How does duo queue matchmaking work

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How does solo queue matchmaking work

i was in diamond ii, 95 lp in season iv and gained 1 lp per match (non-duo) isn't reliable, i've played duo queue (last 2 games) and it doesn't show correctly. your friend has the advantage to gain more lp and lose less, but if he doesn't play on that level, he is screwed once he plays on his own without you.@kevin i never said these are reasons not to duo. mid or top+jungler is actually a fairly strong duo combination as well. have already listed most of the positive aspects of duoqueue.

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the same can happen when you queue with someone who is lower than you." also if your partner does the same mistake over and over again, don't be afraid to tell him (without flaming) where he could improve.+1 for "during champion select you should see it as a soloqueue game and ignore your duo partner. but i just mute people as soon as they start flaming, whether i'm in a duo or solo. + anywhere else as duo is the best imo, the jungler can help all lanes, making the mmr difference almost nil by helping the lane having the most troubles. are the optimal conditions in order to maximise the advantages and lower the cons of duo ranking?

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need synergy - this is especially true when playing duo bot but it's applicable to every lane. this means that you need superior teamwork, game knowledge, and ability - not just for your lane but for the whole game. there are a lot of negative aspects when playing duoqueue most of them can be avoided but as mentioned above: you'll have to play accordingly. i watched this video that tells to never do duo rank games. does home sale transaction value get into the public domain? as far as i understand the matchmaking system in lol it tries to find another team with a duo-queue if you have a duo-queue on your team.

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you list your lp gain in high diamond as an example, but when solo queueing you get 0-2 per win as well. during champion select you should see it as a soloqueue game and ignore your duo partner. if you or your duo partner does a mistake and gets flamed don't flame back or defend him. the other teammembers - flaming is extremely harmful in soloqueue. inaccuracy - playing duoqueue will cause the matchmaking to find a mean value of your combined mmr. for the lower ranked of the duo, if he plays against better players, when he goes back to playing alone, he will probably feel like it's easier no?