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- if your multiport valve is set on "waste" while you are filling your pool, move it to "filter". to connect or hook up an above ground swimming pool filter. also, if you had a lot of debris in your pool that went into a cartridge filter, you should clean that out good. its flex-tube design delivers longer cycles between cleaning because the same de filter powder is used over and over. if you have a sand filter, try replacing the top 6" of sand to get some flow so you can backwash 2-3 times. check all the connections between the pool skimmer and the pump. turn on the filter pump and make sure all skimmers, bottom drains, and filters are functioning properly. instruction manual for our mighty max sand filter says the motor needs to be grounded. up the "waste" port up to a waste water hose. I'll show you where all of the hoses connect and where the go on your pool.

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have above ground pool everything is hooked up correctly water getting sucked in and blown out though skimmer/.. so whatever it is is just not filtering out even with new sand. series sand filter and pump systems offer the performance and reliability expected from the world’s leading provider of above ground equipment. be careful when leveling the sand that you do not lift the pipe and lateral assemble up off the bottom of the tank. depending on the make of your sand filter, some laterals rotate up from the hub as shown here while other are individually screwed out of the hub. if you have a pool heater, the pool filter will release water to the heater before going to the chlorinator. they have to be in their up position to fit through the hole in the top of the tank. then you would also have the problem of how to direct the water to the desired function after the pump: waste, filter, backwash, etc. if it's operating at around 30 psi with new sand, your pump may be too powerful for that filter. you connect the pool sand filter into the piping system, you have to assemble the filter.

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this should be solved with the new pump and filter but you may have to backwash 2-3 times. filter - most people run their filters 8-10 hours a day during the swimming season. of sand to use on side of the filter is gone. ph,alk, and chlorine levels were good when we tested water two days ago at local pool store. as contaminates build up and clog your sand the pressure will climb. before pump - there would be at least three problems with putting the filter before the pump. you put a silica sand filter directly on ground or is it better to place on a base? - we recommend changing the sand in your filter every 5-7 years.® cartridge filter and pump systems provide a massive filter body for added capacity of dirt and debris and longer, more efficient filtering cycles. base - the filter should be installed on a level and stable base to operate properly.

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remove leaves and debris from skimmers, filters, pumps and drains. - i'm sorry but we don't have a diagram on you filter. on a union to facilitate future maintenance on the pool sand filter or pump. it possible to install the sand filter before the pump or suction side? your pool signals the start of warm weather and relaxed attitudes.-oldpool - the "white flakyness" may still be in your filter and is recirulating. to Install a Pool Sand Filter onto your swimming poolDisplay update message. the pool pump off and turn the valve handle to "rinse".™ and micro starclear cartridge filter and pump systems provide crystal clear water to accommodate smaller pools or spas without the need of supplemental media or backwashing. should i have my filter on closed to fill the pool?

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doing so i lost my prime-i proceeded to run through the start up procedure again, my hope is i didn't plug the system it will not fill with water. as a backup, you might also drive a 3' heavy metal pipe into the ground and connect the pump to that. the picture at left shows the two major components of a typical sand filter: the filter tank and the multiport valve and piping assembly. you will not be able to push the pipe back down without causing the laterals to rotate up. can you shut that line off and try priming with only the regular filtering line open? if there is no rinse setting, you would backwash then go to filter. home recreation- how to install your above ground pool skimmer.-series™ top-mount sand filter and pump systems utilize a precision engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning lateral system to provide efficient flow and evenly distributed water for long lasting performance. extended-cycle de filter and pump systems clean pools fast, removing particles as small as two microns the first time through. guide describes the steps required to install a hayward sand filter.

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for this unit 3 bags should leave at least 6" space between the top of the sand and the top of the filter. am using hayward filter s180t the label plate is missing is there a picture of it anywhere so i can figure out . only when i first brushed/vac'd the pool did i see flakes. see our guide on "how to change sand in a sand filter". pool filter should be installed on a level concrete slab not more than 6 feet above the pool water level. replaced the laterals and sand in my filter ran great cut it off to add tabs now it is not wanting to prime any ideas? grounding - on a plastic ag pool, connecting the pump wiring to a gfci receptacle is the primary grounding safeguard. first, any debris that would normally be collected in the strainer bucket would go directly into your filter and second, you probably would not be able to prime you pump. larive - here's a link to the pentair meteor sand filters owner's manual. got a american products (pentair meteor sand filter and pump) giving to me.

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™ cartridge filters provide crystal clear water to accommodate smaller pools or spas without the need of supplemental media or backwashing. de filters remove particles as small as two microns providing superior water clarity. and, when you say the water is "blown out through the skimmer", is it flowing backwards from the filter through the pump to the skimmer? pool water will come in through the pool pump, be filtered through the sand filter and released to the chlorinator before returning back to the pool. just hooked up a gifted hayward pump filter, short of a few leaks i had great success. also make sure the 10 laterals at the end of the pipe are rotated up. can i add cellulose or a small amount of de rigt away or should i give several days of running before adding any extras to filter? the "return" port to a line returning to the pool. we run the pump there is a gurgling noise coming from the filter any ideas its a 22" sand pump & filter by waterway? generally you would want to backwash the sand filter now, but if you have a new concrete of gunite pool, or have a large amount of dust or debris, start the filter in the "filter" setting initially (not "backwash") to prevent clogging the laterals.

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installing the pool sand filter, you will connect it right after the pump. the pool pump off and turn the valve handle to "filter". its flex-tube design extends filter cleaning cycles, and requires no backwashing. first screw the pressure gauge to the 1/4" hole on the side of the filter. our filters' simplistic operation and low maintenance requirements set the standard for performance, value and dependability. to install a pool pump - plumbing the pump, part 2 of 2. after a couple of hours on filter, go to the next step and start the backwash cycle. and your can put a small amount of de in the filter now. sand carefully into the pool sand filter until laterals are fully covered. hook up pool pumps and filters and reconnect all hoses and electrical connections.

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your pool signals the start of warm weather and relaxed attitudes. have installed as above and our pressure on the filter is maxed out. have a sand filter i need to put the sand back in. once adjustments have been made, shock the pool following label directions. on jun 23, 2013learn how to connect an above ground swimming pool filter to your pool. in 5-7 years you will have to disconnect the multiport valve from the tank to change the filter sand. after pool filter has been running 3-4 hours, test the water. to connect hook up use above ground swimming pool vacuum and hose with sand filter. to vacuum and remove dead algae from the bottom of your pool.™ top-mount sand filters utilize a precision engineered umbrella-fold self-cleaning lateral system to provide efficient flow and evenly distributed water for long lasting performance.

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before turning it off for the night i decided to vacuum the pool. often do you got to change the sand out in the filter. how to connect an above ground swimming pool filter to your pool. we offer a full range of de, sand and cartridge filters and pump/filter systems to meet the needs of any above ground pool. new pool sand filter should now be ready to operate. when it is 8-10 psi above your clean filter reading, it's time again to backwash your filter. installed a new screen and drain cap on my hayward sand filter. another adapter into the discharge side of the pump then add piping and elbows required to connect the filter and pump ports. position the pool sand filter so that the piping connections, multiport valve and drain are convenient and accessible for operation and maintenance. you happen to know the size of the pipe connected to the filter discharge?

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whether you're emerging from a long snowy winter or a quick brush with cooler temps, opening your pool can be a simple process. i was going go with zeolite filter media this time instead of sand. offers the very latest in pool filter technology ensuring your pool water is clear and clean. the pool pump for 2 minutes after you have a steady flow of water out the waste line (after the pump is fully primed). - for the hayward s180t filter shown in this guide, the filter discharge port connects to a 1 1/2" pvc pipe, the larger filter will connect to 2" pipes.-oldpool - see our guide on "how to go from cloudy to a crystal clear pool" for a possible solution for your cloudy water. - generally the ports on a small to medium filter are 1 1/2", but they can be 1 1/4" on an above ground pool filter. make sure that your waste line is rolled out to where you want to dump the pool waste water. long do i run my filter for after installing a new sand filter? inch pvc pipe glued into the fittings that thread into the filter?