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the terrorists use fear and mental manipulation to brainwash these people into buying these cards. they told me to go get a prepaid visa card put 250 dollars on it call them back give them the visa information and 250 dollars and my money will be western union to me. i have a bad heart and started a bout of tachycardia about 140+ beats per minutes. they allow this to continue because the cards are used to purchase their products. called apple itunes and they said they could not share information about who is using the cards but have the information on file. clerk asks me if i am being scammed when buy the 3k itune cards, and i say no, i know what i'm doing. you could contact apple again and explain that you have a receipt and police report, and that the funds are on the cards. apple customer support may ask you to provide a police report and other documents, like a receipt for the cards. you are not shopping at the itunes store, you should not pay with an itunes gift card. now apple or cvs (where the cards were purchased) refuses to refund my father for the itunes cards. thousands of calls a day, thousands of dollars spent buying their cards and spent buying their products. it's b's that these companies do not honor their customers and reimburse them instead it's like they too also victimize the already victimized victim and don't care because they got the $ when their gift card was purchased! told him i saved all my reciets the itunes cards everything , n he texts me n says can he get a picture but just for him i said no i called him n i yelled at him about what's going on he clicked on me .. i've already reported the incident to ftc, as well as itunes, my bank, the stores where the cards were purchased, and the local police department. eharmony gift card could be the perfect way to help a friend to discover their next love! monday i got scam from the irs they made me buy some itunes cards 6 of them 0 each i gave them 00. told to purchase a itune card for 200 dollar, to get a loan. called apple support they told me that it is refundable but you didn't buy these card from us thats y we can not regund it you purchased itune hift card from cvs and your money is in cvs regester so they will returend it but cvs not ready to refund they told me contact with apple please any one help me this regard my cards are un used and un scrached so what can i do for got my money back. you can ask apple support or customer support at the grocery store about refunds or credits, but they don't have the cards or card value to return to you. they tried to make me buy and itunes gift card and put 200 $ then the 8,200 was mine. calling you and demanding to be paid via a gift card is trying to scam you.

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if the value of the e-gift card is less than the value of your selected subscription or other website purchase, you will be required to pay the difference with your method of payment on file. the first and second call was never mention about purchasing a 0 itunes gift card to receive the money. always be suspicious especially if they want you to purchase using gift cards. my mother was scammed and now i cannot return or even re-sell the itunes cards - nobody uses them any more and there is a glut. i almost fell for it until they said to buy an itune card. the site also provides practical advice for meeting on and offline, as well as articles that teach you how to create a compelling profile, offer dating tips specifically for boomers, and more. should also have warning signs telling of these scams posted where these types of cards are sold to help protect the consumer. and i haven't bought any itunes card yet so what should i do. give an eharmony gift card from giftcloud so they can approach meeting someone new, dating and romance in a whole new way! the problem with auto-renewal, i just bought a pre-paid debit gift card (mastercard) at the grocery store and paid for my dating site with that. they said i need to go get a 0 itunes card to pay for computer network protection for 3 years which cost 199. so glad i found this blog i just got a phone call today for a grant and they told me it would be for ,700 and they already had all my information and everything and they told me i can get it by going to buy a 0 itunes gift card and then i can pick up my money from a money gram at a nearby money gram store im really glad i found this blog. you tell someone the code on an itunes card, he can take the value from the card immediately. i have met several gentlemen on this dating service and all have been really nice. you tell someone the code from the back of an itunes card, but you call apple support immediately, apple support might be able to disable the code before someone uses it. when you give itunes cards or codes to a scammer, he gets the value of the cards. i told her i dont have a credit card on purpose and as soon as i said that, she said do you have cash and i was like no. just got a phone call about a suppose government grant of ,400 that i was suppose to get through westernunion but i had to go buy a itunes gift card with the amount of 0. you’re not shopping at the itunes store, you shouldn’t be paying with an itunes gift card. will reimburse the itunes gift card contractor for the store you bought the itunes cards from, and they should then reimburse you. a scam call from alex smith claim he was calling from the federal grant department in washington dc who transferred me to nora extension 101 she told me in order to claim 9000 dollars i had to first purchase an itune gift card for 250.

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    to reset password and wants the credit card the credit card was hacked so i cant get to my profile.. i did not know that itune cards can be turned to cash 2.  if you buy an itunes gift card or code at a steep discount, you risk getting something that doesn't work, and losing money. if you tell them the code from the back of an itunes card, they take control of the card. i feel apple itunes should have to pay even though we do purchase the cards there should be some way we could get out money back ! you can go back to the store that sold you the card and tell customer service staff you want a refund. you can contact the fraud department of the store that sold the cards to you. you can ask apple support if they can give you proof that the cards have value if that is what the store wants. they may be able to help you get a refund from the retail card seller when funds are still on the cards. yes, there are a lot of jokers on this site and scammers too, but i think that happens on most dating sites. was called and offered a federal grant of ,200 if i would go buy a reloadable itunes card. i also have worked for attorneys my whole life and was at my office yesterday when he decided to go ahead and buy those cards because of the threat of being arrested. there are funds available on a card, but a retailer refuses to refund, apple customer support may bring the matter to third parties who can contact the retail card seller about the possibility of a refund. i was able to contact my credit card company to close this account and stop the charges, but i'm afraid they may already have gotten their money. have a man who said he opened a bank account and in order for my debit card to be sent and activated i had to buy an itunes card amd semd it to his payroll person. you have kept the receipts and itunes gift cards, because they do need these. you’re not shopping at the itunes store, you shouldn’t be paying with an itunes gift card. These scams involve a con artist creating a fake profile, and contacting the victim on Facebook or an online dating site. i pulled up to walgreens she told me to get an itunes gift card and do not tell the employee that it for for a tax pay voucher because walgreens would charge an extra to do it that way. why did you think paying with itunes cards didn't sound silly? scams involve a con artist creating a fake profile, and contacting the victim on facebook or an online dating site.
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    once you tell someone the code from an itunes card, he takes control of it. you can also contact apple support again to confirm that the card still has value. apple should refund the cards we used in the scam, i'm on social security too. surely they can trace the account the cards were spent at and stop the payment. that i needed to purchase an itunes card for the amount of 0 dollars to do so. or send transfer payments, or credit card number, waiting for a help that it will arrive. was scammed out of 00 i have all the cards i have no idea what to do who to call my money is jus gne i was such an idiot but i didn't kno any better can you please help me. i still have this card and cannot get my money back for anything. could call apple support right away at 1-800-275-2273 to see if they can disable any of the cards you bought, in case the scammer hasn't used them yet. you to use a specific payment method for your taxes, such as a prepaid debit card. while this does make it less confusing for seniors new to online dating, those who are familiar with online dating and the internet may desire more tools and intricacy.)enter gift card number into promotional code field and enter payment details. apple told him to take the cards back to the store and they would refund the money. 3) itunes gift cards are not used for purchases outside of itunes. did they actually deposit the funds in your account after you paid them with an itunes card?• be careful about accepting friend requests on facebook or other sites, even if you think you know the person making the request. got scammed by the irs scam using itunes gift cards. the store won't return the money and aple store dot even sell i tunes cards if anyone know how i can get my money back i will appreciate the info . made it a policy on her own to get managers approval on any large gift card purchases. itunes card purchased to return the so called "good faith" money that is deposited into your bank account to show the ftc and fdic you are a "good risk"! people will make up lots of stories about needing money or itunes cards or help, but the stories are probably lies.
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    the person who gets the card can take the value immediately. apple support and have the cards disabled if they are not redeemed to fraudulent accounts. said after getting that money back, buying 0 worth of itunes gift cards (from the money they sent to me), then i would get my loan.'m not sure if it's a scam but i just got conned into doing this but they sent me 200 and i had to buy 100 card and then my loan would be processed for 5000. is it that the scammers can easily use the itune cards to get your money but if you have them you can't do s .! cannot recover from apple store or credit card company as i had willingly given the information to the scammers.• be very skeptical of requests for wire transfers, money orders, prepaid money cards, or gift cards. i was going to make it in 3 payments but got skeptical when it said buy an itunes card. the address was bestbuy and then he told me i need to buy apple gift cards. son just got ripped off by the irs and itunes gift card scam for 00.! he wanted me to go to a cvs or rite aid drug store and purchase a gift card in the amount of 0. now a few days later she is suddenly in love with me and is asking me for an itunes card for 50$i have never dealt with this kind of thing before and am very confused about it. i sent in an email saying i would pay 200 they wanted an itunes gift card from apple their partner company. it spelled out itunes i was to load 0 onto the card then give him the code. the deposited 998 in my account and said to get these cards called in then the rest of the funds would be deposited? i was given conf code and a phone# to call and give that code (202)792-9782 when i called angel at ext 107 said i needed to purchase an itunes card for 0 then proved the 16 digit code on the back of that card. have called people and told them they should have signs in the stores because they are not apple stores but just put a general warning about it happening to all cards and people would stop and think., you mentioned in your comment to go back to the store the gift card was purchased from to get a refund. who falls for a scam where they tell you to buy and pay with itunes cards? i stated why an i tune card , they reply was so make sure you are the person and not a robot. don't there's no way to convert itunes gift cards to cash, that's why it's super hard to get your money back when you buy the cards and give away the codes.
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bought 0 in itunes gift card and gave info to consumer loans who then transferred me to the bank manager who said he was with net bank in seattle washington. think you're saying you bought 10 itunes cards, and the scammers used the codes for nine cards. he said when i get the card to call them give them the number and that i should stay on the line whilst they take the number and i would see the monies sent to my account. he said that i should make two payments of 500 and put it on two cards. said he needed the i tune card to roam his phone to keep calling me. is crazy i just got off the phone with supposed be the federal reserve bank and they want a 250 gift card to receive 9000 that they say is mine. said based on my demographics i qualify for a 00 loan from the us government but i need to go to walgreens to purchase an itunes card and then extend the balance. that this is the sites issue, however i met a man on here a few months ago, he seemed nice. website and researched the scams information and it clearly stated that information regarding making a payment using gift cards and that the irs would never ask for payment to be made using a gift card. far state, they usually ask if i need a loan, how much debt i have, and they told me that with their system i will reduce dramatic my debt in credit cards, them they ask me if i have cash or a savings account, i usually don't pay attention and hang up the telephone. so maybe if you don't give them your credit card you can't unsubscribe! took a hundred from me and told me that it will be on my card and wasnt .- i just got scammed by some one in sanfrancisco the scamers told me that iam tax defaulter and pay 2000 dollars now otherwise they will arest me and put me in a jail then i purchased 2000 dollars worth itune gift card but i did not give them the code of cards and even not scrached the cards i go back to cvs for refund my cards but they said they did not refund that cards please any one to help me to how can refund these un used cards and get my money back. that i earned this ,000 for being such a good citizens and for me to collect the money i needed to get the itunes car and then providing the numbers on the back of the card and then after that in 5 minutes they will deposit the money back in my account they just want to make sure that i was the right person. someone you don't know asks says they will give you money if you to send them itunes cards, don't do it. thought she was going to get arrested if she hung up and was on the phone for 45 min before they tried the itunes gift card scam. i met my boyfriend on a dating site and we got to know each other but a little later on he asked me to get him a credit card and i can't for reasons and we fought about it the later on again he asked me to get him a itunes card and i said no and he said he needs it when i asked him why he never told me am i being scammed or can y'all help me. they told me they couldn't even stop the cards even if they hadn't been redeemed. many stores have a no refund policy on gift cards because the way they have to be loaded/activated for the customer. show i could repay the loan i need to buy a £100 itunes card. emma green wants me to go to the nearest walmart and said call her back again when i'm in the parking lot so i called her again and she wants m to buy that itunes gift card for 0 and after it i will give her the pin.

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told me to go to store and purchase itunes gift cards as a tax payment voucher. here in nj approved 5000 dollar loan but they need 0 i tunes card to cover fdic insurance i case i default on payment. they never respond to you after they get the itunes code ( the fake money they are making your account the repository for) and they are very particular about where they want you to purchase the itunes cards. even if the cards were used to purchase specific products from itunes store, they can all be traced and accounts disabled. they gave me a conformation number and stated for me to go to wallgreen's and buy a i tune card. believe the fbi should get in on this if for no other reason then a lot of money for these cards are coming from seniors pensions which is government money a lot; i am quite sure also welfare and that is illegal; stealing from the government. eharmony have been offering online dating with a difference since 2008. i called the number & the representative told me that in order that claim my money i had to purchase an i-tune card i/a/o 0. now, with more and more eharmony users loved up all over the world, more people are turning to the online dating site that has worked for so many already. the itunes department kept saying if the account has been emptied, there would be nothing they could do, even a supervisor knew nothing about their own fraud dept, but finally, i was connected to a this department and they informed me that they not only do they reimburse for the fraud if you bought the cards in an apple store, they also reimburse you if you bought the cards elsewhere, and ask you to make both. you shared your bank or credit card account number and you don't want a company to take money or make charges, contact your bank or credit card company. not tell the codes from the back of the cards to anyone except a person you call at apple.) a claim to the corporate office of the store you purchased the itunes gift card. i have not heard from the so called computer tech because i did not get the card online but went to the store instead. happens if they pay off your credit card from their own bank for example 5,000 then at 0 balance want you to purchase for them the same amount in itunes gift cards with denomination amounts and scratching off the number. scammer can say paid your credit card bill, or send you to a fake site that makes it look like he paid your credit card bill, or even pay your credit card bill with a bad check that bounces later. do not want my dating service automatically charge my card when the six month program is complete. offered a "grant" to buy a house, and ask a fee to be charge to my credit card of . it was two people i sent money (itunes cards) to but get emails form others saying they are filling charges. and another one wants me to purchase an apple itunes electric card, put 0 so he can make sure i have funds . you buy itunes cards and tell someone the codes on the back, he can take the value immediately.

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if you want a refund, you have to ask the person you gave the card to. the max is 0 on a card so they're kind enough to tell you how many you need to buy. they want money for every single service you get with your free membership from other sites. can also go back to the store that sold you the card and talk with their customer service staff.  you can also contact apple support and explain that you have unused cards and want a refund. same thing happened to me yesterday they took out 200$ out of my itunes gift card,is there any possibility of me getting it back please help me out i'm stressed out. got told by advance america for a loan of ,000 to purchase a itunes card for 0 and my loan would be deposited in 45 mins or less. it's the system of gift cards and people who fall for it without "thinking" about how silly the situation is. if you think maybe the scammer didn't use the value yet, contact apple support and ask them to disable the cards so the scammer can't use it. i was to give the code from the card to a lady name jessica wilson at 845-809-4651 and go to western union call her back and give her the code she gave me. Find out the positives and negative features of this niche dating service. you could contact them again and explain that you have a receipt and police report, and that the funds are on the cards. Help your favorite singles find dating and relationship compatibility by giving the gift of eHarmony. tunes gift card and send it back and then 5000 will be in my bank account should i close my account and change my online banking info. i was convicted and i went to wallgreence to buy itunes cards. happened to me, first a guy called the asked me to call jennifer at this number 3475350558 the lady asked for a 0 itunes gift card, that's so annoying. they may be able to help you get a refund from the retail card seller when funds are still on the cards. he then started texting me saying to buy a 0 itunes gift card to make a payment or i would be arrested. eHarmony gift vouchers and gift cards and send instantly to your friends and family. but after i give her the numbers she said it was something wrong that i need to buy another itunes card and then they will give me the whole money back that's what i said this is not right. here except 00 for itune card of 200 to give to fedx.

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there are a lot of sex addicts and dating addicts out there. the person who gets the card can take the value immediately. they never got their 00 are their itunes cards cause i already had informed my bank. just got a job offer buying items and ship to address to be provide by the company but they have 2 weeks probation and to start working i need to process at least 8 orders and after that i going to be hired by the company, but what got my attention is that he told me that i need to have the companies credit card to do purchasing but will take 15 days to send it to me, if i can use my credit card they will pay the balance due and will use just what they paid and with that money to go and buy amazon, apple and itunes gift cards, this right now its in working process, what should i do? apple customer support may be able to help you get a refund from the card seller. if it turns out that he really didn't pay your credit card bill, but you already sent him money, you've been scammed. you’re not shopping at the itunes store, you shouldn’t be paying with an itunes gift card. apple customer support may ask you to provide a police report and other documents, like a receipt for the cards. never give any personal information to strangers and never respond by using gift cards or western union payments. you told a scammer the codes from the back of itunes cards, you could contact apple customer support immediately to see if they can stop scammers taking the value of the cards. we have started asking customers when they buy itunes cards if they know the person they are sending to and we tell them of the scams going on. i was supposed to put 0 on the card to "increase the limit" b4 i could get the ,410. you gave someone the code from an itunes card and you think it was a scam, call apple support at 1-800-275-2273 right away (you may have to spend some time on hold). they claim that you have money coming to you & all you have to do is buy i tunes cards, scratch off the back of the card and they will wire money to your bank., i called itunes support and all 10 cards were redeemed but 1. i don't want to blame this person i have been friends with for a month but it's so weird how he gave me a a target gift card today i had a bad feeling about this man but i don't want to blame him for this until i'm sure plead someone help me if u can soon as possible i'm. but as soon as you put money on a card and share the code with them, the money’s gone for good. a credit card, debit card, or paypal account is required for online purchases using e-gift cards for verification purposes. me to stay on hold and gopurchase i tune cards in the amount of 0. you buy itunes card and tell someone the code from the back of the card, they take the value of the card. hopefully because he used the american express card and they are launching a fraud investigation, maybe we won't owe that on our credit card.

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i took 00 out of my bank and bought 7 different itunes gift cards from different locations and gave the guy the code on the back. 00 in itunes gifts cards, they got 3 of the 4 cards cashed before my husband was able to get to apple. with: family, gift cards, imposter, irs, online dating, payment, scamblog topics: money & credit. feel these multi billion dollar companies such as itunes should reimburse the victim just like the credit card companies and bank reimburse the victim who is a customer when there is fraudulent activity on bank accounts or credit cards ! i do not go to itunes sites; i am almost 70 years old but here i am just to let people know and that i hope that the companies will, on their own put a warning at the kiosk at the stores; or the government should get involved. they may be able to help you get a refund from the retail card seller when funds are still on the cards. next day told me to send it back by buying itunes gift cards to the tune of 0. he already did send few itunes card numbers to these people and they are asking him to do for 00 more. e-gift card may be used to purchase an online dating subscription at eharmony. stopped and thought about it after i bought the 3k cards. he proceeded to tell me he needed 0 in itunes cards however i would get all of the money back. there is nothing to buy with these cards anymore - a song costs and most people use streaming services. told me to buy an itune card so that i can post ads in craigslist without removing from the site. scammers are probably getting money by selling the codes from the back of itunes cards. i was just supposed to meet e-mails me two days later to tell me he is dating someone and it is getting serious now. why did it not set off a bell in my mind when he said it must be a itunes card. is there a way to block the itunes card number that i gave them to over phone. i brought the gift cards blindly just so that i wanted to stay away from legal complications.), she walked her to 3 different stores, 7/11, walgreens, and jewel-osco, a local grocery store and buy 9 itunes cards for about 0. cause someone in tx just call me today saying i'm qualify loan and they deposit 80 to my account and ask me to buy itunes gift cards what should i do ? knows that their itunes gift cards are being used fraudently in this way -- in effect, they are laundering money -- but they do nothing to stop it.

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just got scammed buy facebook contractor saying they can reactivate my account for 200$ but only through itune card. by then they have already redeemed the itunes store card my friend provided earlier and they said that his money is currently with virginia state secretariat. then we had to email the 16 digits and a copy of the gift card to her. are a lot of complaints from people who state the vendors of the cards should be responsible for the fact they got suckered. am too so glad, cause yesterday i gotten a call for a 00 approval and i called the guy back and he also told me he was from advance amercia dot com and telling i am approved for 00 and that i need to get an itunes gift card for 0. you buy itunes cards and tell someone the code from the back, he takes control of the card immediately. 91 yr old father was scammed to purchase ,000 in itunes cards to help a relative. on a itunes card never if your receiving money should u ever have to send anything at all maybe somewhere to send it but never any money yes these people are real and i hope people can see from the beginning that these people are scam artist i just hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. i let em praddle on incessantly until i heard," itunes card n 0 " i stated 'definitely a scam -do not contact me again! a lot of pharmacies also have all types of gift cards including itunes so that is where i went to get it because i go there all the time, they are my pharmacy, i felt they would be trustworthy because i was not going to do this online. they get you to buy 0 gift cards for one payment after another and never actually let you get your grant money. when i returned the call they asked for a i tunes card for a registration fee. store said no because they $ was not on the cards 9. if someone says they are from the government, and they tell you to send itunes cards, it's a scam. if someone you barely know and never  met asks you to send an itunes card, don't do it. the fact that they sell 0 itunes cards says they are complicit. but if you put money on a card and share the code with the scammer, that money is gone forever. you buy itunes cards and tell someone the code from the back, he takes control of the card immediately. give it a try via the our time website or android and iphone dating apps. family member recently purchased 00 in itunes cards via this scam but luckily did not transfer the card numbers to the scammer. they were very nice and checked the card number for one of the cards and it had already been redeemed.

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have noticed this trend and are wondering, how do they convert the itunes card into money? offices will not tell you to use itunes gift cards, or other gift cards. said i all i had to do was to get an itunes gift that was supposed to be but i had to pay 9 to activate the card and then i could get my money. the only reason to buy itunes cards is to shop at the itunes store for music or digital goods. guy chatted me up and asked me to buy him a itunes card so we could talk instead of text.!i was trying to get a personal loan and the girl wgo called had me use itune cards for wiring transfers for loan app for stae and federal taxes and on and on. they use certified mail, and they will never accept itunes gift cards for payment. only place to use an itunes card is at the itunes store, to buy online music, apps or books. i am devistated i was trying to get an emergency loan and they had me buy two different itunes cards. customer support may be able to help you get a refund from the retail card seller. i wont be purchasing any itunes card and i can see they will continue to keep calling me, but decided to check before i even decided to do anything because it was too good to be true. if you want a refund after you give a card, you have to ask the person you gave the card to.  explain that you know the money is still on the card, becuase you didn't give the codes away. attorney general’s office warns of ‘romance’ scams on facebook, dating sites. ask them to disable the cards so no one can use them. tell them you have the cards and the codes and you want a refund., fooled me; people that see me a lot; that take money from me for prescriptions, groceries, etc; people i trusted let me get the card and after it had been paid for told me about the scam and of course they were not allowed to give the money back even though the thief had not been given the codes or anything. was told to purchase 4 itunes cards for 0 each and then the amount they owed me plus the amounts i paid would be loaded to the card. you get more calls from someone who wants you to send an itunes card, please tell the ftc. name is rhonda i just got scammed by somebody from new york city and said that i had received a government grant for ,800 and all i needed to do is get itunes card for 250 dollars at first he said 100 i went up and got100. kept asking what is the name of the card when i heard he spelled it out i as in ink t as in tom.

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you use an itunes card to send money, it's like sending cash. apple customer support may ask you to provide a police report and other documents, like a receipt for the cards. ask for my money back they told me i had to purchase another itune card to pay for my money to be sent back to the bank that didnt happen they called me back after promising me that my funds would go back to the bank they asked for abother itune card for 600 hundred for all the paperwork to be put back together and signed off. so many people are being scammed with itunes cards, how come you are not pushing itunes to let these unused cards be returned. someone told you to buy itunes cards and you think it was a scam, call apple support at 1-800-275-2273 right away. i have no credit card on file anywhere and i have itunes turned off so what do they keep trying to get me to sign in. they instructed me to leave my job and go to my car for "privacy reasons", then instructed me to immediately drive to the nearest pharmacy and purchase an i-tunes gift card. may want to report what happened to the corporate customer service staff of the store where you bought the card. this could have been avoided up to the time i was at the register before it was rung up and if they had just said, "you know there is a scam going around" or something to that effect i know i would not have paid for that card. when i called back is when old me that in order to claim my grant i had to purchase an itunes card for 0. they are telling me to use itune card to send the money back. you use an itunes card to send money, it's like sending cash. as we all know you need an itunes account to use itunes gift cards, why can't the ftc or irs ask for the information from apple and follow up with who is accessing the funds? everyone please be careful with these government grants that won't you to put money on itunes cards. when it came to the point of driving to a target to get itunes cards i told the that is was in the parking lot looking for scams to double check there legitimacy. i called a chinese man directed me to go to a rite aid or cvs and call him back at the 646 number and he will direct me what card to buy to avoid taxes on my wire transfer from cvs or rite aid who if i use money transfer service like money gram or western union i will be charged a fee. we were told to buy a itunes gift card and load 00. these scammers have an answer for everything, after i was convinced i had been speaking with my grandson who needed 00 for bail was given instructions to buy itunes gift cards in 0 increments. have contact whit scammer i bought 5 i tune's cards but i didn't not send the numbers of it ! that posted several messages ago is correct store does not refund on prepaid cards. can sell an itunes code on the black market or a gift card exchange website.

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only place to use an itunes card is at the itunes store, to buy online music, apps or books.'re right; itunes cards are good only to buy music, books and other digital content. is a government grant organization n apparently i've been selected n crap n now they are txting me and i am pretty sure if it was really the government i'm sure the wouldn't be txting me and asking for an i tunes card or grams. told me he was giving me money well the government was 500$ so i can build up my credit , i had to go to walgreens got two itunes card put 400 on one n 100 on the other which he told me to do. itune cards are only required because "you have a low "credit score" and have to show their company that they can "trust" you to repay their loan - this is called their verification process! someone you don't know offers to pay off your credit card account, and wants you to send money (or itunes cards or itunes codes) in return, it's probably a scam.. i even asked why do you need an itunes card? you gave someone the code on the back of the itunes cards, you can contact apple support and ask them to disable the cards, if the value hasn't been used yet. he can also alert his bank and credit card company and ask them how to protect his accounts. the person on the phone told me to call her back as soon as i get the card so i had to give her the number. they are a part of plenty of fish and they use the same women on both sites and charge for free services. someone on dating website and i was hit by 5 scam s any way they didn't get any cash but this last one need itunes to increase his intl calls to me. could also look online for the corporate headquarters of the store that sold you the card and contact someone in the headquarters to ask for a refund. your friend shared any personal information (bank or credit card numbers, social security number) with the scammers, he can go to identitytheft. i admit i got pretty nervous until he said that i should make a 1,000 payment using the itunes gift card. now i have the cards and don't know how to get money back .. i almost fell into it cause i need the money but i gotten an eerie feeling when he was talking about the itunes card. grandson is not in jail, called apple trying to get the 2k in cards voided, forget that, called credit card company to deal with apple, no good, reported incident to local police. we've had to refer customers to call our customer service or the customer service for the card. when you give someone an itunes card, they can take the money right away. the cards still have value, you can return to the store that sold you the cards.