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jehovah’s witness organization has much more power and influence than these statistics would make one believe. have noticed there are so many difficulties for real witnesses to find a date either in their country or in the net n live happily in this passing world…according to the only truth in words which is the holy bible((given by god jehovah the grand creator to humans marrying to someone is not a sin also not marrying is neither a sin. yes, you are not allowed to call yourself a witness of jehovah if you will not follow the bible’s code of conduct. ask them if they know a jehovah’s witness and almost everyone know at least one. and 65% of current adult jehovah’s witnesses were not raised in the faith. are numerous jehovah's witnesses dating websites, and while many of these focus on meeting other practicing and believing jehovah's witnesses for friendship and love, other sites actually speak out against the practice of dating online. to pew jehovah’s witnesses have the lowest rate of college educated members. lol lol maybe ken should get a web site on catholic priest !

Dating websites for jehovah's witnesses

taking any real love for jehovah and squashing it in mundane and inaccurate doctrine. is the deep dark “secret” of life in the jehovah’s witness cult. the organization punishes those who do not comply with the standard to shun “unfaithful” witnesses. here are a few facts about jehovah’s witnesses in the united states today, based on pew research center’s religious landscape study:Jehovah’s witnesses are among the most racially and ethnically diverse religious groups in america.'s witnesses forum- this site is the place to discuss anything relating to jehovah's witnesses and the watchtower bible and tract society.. religious groups, jehovah’s witnesses tend to be less educated. the flip side, about two-thirds (65%)  of current adult jehovah’s witnesses are converts – like prince, they were raised in another faith. i find it so strange that a guy like kent would even get a web site all about witness’s joining a date site or a site called watch tower observer ?

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you log into this website or you do not log into it you committed no sin.’s witnesses identify as christians, but their beliefs are different from other christians in some ways. jehovah's witnesses believe that the bible expects them to respect marriage, and they also believe in instilling this and other principals within their children. a website that encourages only those jehovah's witnesses that truly believe and practice their beliefs to join. else that’s worth pointing out – jehovah’s witnesses have a well documented and systemic problem with child abuse in their ranks, not too dissimilar to the problems encountered in the catholic church, and has policies in place worldwide that often result in abuse either being ignored or actively covered up. jehovah’s witnesses – roughly two-thirds (65%) – are women, while only 35% are men. you really want to know what jehovah’s witnesses believe, visit. this website covers a range of topics in addition to dating and it deals with all sides of the jehovah witness culture, including those who have left the religion.

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the australian royal commission in 2015 found that in australia alone, the witnesses had failed to report over 1,006 child abusers in their ranks to the authorities. i mean people with a life wouldn’t be making comments about the site unless they are so gross and weird like you must be mark? in order to enter the site, you must answer a question that is jehovah's witness specific. do a study to find out how many people were indoctrinated by the jehovah’s witnesses over say a 20 or 50 year period. myself i’m only a associate of jehovah witnesses at this time.’s witnesses promotion of their watchtower sect has the net effect of stumbling and turning people off to the gospel. you can become a jehovah’s witness anytime you like but can’t come out of this.. christians overall, jehovah’s witnesses are especially likely to say they attend religious services at least once a week (85%, compared with 47% of all u.

Free dating site for jehovah witnesses

this site has very specific rules and regulations to protect you. is a coming but god’s judgement day will sweep away as many jehovah’s witnesses as other professed christians because the watchtower lords of jehovah’s witnesses are apostate. it’s not only extremely sad, but borderline criminal that a religion that destroys families all in the name of “jehovah’s loving organization”. if you have any general questions or comments about this website, please send an email to:If you have a news story that you feel should be included on this website - or an inquiry or complaint regarding credits, misreporting or copyright issues, please contact us at:Technical or website access issues should be directed to:Home→2004→want to date a jehovah’s witness? it’s horrible how they are taught to never go to apostate sites when they think they have the truth and yet they encourage other people to question their beliefs on a regular basis. many sites that proclaim to be jehovah's witnesses dating websites are actually just designed to be used as advertising tools. watchtower bible & tract society has warned jehovah’s witnesses about the dangers of internet usage repeatedly.’s witnesses followers are forbidden from pre-storing their own blood ahead of elective surgery called autologous donation.

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voce on sonoma county elder accused of child abusela voce on court rules: jehovah’s witnesses can shun memberssubscribe via email. can’t believe what i’m reading here amongst the brothere and sisters concerning dating sites and even hair styles, yes the internet is a very dangerous place to be for dating i agree on this point strongly but the criticism passing between yourselves and even hair styles too involved seems ridiculous , which one of us can cast the first stone we are all imperfect in this system so stop bickering and get on with it and remember jehovah god loves you he knows we are not perfect in this system of things . i don’t go out and try to make people become catholics, i don’t agree with the jehovahs doing that, but i know for a fact all you have to do is tell them not to come back and they put you on a list and leave you alone. this site to see what these gorgeous love dolls look like:Datz nt a good advice., the watchtower jehovah’s witnesses has very,very little to say on this alarming aspect of refusing blood.’s witnesses seduce people into their faith with their brotherly love doctrine. make sure the love doll is loyal & a believer in jehovah. a jehovah’s witness i just have 2 comments:Regarding evolution you probably mean: “saying humans have always existed in their present form since the beginning of the human creation”.

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just as in the past, today jehovah's witnesses continue to be an influence in this purpose. roberta is looking for: “someone who has my same interests, and someone who loves jehovah whole heartedly. that the jehovah’s witnesses makes up less than 1% makes them seem so insignificant. is only one group of people on the face of this earth which fit the above criteria – jehovah’s witnesses. to the watch tower site, jehovah's witnesses have a firm belief that the earth will always exist. jehovah’s witnesses due indeed practice the unloving and harsh doctrine of disfellowshipping and shunning. the jehovah’s witness religion is a very mean and cut-throat religion..But to honour god according to his rules n regulations stated in book of corinthians marriages should be celebtated only between parties of a same belief that is brother and sister should accept jehovah as their god.

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if a study were done to determine the faith with the highest turn over i am pretty sure it would be the jehovah’s witnesses. you search for more jehovah's witnesses sites, be sure you read the fine print. many other highly religious christians, jehovah’s witnesses tend to take conservative positions on social issues. it so i think you are disfellowshippped long time ago , you should start thinking how to come back to jehovah by purify yourself before the end of this system of things , sorry but yur so immoral according to jehovah standpoint . of jehovah’s witnesses usually brings out the wrath of those who cry persecution. if you are of the jehovah's witness faith, and you want to seek out others online who share your beliefs, look for the following in any websites you might consider participating in. your email address to subscribe to this website and be notified when new articles are posted. this is correct – 66% of adults who were raised as jehovah’s witnesses no longer identify as jehovah’s witnesses.

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as one of jehovah’s witnesses you should know how to spot such just by their actions etc, unless blinded by their sexual appetite or own loneliness. keep in mind that there aren't many true websites that are devoted to devout jehovah's witnesses who are interested in meeting others to date. roughly three-quarters of jehovah’s witnesses (74%) also reject evolution, saying humans have always existed in their present form since the beginning of time. the results give the impression that jehovah’s witnesses are divided in these issues. and most jehovah’s witnesses (64%), when asked if they are registered to vote, say they are not registered or decline to answer the question. 26, 2016a closer look at jehovah’s witnesses living in the u. prince, who was raised as a seventh-day adventist, became a jehovah’s witness as an adult and attended services in his home state of minnesota.’s witnesses have a low retention rate relative to other u.

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for one, while half of jehovah’s witnesses say they believe in heaven, very few (7%) say they believe in hell, the traditional image of which is challenged by the denomination’s teaching. friends-this is definitely a site designed to include only those of the jehovah's witness faith. jehovah’s witnesses do not commonly advocate for these beliefs in the political sphere.’s witnesses claim that jehoover’s kingdom is the only hope for mankind, but they take advantage of every social welfare program that caesar’s government doles out. figures came from the witnesses own internal records, and made worldwide headlines yet at the very same time that the royal commission was hearing these facts, one of the witnesses leaders, steven lett, went on record denouncing these reports as “apostate lies. noticed some witnesses seem to attract the interest of the opposite sex with relative ease due to either charm, social status &/or looks. and most jehovah’s witnesses (83%) say their religion is the one true faith leading to eternal life; only about three-in-ten u. nine-in-ten jehovah’s witnesses (90%) say religion is very important in their lives, while similar shares say they believe in god with absolute certainty (90%) and that the bible is the word of god (94%).

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jehovah ,does not appear to be a loving god to scare you into obeying. very sad indeed for a religion who calls themselves, “jehovah’s loving organization”. after 10yrs of lose conduct out in the world they had returned to jehovah much stronger spiritually than ever…i guess with the pew research study of 66% left the faith this is what’s been happening. i know or meet knows someone who is or was a jehovah’s witness. remember to use your own judgment before you participate in these sites, however. survey found at least two other interesting ways in which jehovah’s witnesses stand out in their beliefs. jehovah's witnesses dating websites allow those of the jehovah's witness faith to find other jehovah's witnesses to connect with.’s witnesses say that jesus already had his second coming in 1914.

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they don’t teach critical thinking in high school, most witnesses can’t recognize the fallacies printed in the watch tower or break down the horrible logic that premises their doctrines that are absolutely fundamental to accepting the governing body as the faithful and discreet slave. traditional measures of religious commitment, jehovah’s witnesses are one of the most highly religious major u. it seems the witnesses don’t follow the orders a whole lot – at least not all of them. the jehova’s witnesses love to look small and insignificant but i know many who were in the organization for decades and who were very obedient to the elders though they were never baptized. is not a sin to log into this website and talk to different people and languages throughout the world but you must be cautious and wise due to the unbelievers who also log into this website and claim to be your witnesses. bible is clear on its teachings and there is no disagreement among jehovah’s witnesses, as the results might suggest. you didn’t want to live by jehovah’s standards anymore, your family still did, that is all that happened. there is no forcing anyone to become our staff a witness of jehovah.

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the attention to all brothers and sisters looking men and women in those website , it is very shame and so disgusting to a truly witness to join those website to find someone to live with , never a truly spiritual brothers or sisters who respect god standpoint can follow this website , none of these sites they government body encourage witnesses to join , i know you must be so desperate for joining this site but notice one thing this brothers or sisters you will meet there will never be able to tell others where and how you met , following this website is like subscribing in porno website , you are truly jehovah’s witness removed your account and ask help to the elders in your congregation also i suggest you to follow this link its will help you to notice what jehovah’s witnesses think about that. how you satisfy your sexual needs is between you & jehovah & is absolutely non of anybody’s business. jehovah’s witness members of my family treat me as an “apostate worthy of death”. jwmatch is a way for jehovah’s witnesses and interested ones to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting relationships in the real world. no one is forced to start or stay serving jehovah. a solid majority of adult jehovah’s witnesses (63%) have no more than a high school diploma, compared with, for example, 43% of evangelical protestants and 37% of mainline protestants. but there are hundreds of thousands of people who used to be jehovah’s witnesses and have left the faith.’s witnesses false october 1914 date for jesus second coming is a carry over of william millers adventist 1844 ‘great disappointment’ end times calculations….

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you say that logging into this website is a sin please may you show me in the bible?. adults who were raised as jehovah’s witnesses, two-thirds (66%) no longer identify with the group. three-quarters of jehovah’s witnesses (75%) say they are political independents who do not lean toward either major party. they also exhibit a faith that all people who believe and practice jehovah's purpose for a beautiful and inhabited earth may live on this earth for eternity. jehovah’s witnesses understand, however, that the words translated as “hell” are originally “sheol” (hebrew) or “hades” (greek) and refer to the common grave, which we all go to when we die.’s witnesses, who make up just less than 1% of u..I have got an issue of how jw dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active jw only,,,“i have got an issue of how jw dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active jw only,,,” now why would you need to post it elsewhere? only then will you be allowed to create a profile and contact other members of the site.