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Without Janitors, Students Are In Charge Of Keeping School

Happy school hook up janitor

has a knack for carrying out his off-the-wall ideas, such as the newspaper entitled the janitorial, and getting everyone to call j. "my buddy's booty" a man congratulating the janitor for making a joke appeared to have said "nice one tom," yet he actually said "nice, you tell 'em. this point, the most popular proposal seems to be to have armed guards in the schools. an interview dated 8/20/2009, bill lawrence stated that nobody really knows janitor's real name. janitor rarely spoke to carla or any other nurses, he could often be found around the reception area with all the nurses, suggesting that he liked being in that area and with them..'s fantasies, he appeared in his son's school room on career day, presenting himself as dr.

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" upon watching the janitor get undressed and into a new uniform. needless to say, the idea to turn students into moonlighting janitors had about as much support as gingrich's presidential campaign. there, "school is not just for learning from a book," says michael auslin — a former english teacher in japan. it is discovered the janitor can speak sign language, the janitor helps j. janitor is also revealed to start his day with a bath on top of sacred heart. susan shafer, the school's director of communications, considers "clean-up" an additional component of the school's mission of educating the whole person.

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Armed Janitors Approved By Montpelier, Ohio, School Board To

cox was looking for ways to get maddox fired, janitor helped. janitor also claimed on several occasions to have gone to china and had a baby with a local. the janitor was a baby, his mother would sometimes leave his crib in the driveway and on one incident, a marble fountain fell on him. janitor has a key to everything in the hospital, and mainly uses his keys to break into personnel files, having already seen dr. for example, after thinking he saw janitor in the fugitive, j. janitor has mentioned that he went to harvard in the episode "my brother, where art thou? Single wandern rheinland pfalz 

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the school still has maintenance staff for the difficult or dangerous work. the janitor was willing to put aside his rivalry with j.. left sacred heart ("my finale"), janitor didn't initially believe it., keeping the school spick-and-span is just part of the daily routine for students. 5-0 vote of the board wednesday night to allow handgun training for four custodians to be able to tote weapons at the k-12 campus at the williams county school came after last month's deadly shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. officials say that having armed personnel -- believed to be the first for any school system in ohio -- is designed to thwart incidents of violence and prevent what happened in newtown, conn.

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("my jerks")  ("my happy place") the janitor admittedly hated everybody. arming the custodial staff and giving them some minimal training will create almost the same false sense of security as federally-funded rent-a-cops, but without any worry that you are "growing the government" by creating new public sector jobs or showering too much money on public schools. little about janitor's family is known, because he told so many different stories about them, any of which could be true. and then, if a deranged gunman attacks the school, it will be up to the school's janitors to bravely throw their bodies in harm's way. is revealed in the dvd commentary that if scrubs wasn't renewed for a second season (something the creators were almost sure would happen), it would've been revealed in the season one finale - "my last day" - that the janitor was a figment of j. janitor has many strange hobbies and skills, and one of the biggest is taxidermy.


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few people know his real name, and others either call him "janitor" or a nickname. protested, saying he had met his father, the janitor replied, "you met a man. was the first person to discover that janitor was in the fugitive, but seemingly never considered the possibility of looking through the movie's credits to find the janitor's real name." while some parents might balk at the idea of a school taking time away from class to make students push a broom, educators at both ati and brentwood both say that parents have shown overwhelming support.. made him miss his son's (named timmy) school play by making him work ("my first step"), but later, he said that he did not have any children and didn't want any until medicine was advanced enough to make a child with gills, with whom he would go treasure hunting. the nra wants more armed guards in schools because their primary focus is helping gun manufacturers sell the guns they manufacture to people, and a whole new workforce that requires firearms would be terrific from their perspective.

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he argued that shooters often choose schools because they know people will be unarmed. of the big questions we've been asking ourselves in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shooting is what group of warm bodies are going to be flung into the path of the armed-to-the-teeth gunmen of tomorrow. cox didn't respect janitor for his profession, they often shared moments together. fans speculated that the janitor's name was neil flynn, as he admitted to playing the role of a cop in the fugitive, a part played by neil flynn in real life. the janitor also sometimes took it upon himself to give j. note that in season one, the janitor only occasionally interacted with characters other than j.

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aforementioned penny in the door is suspected to be another fabrication made up by the janitor; a quick enough eye will catch that the year said penny was minted (which he wears around his neck) in 2006, postdating the incident by roughly six years.'s play high school dreams - part 1 (first day of school).→ see and enjoy 259 pictures of janitor at images of janitor. if the door had been jammed by a paper clip, this intern would've possibly been tormented throughout his entire career at sacred heart by the janitor, much like j. but then janitor puts a picture of himself up and j. april 8, 2011 bill lawrence posted a video on facebook confirming that janitor's real name is "glen matthews".

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he first appeared in "my first day" and was last seen in a flashback in "our first day of school," in which he simply walked out of the hospital after learning that j. she then checked his name tag, and when she found it said "the janitor," she fired him on the spot. they didn't talk much inside the hospital, to keep up the janitor's street cred, but they were bar buddies for a while. get to kim's ultrasound, although this could be the result of janitor's falling out of a fast-moving vehicle.., janitor was very nice to elliot and often helped her out when she was in trouble. his catalogue of alter-egos, janitor is bestowed upon many nicknames.

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. received confirmation that janitor had acted in the film: he admitted that he wanted the actor to be the janitor because it would make him more human and show that he had used to have dreams and ambitions, even if they didn't work out, rather than just being a jerk.. and the janitor do not fight while they help the patient ("my words of wisdom").. maddox didn't appreciate janitor's pranks and began to question who he was.. said to him as an insult about being nothing but a janitor. to "scrubs: the complete collection", bill lawrence answers a fan question about janitors real name. "after all, it's our school," she says, with an emphasis on "our. Speed dating events south jersey -

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he promised to give janitor a real name and in interviews provided one hint: that it was the same as his character in clone high." janitor claimed to have grown up believing that his mother was his sister and his father was his brother; he called them "sister-mom" and "brother-dad. turns out that deep down the janitor actually likes j., the people of the montpelier exempted village schools board of education of montpelier, ohio, may have hit on the idea that squares this circle:The montpelier exempted village schools board of education has approved the carrying of handguns by its custodial staff.ơi game high school hook ups việt hóa part 1. janitors approved by montpelier, ohio, school board to stop school shootings..

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. has to learn everyone in the hospitals name as a bet to the janitor, which he thinks he does. janitor was an unproductive custodian and handyman at sacred heart hospital. the janitor's nicknames for people are often descriptive phrases, such as blonde doctor (elliot), incredibly handsome guy (keith), irritable townswoman of color (dr. in 2011, newt gingrich was running for president, and he proposed a radical idea to help schools cut costs: fire the janitors and pay students to do the cleaning. janitor was one of the few people who didn't fear dr.. wasn't returning, and janitor dropped his mop and left the hospital.

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. was janitor's most common victim and was picked on by him nearly every day. is hinted at in "my identity crisis" that the reason for janitor's actions may be a result of inhaling cleaning fluid fumes regularly..The janitor changed the address in his files to 0001 cemetery drive because the character lurch in the addams family lived there because dr. cox, the janitor also refers to staff members by nicknames. in japan, there's a long tradition of students cleaning their own schools. "my finale", janitor revealed that his name is "glen matthews".  London building dating from 1702-

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janitor called her "blonde doctor" because he didn't actually know her name. janitor claims to not be in "the line of peons" that fear dr.., students at the private prep school report for 10 minutes of "clean-up" duty in their assigned areas."we really wanted a school where the students took ownership and made it their own," says de costa, who helped found ati in 1999. hook elementary school shooting eat the press national rifle association armed janitors armed guards schools. and with a little help from peer pressure, the school stays clean.