hundreds of millions of websites which are 420 related. does it matter to you if your date is open to marijuana use, or dead set against it?

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