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other words, instead of having to switch the tv to proper video input that your video source component is connected to, and then also having to switch the receiver to the proper audio input, you can do it in one step if both video and audio are able to go through the home theater receiver. “network standby” on your receiver lets you power it on with a remote app on your phone or tablet (if one is available with your receiver). however, with the increased role of video, a/v or home theater receivers, as they are now referred to, also provide video switching and, in many cases, video processing and upscaling. the default setting is usually "off", so you may have to dig around in the receiver's audio/volume menu (or even break out the owner's manual! small cablebox to play sound thru bluray surround sound system but only plays audio thru projector speakers. so, in that case, you can simply route your 3d and audio signals via a single hdmi cable through your receiver to a 3d tv or 3d video projector. generally speaking, smaller rooms require less power to fill with sound than large ones, so a smaller receiver should work just fine. if you have connected all of your sources into your receiver via hdmi, then all you need is that one hdmi output to connect to your tv. i mean what output of the receiver i should use in order to connect correctly with the power amp?

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all you want out of your a/v receiver is stereo into two very high quality speakers, which speakers outs do you use; surround or front? all of the above "techie" stuff regarding 4k means for consumers is that just about all home theater receivers made in 2016 going forward incorporate hdmi ver2. just follow the instructions specific to your receiver model and you should be connected in no time. audio coming out of the surround sound when connecting hdmi cable from laptop to projector. looking for a home theater receiver that can consolidate both your audio and video connections for both analog and hdmi sources, look for units that offer analog-to-hdmi video conversion (converts analog video signals to hdmi with no further processing) or analog-to-hdmi video upscaling (converts analog video signals to hdmi and further processes video to match the native resolution of an hdtv or 4k ultra hd tv)., if you have a home theater receiver that does not offer 3d pass-through capability, you will have to connect the video signal from your 3d source to your tv or video projector directly, and then also make a separate audio connection to your non-3d compliant home theater receiver. sony str-dh830 - good receiver option for basic home theater. for enjoying content originating from your cable box, there is no need for arc or a fiber optic connection from your tv to your receiver to get sound., home theater receivers started have limited ability to pass-through 4k resolution video signals (up to 30fps), but the introduction of hdmi ver 2.

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i have a fairly new pioneer av receiver model sc-61. at the same time, the video signal (or picture) from that source is sent from your receiver's hdmi output to your tv. this article, we'll explain the ins and outs of setting up your receiver, so you can get all the audio and video performance you paid for. for example, denon and marantz receivers have an on-screen setup assistant built right in. off, in a specific setup it can be more convenient to send the video signal through the home theater receiver, as the receiver can control all the source switching for both audio and video. this feature allows audio to travel from the tv back to the receiver over the hdmi connection, so you can hear it through your speakers. the sound does pass through to the tv if the receiver is off., although it is possible in many cases to add a power amp to a receiver, without more specific information, i am hesitant to make a suggestion. if you have an older tv or receiver, you'll need to connect an optical digital cable between your tv and receiver to hear audio from your tv's tuner or apps.

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will a newer receiver that accepts a compenent input be able to transmit that video signal via hdmi to my tv?'m looking to buy a receiver that accepts a component input, because my new tv only accepts hdmi and older av comnectors. you’re setting everything up, it helps to have the receiver out in the open — either sitting on a cabinet or rack pulled out from the wall, or on the floor in front of your cabinet. do i connect my laptop that only has hdmi port to an epson projector and get sound? stereo jack audio output but my samsung receiver only has a digital audio input(i used to use a toslink cable to connect to my tv) what should i do? example, when you are using a dvd player or blu-ray disc player in your setup that provides hdmi connections, and the receiver also has hdmi connections with the ability to access, decode, or process audio signals embedded in the hdmi signal, hdmi carries both audio and video signals.'s guide>forum>streaming video & tvs>need to connect projector to sound system>. speakers connected to your receiver will output the audio correctly. i would recommend contacting the manufacturer of your receiver to get the best advice.

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you would rather - you can actually bypass the home theater receiver for routing video signals if you want to, and instead, connect the video signal from your source device directly to your tv or video projector and then also make a second audio-only connection to your home theater receiver. the receiver is having one "signed" pre out rca output for the sub-woofer and two other couples of rca audio outputs but i don't know if the signal from those outputs is suitable as an input to the power amp.) to pass through the receiver to your tv without powering the receiver up. my goal is to listen to cd's via the receiver and the power amp. it appears to depend on whether the tv notices the receiver. you the proud owner of a brand new home theater receiver? most av receivers and speakers are perfectly upgradable, provided you stay away from bose systems or anything that has proprietary connections through the subwoofer rather than using a standard av receiver with speaker level outputs and connectors. you have a 4k tv and your receiver is capable of passing a 4k signal, take care to make the connection between them using hdmi connections that support 4k and hdcp 2. have a new sony xbr-65x900b 4k television connected to a denon home theater receiver.

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" in the receiver's "speaker pattern" menu found inside the "speaker settings" menu. finished connecting my blue ray dvd player to my av receiver (both new) using hdmi. use hdmi input 1 on the tv and hdmi output 1 or “main” on the receiver. you may be able to do this from multiple seating positions, depending on the receiver model. you just connect the receiver to your tv and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. am trying to hook up two televisions to one surround sound receiver. you don’t have to do anything except swap them at the av receiver or speaker. wanted to find out how to connect the receiver and all my devices like dvd player, ps4 and such so that i do not have to turn on the receiver all the time while i am watching tv, i want to selectively use the receiver when i want to use all the speakers and not turn it while watching regular tv. a laptop to projector with hdmi and also get sound from surround system.

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i was going to use solid 12 gauge household electrical wire for the speakers, coaxial cable from directtv satellite to the receiver, then hdmi to all the tvs. is an actual audio channel that lets a tv send audio from either a built-in tuner or dvd player upstream to the a/v receiver via the hdmi cable. that means the positive lead on the av receiver or amplifier is ultimately connected to the positive lead on the speaker and so on with the negative leads or terminals. i ran a hdmi connector from the sony blu-ray player to the receiver and another hdmi connector from the receiver to the tv. if my cable box has an hdmi that i connect to the av receiver that subsequently send it to the tv, does the av receiver tap off the audio portion or does it have to come back from the tv via arc or optical fiber? processing and hdmiif you have a home theater receiver that has built-in video processing and upscaling for lower resolution analog video signals, routing your video sources through the receiver can provide some advantages there as well, as the processing and scaling features of many home theater receivers may be able to provide a cleaner video signal going to the tv than if you connected analog video source directly to the tv. i thought i could use the digital audio out from the tv to connect the headphones with an adapter, but it appears the receiver does not output audio to the tv via the hdmi connector.! i have a av receiver and recently i've found myself with a stereo power amplifier. i don’t know about you, but this is not my idea of fun:Turn on the projector with the projector remote.

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answer to this question really depends on the capabilities of your home theater receiver and how you want your home theater system organized. however, if you were to use your tv's built-in over-the-air tuner, then arc via hdmi, or an optical digital cable would be used to transmit audio from your tv to your receiver. you start making speaker connections, be sure to unplug the receiver. will carry both video and audio on 1 cable to one of your receivers hdmi input. i'd go through the tv, receiver, and player menus one by one to make sure the settings are all correct. also connected my sony bravia tv (bought in 2008) to the av receiver using hdmi cable. this allows you to run cables through the back and easily connect them to the receiver. only does hdmi provide desired access to both audio and video signals, but reduces your cable clutter between the receiver the source device, the receiver, and the tv, since all you need is one hdmi connection between the receiver and the tv or video projector, instead of having to connect a video cable from your source to the tv or video projector and also connect a separate audio cable to your home theater receiver. don, there's usually a menu setting on most receivers that allows you to send audio out to the tv via hdmi (for folks who want to use their tv's built-in speakers).

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on nov 28, 2012this video will show you how to set up a home theater using a receiver as the main control. just about all home theater receivers manufactured beginning in late 2010 going forward are 3d compatible., you don't say whether or not you already have the receiver, but many newer models offer hdmi pass-through.. these connections may or may not be clearly labeled on the back panels of the tv and receiver, so if you need help figuring it out, feel free to ask us. see our home theater receiver placement tips for more information on this important topic. there’s now no need for an extra cable (or av receiver input connection). yamaha offers a convenient av setup guide app for tablets on the same wi-fi network as your receiver. basically, i want to use the speakers and not the receiver/dvd/cd player as the cd tray will not open., home theater receivers are generally not a good choice for driving such a large and varied group of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.

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hdmi standby pass-through (a feature found in many receiver models) lets the receiver send signals to your tv from connected sources, like a cable box, when the receiver is powered off. have a vizio tv and a cable unit that i am trying to hook my receiver up to. whenever you select an audio/video input source on your receiver such as your blu-ray player or cable box, for example, the receiver strips the audio signal from that source's incoming hdmi cable, processes and amplifies it, and sends the sound out to your speakers. connected my acer laptop to the projector can get sound. a spot for your receiver where cables connecting other components can reach it easily. cable clutterhowever, there is even better reason to route video signals through your home theater receiver - cutting down on cable clutter..the bottom linewhether you route both audio and video signals through a home theater receiver really depends on what the capabilities of your tv, home theater receiver, blu-ray disc/dvd player, or other components are, and what is most convenient for you., connect your subwoofer using a mono rca subwoofer cable from the subwoofer output on the receiver to the subwoofer’s lfe input. waiting for everything to be on and then turning the receiver off and on works, but doesn't sit well with either my urc or other family members.

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plug the included setup microphone into the dedicated jack on the front of the receiver, and place the microphone where you’ll sit most of the time. i hooked up all components but i gets no sound coming from my receiver. this will allow you to view any onscreen setup guides the receiver might have built in. surround sound system is set up with all components into receiver being hdmi, video out to tv is hdmi. thus, using a single cable, you simply connect the hdmi cable from your source component through your receiver for both audio and video using the one hdmi cable. these work from any room in the house, which is extra convenient when your receiver allows multi-room audio and video. use string to measure the distance from each speaker to the receiver, and cut your speaker wire accordingly. used to be that the receiver took care of all the audio switching and processing, as well as providing power to the speakers. is important to keep in mind that making separate video and audio connections may also affect what audio formats your home theater receiver will have access to.

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however, if your receiver and speakers are capable of bi-amplification (see the bi-amp section above in the article), then you would use both your receiver's front and (re-assigned) surround channel outputs. up the home theater receiver remote again to adjust the volume (which is always louder on previews that the movie itself). the default setting for this is normally “off”, so you’ll need to go into your receiver’s settings to turn it on. the receiver remote to change inputs because the last thing you did was watch dish (it has its own remote as well). there a real difference between stereo and home theater receivers? don’t have to buy expensive cables to run wire for those surround sound speakers, but you had better not think that some left over 24 gauge cable is sufficient to make that 50 foot run from your av receiver to your surround speakers. the speakers and the receiver should have speaker terminals labeled right and left. and your home theater receiver is not, check your source components to see if you can connect them directly to your tv for video and make separate connection to your home theater receiver for audio, just as in the case of 3d. low sound from sound bar when connecting blue ray player to projector.

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and home theater receiverswith home theater, the role of the receiver (which is really a combination of a preamplifier and power amplifier) has changed significantly over the course of the past decade. to set up a home theater system using a receiver., the vast majority of new receivers simply strip the audio signal off of the hdmi cable coming from the cable box, then process and amplify it to send out to your speakers. receivers come with auto-calibration systems you can use to fine-tune the sound to account for the size of your speakers and the room they’re in. connection between epson projector and inspirion laptop not allowing external bose speaker sound. you haven’t already been prompted to do this by your receiver’s setup guide, now’s the time to connect your receiver to your home network so you can take advantage of online streaming services. help finding the right receiver, please call, email, or chat with one of our advisors. or tablet to access your receiver's owner’s manual and any available setup guides. in other words, they can pass 3d video signals from a 3d source device to a 3d tv or video projector via hdmi ver 1.

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i want to ask if i can use the receiver as a preamplifier. since i believe your tv predates the arc (audio return channel) capabilities of newer hdmi versions, you'll need to connect an optical digital cable from the tv to your receiver in order to get sound from it into your receiver. your receiver offers a good control app for mobile devices, you’ll probably want to check it out. amount of time it takes to set up a receiver can vary greatly, but setting aside two hours should give you plenty of time to get everything hooked up in most cases. you have a 4k ultra hd tv, and 4k source components (such as a blu-ray disc player with 4k upscaling, ultra hd blu-ray disc player, or 4k-capable media streamer) - consult your tv's, home theater receiver, and source components' user manuals or online product support for information on their video capabilities., unlike 3d, even if your home theater receiver is not compatible with all aspects of the latest 4k ultra hd specifications, it will pass-through those aspects that it is compatible with, so users will still see some benefit if you still want to connect your 4k video sources to a home theater receiver that is equipped with hdmi ver1. however, for those that purchased home theater receivers between 2010 and 2015, there are some compatibility variations., under most circumstances you should use the receiver's main front left and right speaker output jacks. stereo jack audio output but my samsung receiver only has a digital audio input(I used to use a toslink cable to connect to my tv) What should I do?

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want to get sound from cumputer not the projector using hdmi and computer connetion to system speakers. however, there are are some practical reasons why you might want to route both your video and audio signals through a home theater receiver. you use an antenna for over-the-air tv, or you use your tv's built-in apps for streaming, see if your receiver and tv both support audio return channel (arc). you use a rack or shelves for your av gear, remember to put the amplifier or home theater receiver at the top if possible. to connect a surround sound receiver and tv using an hdmi wire. video will show you how to set up a Home Theater using a receiver as the main control. & videos: home  /  home audio  /  receivers & amplifiers  /  home theater receivers  /  home theater receiver setup guide. if the receiver includes a tripod or cardboard stand for the setup microphone, use that. got a projector but doesnt have hdmi if i connect a cable box like time warner cable it woulnt work or i need a different pr.