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to make the long story short we have this special relationship online. im from brazil and i received a msg from a scammer on a date site mormon. the information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. with: bank account, fraud, military, money transfer, online dating, scamblog topics: money & credit. very very romantic writing roberts richard ferguson i did not acept request but wrote emails on my gmail and aol account. if you help a scammer do that, you're getting involved in criminal activity.? for him as he had problem with old bank and couldn't get back to receive for several more weeks. yes if you are short there are women who will just never date you. (6)air pollution control (7)building materials (8)buses and cars for ultra modern urban transportation networks (9)lot of cars and buses (10)equipment use in building road bridge and house (11)civilian aircraft (12)armored vehicles supplies (15)water recycling (16)medical equipment & health products (17)financial services; pos, atm.  i’m guessing this comes across in your profile is obvious or subtle ways that women pick up on, even subconciously. also had a fake linked in profile that i reported. i've hit a brick wall and don't know what to do or how to feel, i will not be sending him any money anytime soon but am still however on my guard so any suggestions would be a great help right now. he shaves his head, blue eyes and wears a earring..big surprise he needed my bank info before he could send it. if i had kids, i would never put a man before my children! we talk everyday but his accent doesn't sound american or spanish. are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. so improve your chance of success by keeping an eye out for the following red flags as you sort through potential date’s profiles:Photos: photos can tell you a lot about a potential date.? i have lost over 100k for him and thought he was the love of my life! his online photos show a very tall, light skinned and very good looking gentleman the man (name he is used with me is oluseyi obafemi) says he is from fresno california. you’re definitely projecting…which kinda proves mikw’s point…. well at least i knew then what it was all about and of course never sent any. day by day, my love for you becomes overwhelming, and i can't handle it when i don't see or even talk to you every day.. but i ended it and now feel betrayed angry and yet relieved tgat i did not let him fully into my heart but it was close.? i think i have been scammed and i don't know what to do. he asked for help for money but i told him i didn't have it..Their calibrations and meter readings were so wrong so the chart wasn't plotted well, so instead of opening the passage pipe from the reservoir to the tanker, they opened the return pipe to reservoir and it overflowed, thereby spilling crude all over, the pipes they layed underground earlier burst and fire caught up some part of the site, even the standby supertanker that was anchored and awaiting trans-loading broke off and started moving in an opposite direction. i told him right off that i have no money,i own no property, don't use credit cards etc. have met a guy on a dating sit and he says he is a dr. go to or photo, description emails used, names and phone numbers as well as address he gave me. man that i believe that maybe trying to scam me is james bongani,he allegedly is the owner of a contsuction co. received friend request from him in face book on early of december'15, one of my closed friend is mutual friend with him. didn't give him any money, now he is asking me to open an account so his friends that want to donate can deposit there. he would tell me he is broke and on his facebook page pose with different types of expensive phones and other things. but im very careful because i once met someone on online dating and he sounded sweet too. so, i crave that, i want it, i desire it; if for just a moment, then my life wouldn't have been a waste life is too short to be chained to an un loving heart and if there's little love anywhere on the planet, i can travel the length to seek and find it. the information you give helps law enforcement nationwide in their investigations.. i know that you are the person i want to spend the rest of my life with, the person i want to marry, the person i want to have babies with, and the person i want to grow old with. he sent me a lot of pictures of this man, very good looking. so, scott, my advice to you is accept what you cannot change, dont be bitter, do what you can to maximize your odds, work on yourself to be the best you can be, and eventually you’ll find love. claim to live in honolulu and had a cell phone from connecticut where he previously lived. when you get romantically involved to her she will start asking you money support her financially. he went to malaysia to work on a rig,asked me for 2 itunes cards, then day before flying back to us,something went wrong, his passport was taken by police, was given one week to secure k to pay penalty or will be imprisoned. i am young @ heart but puts no barrier to love.  only narcissists who use their kids as a get out of jail free card for why others should put up with their lack of effort, and to promote their image of themselves as all-giving angels do that. he provided pictures of himself and his daughter, and even though i told him i didn't know him and basically told him i thought he was a scammer, he continued to attempt to get to know me. my tech friend did a search for the photos provided and found nothing anywhere which was hard as it made me think he might be real. million dollars after all, and i finally lost my cool and told him to have a good life, then f-off and leave me alone. also, i’m a freshman and i’m genuinely lost on how to get my away around this campus, please tell me you actually have a map. when i finally added up all the lies and inconsistencies, i had lost approximately 15,000. if you let a scammer put money into your bank account, the bank will come to you when the bank discovers the scam. these are the ones that romance you online, gain your trust, then ask you to send money to them for whatever reason. some like that but his name is michael russell please i have a pictures too help me to see if this person is scan too. while online dating may be a great way to find your soul mate, you’ll be confronted with thousands of candidates. i need you when i’m cold to keep me warm; i need you in the rain to keep me dry; i need you in my life to keep me happy. but has told me he loves me after 4 days, i've told him i don't believe a word he says keeps calling me dear english is ok but not the best. in a short period of time he wanted to be in a relationship with me and told me he loved me. i have not let it go any further but sound extremely close. i asked him how was badoo treating him and he said he deleted it, so i asked how many others he was talking to online and he said just me, but he could say anything as i wouldn't be any the wiser as i'm no longer on there myself. but sometimes you make a grave mistake in believing people because you expect that they are as honest as you are.

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and besides, god loves you, and will surely give what's best for you. for profile pictures, it actually creeps me out if someone is putting a picture of their children on a dating site. he often asked for money apparently for his business , which he travelled abroad for regularly. basically, i didnt give up and put alot of time into it, improving my odds, and now i am getting responses, talking to women on the phone, meeting my first woman met online this weekend, i am excited, she is really cute and we share a lot of similar interests. right after christmas 2015 came and went, and he sent me messages that he had "good news for you babe" (always called me babe, honey, never by name). i realized that he didn't really love me and was trying to use me to get into the us. they might start out being romantic, or say they're in love or start talking about your future, but pretty soon they have some 'crisis' and ask you for help. us$ and even after one week kind of work showing that , he got paid and showing his pay check for 5,000,000,00 he is very good to steeling heart and money. then, he said let me call the company if they could shipped out my items to your address. okay we never get to the point where he asked me money after he sent me email of letter format to send to his usa army leave department i get alarmed. he sends me an image saying "everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow". there ive seen numerous women who were 5’0 or 5’1 stating their minimum ht requirement as 5 10 or 6’. of fact, the only time it wouldn’t be a red flag is if it was said by some misguided man who thought women would be super duper impressed he wrote it so he could show everyone just how much he loves his kids—which is, again something we hope would be the case, lol. but as i have said i don't suffer fool"s gladly.’s another dealbreaker for you with reference to online dating…or any dating for that matter, gentlemen. scammers even ask victims for money to buy "leave papers" from the army, help pay for medical expenses or help pay for their flight home. yeah even called me mom just to make me believing but thank god i didn't send any monies to them despite the condition he is facing because i know from the way he talk he is not from usa. am a linguist and can usually spot a fake profile in the following way. claims he is a geologist in oil and lives in alaska but working in malysia. what he was referring to was when someone goes out of their way to put that phrase, ‘my kids come first’, in a profile or write it during a conversation (how does that even come up in conversation? we talked on the phone twice, and he has a very thick foreign accent. bottom line: online dating is exhausting enough without spending energy on trying to figure out the weird motivations of stranger. been dating my boyfriend for 5 mths now he asks me to open bank account so he can send me money for him to come home from chad africa, i'm so confused,help. i'm naturally very leery of people but more so with men. here are some of my pictures again i hope you like them . there are predators who do specifically target unwed mothers for especial attention because they’re looking to find someone who is emotionally vulnerable so that she’s so pre-occupied that they have easy access to kids to do what they really want to do to kids. there was no need for you to “counter” with “why i would put my child over a man” because he wasn’t arguing that point - you veered off into a completely different direction with your rant. he has asked me for money to help him come to america, i have given him 200..The management summoned me immediately and i explained everything that happened, i also have written a report and submitted. am honest, sensitive, loyal romantic passionate, energetic, youthful, humorous and bad at math lol. i met a guy from a dating site last early of january this year 2015 by the name of jason ryke uche. is very complimentary, says stuff such as falling in love every time he looks at my pics, could stare at me all day, lucky to have met me, crazy about me, can't wait to meet me and kiss me. grant govt department took my money ,180 i need it back. none of these are factors you are able to influence or overcome. lisa this us army intelligence officer special ops stationed in amman, jordan (we do not have bases there so she's on (jordanian base) on mingle2, sent me picture of her wearing the outfit with her last name one. are two tips from the us army cid warning:Military members have an email address that end in ". be told i knew it all wasn’t making sense but i still fell for it and i blame myself. us army warns people about scammers who pretend to be members of the military. he pulled all the stops with the guilt trip about how you should be willing to help the ones you love, and he asked for help, not to scam i waited 36 hours, blocked him from facebook. sun is always shining just above the cloudy haze,as we share friendship across an online maze. of course you love spending every weekend at the mall!" how insulting to be thought of as such an idiot or so needy that i would give up my hard earned cash to a low life like that. would you be willing to contact me at my email address? been talking to this guy 7 months now says he's american but construction worker in nigeria first his machine breaks wants money for that now when was supposed to come over to scotland his digger machine gets stolen now needs 24000pounds to replace it or can't leave there until has he has more than one facebook accounts with different names haik moumjian and haik momjean they share photos. i only seek to find the one who appreciates the 'little' i have to give. if they should have an issue with my shortness i tell them i’m a “superglue guy” - all she has to do is superglue a glove to the small of my back, put her hand in it and use me for a “sex toy” if nothing else . i am a nervous wreck and so upset esp that i gave my home address cause he was gonna send me flowers. meanwhile, they’re describing themselves as “bbw” or “has kids”. but i have his voice on my voice mail from when he would call me and it matches his voice on a private video that i found of him. he was asking me some cash for his leave payment since he is still in missions since we wanted to see each other so he need to take a leave. also has a house in the uk that his aunt lives in which is near to where i live. of fact, the only time it wouldn’t be a red flag is if it was said by some misguided man who thought women would be super duper impressed because it showed ‘just how much’ he loves his kids…this, again, is something we hope would be the case, lol. luckily i have not sent any money, only emotional damage..he was trying to get 20,000 from me and once i refused he became angry and very persistent at times. he claims to have mining interests in germany and nigeria.(uk)as civil engineer and he also live in london,uk. told me that if i told anybody that i was even talking to him that he could be killed he did ask for money and i did not send it thank god because i am on a fixed income and was not able to once i told him i had no money i have not heard from him ever since. while there, they were robbed and needed money right away, and wasn't i in love enough to send them $$? women will certainly find whatever you first find standout and engaging and powerful about yourself just as exciting to explore; but it could be that you need to take the time first to discover your own value and stature. the company is still have the items since may 2015 till now.

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if you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. i've been trying to tell myself this isn't true, but i know it is. we have swapped pics and selfies, he also sent me some of his house and car in the us. now, i already blocked to him but lost my money. i unfriended james blake immediately and 2 weeks later luke giordano friend requested with lots of photos of kids, pets, and very charming he just changed hobbies up from cooking, bike riding, long tennis days and added riding horses this time. some profiles are quite “telling” (too telling in some cases).  i hope everyone else has had better luck than i. my advice is that single moms should not date until their children are grown, but i realize not every feels they can do that. but the ironic thing about this is he was warning me about the guy i was dating on fb. i think its gang related and they are holding people against there will in florida so family cannot talk her whole family is on flirchi i just thought it was odd that noone in the family told me she was ok after i told him what he did not one text back from fb maybe if you use the pictures everyone get a cut but i think he stole them from her family when they were dating and things went bad. when i asked for his facebook, he said "i dont have one, not everyone has a social networking". i've made a bit of research and found out, according the name and picture, that this person is real and has a profile on linkedin. the inspection team came for the last test running process and i instructed the local workers to trans-load crude that was stored in a reservoir into a standby supertanker that will convey the product to the site of refining for the test, i wanted to use it as a test but they messed up so bad because i went to get some file from the office. taking it one step further, i told him that i don't believe he is telling the truth and insisted he change his relationship status to being in a relationship with me so others could know, which he did. i want him to know that he had hurt a very nice woman.  i haven’t been given any signal by any woman that it’s ok to approach, start up conversation, or ask for a date..it was the day he had sent flowers for me and chocolate for my son.. looking for someone that i can be silly with be myself and just have a nice time together. off of the dating site using personal email, text, or phone. he is a dentist in thailand and said he wanted to come to where i live and start a life with me. first it's a week then few weeks then going to africa for a covert operation. me please my 70 year old mother has been doing this for at least 6 months. Right is our advice column that tackles the tricky world of online dating. the person says he loves you right after you meet, it's a sign of a scam. one should be added:When a woman says her children come first, over everything else. and they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel.  kids grow up and move on with their own lives. have pictures of him, email addresses, checked on numerous sites, but can not find a thing about him. from where i am communicating with you and working as a special security in the us army. they have a ton of photos, it could mean they’re a little self-absorbed. and his bosses email and the dating site i met him on. but the sad thing is that i fell in love with this uk greek guy. the name david steinbach, us army, deployed on an un peacekeeping mission in somalia ring any bells for anybody? day by day, my love for you becomes overwhelming, and i can’t handle it when i don’t see or even talk to you every day. can’t seem to get anywhere with these dating apps and websites. so i keep hoping , as i know the best things in life either come too soon or too late{ i pray for soon though} but never @ the time we expect . i worried now that she has this info she says as soon as i give her the info i have a job doin work at home off computer what stops her grom opening up a card in my name in first place someone plz respond with me soon her name katr ina mcclelland. he knows i have no money i already made that very clear and if i did i would not send because i was taught well by my mom to be very careful of this i understand his full time job he is pt army reserve he says i just don't know and i am very scared because he knows all about my life but not my pvt accounts he knows i am retired he is 7yrs younger than me which age makes no difference to me when it comes to love i am a christian woman ,i pray this man is not a scam person so i try to verify his state of sc i can't get anything to come up on google i have not done image serach just seen it here.. begin online, according to a 2013 study released by the national academy of sciences. many, demand a “sense of humor” but, you can soon discover that many surely don’t have one, at all….  look on match and see for yourself; i’ve had my membership on there since june 20th. i just want my friend to know if it's a scam. if you have pictures of him and show me i will let you know if it is the same one. his username on yahoo messenger is armycornelius2089 and on facebook his name is wclark cornelius. meet someone on clover dating site about 3 weeks ago and sounds almost close to yours. i am so glad for my life and really thank god for all his blessing upon my family. he doesn't deserve to be happy while the women he hurt are sad and in pain. then he asked me for money in several ways on several different occasions and i would say no because i don't have money. i became suspicious when he told me he was called away immediately for secret military associated business overseas. a sense of equality comes from one’s attitude, and you’ve got to ask questions and get to know someone before that becomes clear. i want to invest this money , but hope i can count on you? i have spoken on phone many times and he is definitely italian.  i’m 5’4” and my first boyfriend was 5’1”  and my second husband was 5’2”. because in my 1st experience i don't know that he is a scam, it's just i need to end our conversation because he is asking too much information.’s they’re true love and those prominently display them are already involved in a “relationship”). but i’ve seen some guys add lone pics of their kids, dogs, or trucks as pictures." in a very disbelieving voice, and then asks if i can borrow it from someone. for many, it’s a very leaned-back experience: we swipe away while we’re waiting to unload the dishwasher or in line at the supermarket, and when something more pressing comes up – a broken glass, a hot supermarket cashier – we let it slide. i told him he couldn't be in love with me, that it ridiculous, that you can't expect any woman to buy that and that's when he applied it thick, saying he was really not a scammer and he was very hurt that i wouldn't let it go. placed ad on craig list in 2015 around the same date as u can't recall exact i was contacted by a man who i'm still talking to on phone & text he has never yet ask me for money it's been 3 mos now he has told me he is in love with me we have never met & ever time we are to he always has to work or has took ill and can not meet me ,he said now he want's me to move into a place with him soon i wondering if this is for real he always turns his phone off on week ends i did a phone search he tells the truth of his home town but he now has moved i don't understand & never ask why he has not changed his number to local phone # he said he divorced ,looking for true love ,well he has sent me picture it's on my phone he looks his age i don't know if he .

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's very similar to mine, i met this guy august 15/2015. it's difficult because things begin to revolve around hearing from them . the malaysian government has taken his passport so he needs 00 to get it back.:)well i live in allentown and i have a daughter and a granddaughter which they do not live with me.  like i said before, kids grow up and live their own lives.’ve mentioned that your friends have been more successful at online dating than you: what is your measure of success? i was contacted in early october on facebook by a man named donald beez, who claimed to be a oil engineer who owns his own company (never mentioned the name) and was currently competing for a big contract with an oil company. now i've met guys through a dating site that wanted to communicate via email right away, and within a day or two, were madly in love with me.. i found out later that interpol would not have emailed me, supposedly he was under house arrest until he paid 10,000. they claim they want to visit you, but some terrible event happens, or they lose money in a business deal and can't get here unless you send more money. i texted my ex husband is a police officer and his friends in fbi. much time is wasted on frivolity and trivialise and chasing after the wind and if there's one lesson i have learned in life, it is that u got to make d most of everything for life in itself is never ending and coming to love is what makes life eternal. what he was referring to was when someone goes out of their way to put that phrase, ‘my kids come first’, in a profile or write it during a conversation (how does that even come up in conversation? i need you when i’m cold to keep me warm; i need you in the rain to keep me dry; i need you in my life to keep me happy.“if someone asks you for money, for whatever reason, do not do so and please, report the situation to us via the “report a concern” button. i'll try my best to fix all this mess and be home to you even before you know it, this is the time i need you most, please pray for me and tell me that everything will be alright. he claimed to not have been in a relationship since his wife died, and he is serious about finding someone to spend the rest of his life with. you give me strength when i just can't carry on and i truly treasure that. his supposed to pay for it but he said he lost his card last december when they went to a mall in nigeria to buy some personal groceries. well i am just wondering what else we have in common,i am a very outgoing and active person. in a woman’s profile i would expect to see at least 3 photos: one of her face that’s clear, preferable from at least shoulders on up; one of her out and about whether with friends or not; and a third showing full body shot. he was married not widowed, 3 children and lives in texas.. perfect man 3’tall with a wicked tongue and a flat head to rest my wine on…..never asked for money but says he wants to be with me traveling and investing! your chance of online dating success by keeping an eye out for telltale no-nos as you sort through potential date’s profiles. within our lives we share special dreams, unusual and unique.. now i wish i had told him that i had gotten them so i could have gotten his address so i could have turned him in to someone. i just got back to my room and i'm writing you this email, i couldn't believe what my eyes saw. my mind tells me that maybe hes coming with a trick of asking money from me. he ask me also to send a letter to he come back soon, and how i read a lot about it, thn he will ask me money, but when i received his msg asking me to send a letter to someone from marine, i said to him "be patiente, complete your mission and when you come back, we will talk about our future! i'm pretty useless with computers and i don't really know how they work am also old school and a bit old fashioned in that i believe you need to see someone face to face and see their emotions. researched him and told there has never been anyone in the military under his name, rank, dob, unit, etc. i’ve been played, stood up, had guys express keen interest and then fall off the radar. i love you more today than i did yesterday, and i’ll love you more tomorrow than i do today. i would never give any information especially our address to him. he then gave me another name and that was of another lower ranking soldier? although for the height, the male equivalent would be more like over 6’ tall, maybe 6’2”.  you could ask the area agency on aging in your mother's area if they have staff who talk to potential victims. and he keeps promising to meet her but never does. scammer with the same name and same story, met him on an online dating site on january. are a friend of mine from the emails we exchange,i wouldn't know you on the street and it doesn't even seem strange. claims to have two boys who has pictures of and be divorced but that his ex was dead. i’m not dating these things, i want to date you. and the girls also want to chat fast off the dating site and they say the girls that is will travel all over the us . pouring all of these romantic writings, several of which are stolen poetry from other sites (i googled it), he laid on the i love yous thick. he is extremamely in love and always use words like: sweety, honey etc..i am very open minded and easy to get along with.'s the deal trying to convince me to part with my money suppose to go to the uk bank where the shipping company owners want the money to be wired too. women tend to look for guys who are truthful, with a sense of humor about themselves, act like a gentleman & are upbeat about life in general. have you seen some of the warning signs listed in the blog? he has never asked me for money or to set up a bank account or anything. have this guy that text me i look up his pic and no name comes up what do i do. i love you more today than i did yesterday, and i'll love you more tomorrow than i do today. for the mail,immediately i got your email my feelings turn over on you and it seems you are the right woman which i have been searching for to bring back the smile which i use to smile,for a good relationship to grow we need to trust each other and be honest with each other to achieve what we want to achieve well i am seeking for woman which will be the flesh to my flesh and also the bone to my bone,it's true i have never seen you and we have never met,never shaken hands or even truly hugged and yet! would like to tell you that to make a relationship last for ever and be stable we need trust,love,understanding,devotion,and motivation in heart, in my own intention,i promise to be faithful, honest, and most caring to you and be the man you have always dream of, and pray always that god will bless and make our love grow, thank you so much. [during his absence, he can be reached at [give mailing address and telephone number, if is not a security issue and you know this information. one version of the romance scam, a scammer asks a person to open a new account (but not in the scammer's name). mark smith,i on fronted him even sent the pics with fraud water mark on them. i carried them in my womb, and they need someone to raise them right. but it's scary because he knows my complete name and where i work.

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a few weeks after we were talking he said he needed to go to dubai to make a top-secret mission and had life-threatening, then i was very suspicious! he faved me on a website and wants me to contact via face book so i looked and see only 2 pictures on fb. im still waiting for him to ask for money because my guts tells me hes a scam. all-time favs: overweight women, middle aged, with kids wanting a guy over 6’ tall with a harley davidson cycle. i always told my girlfriend, " the moment he is asking me for money i am gone. most angry with myself and would like to slap my own face for living this "dream" for the past 2 months only arriving at the hard awakening and being asked for money. he had to travel to malaysia and i had to send it to his assistant.. he had to pay the western union agent (same agent every time) 20% of the amont i sent as he did not have proper id. initially, he was so sweet and escallated his 'feelings' towards me with several love letters (emails). met this woman on facebook we talked through messenger she quickly professed her love for me and ask could i send 2500 to her friend in la through moneygram however she lied about everything i found she a nigerian number after saying she was in la so now she bugs me about when the money coming using different tactics and tricks saying that she wants to be with me but i really think it's a scam. over the thanksgiving weekend i didn't hear from him then days later he tells me he fell and broke his arm (or leg, it changes every few days).,2 mmonths later his son started asked me money cuz, he claimed that his dad haven't sent him anything or help him financially. but she can’t be easily intimidated by my gym persona. he started hearing how he was running our of money and he needed my help. yes it is certainly a factor that women use, just like men use weight and other physical features of a woman to gauge attractiveness. even had someone send me a check for 00 to help pay for his return. i immediately started getting love professing emails, and within several days he was calling me sweetie, darling, the love of his life, etc. though i have never been on any of those dating sites, this guy contacted me via google+ and we've been chatting on hangouts, never by email or phone. didn't realize that or i wouldn't have lifted it to begin with. however, i want to let you know these details regarding his military absence. african american women have their own long odds based on what i have read, so my odds are better that they will respond. i know for sure you are caring by the kindness that you give. one thing that stands out universally in attracting a partner or even just an enjoyable date night is that we radiate what we think about ourselves in the way we interact. i’m 5’4” but i usually prefer taller men (over 5’11”) to look at, but in the cot the smaller man provides a better experience. luckily he does not know where i live but it's public information if you own a home they can pretty much find out. i did a reverse photo check and know that it somebody from texas whose pictures are used in the scams. just like someone would have to, especially working under the united nations, darling. i then asked if i would be able to email and send him parcels, he replied yes by using usps international express mail but did not give me any addresses. don't understand your post - you mean he is real and he loves you a lot and he is from africa? i heard the story that he was widowed and had 2 kids but they lived with their grandmother. level with winky faces: 😉watch: being in business school is actually really really hard you guys. football player delighted that he also won’t have to take his own tests in college. one no about a dr in ghana adams maurice but lives in florida. he says he doesn't have the time to fix it up. the details you give can help law enforcement with investigations. i sent alot of money to just deliver the items to my doorsteps but, the company hostages his items. he even emailed me a picture of a party he was at with his surgeon, who does that! the ftc works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace.  so it will take more patients then dating a woman with no kids. i have sent him cash but m no way giving bank details he claims to be us marine richard wilson said his on mission and can't get access to anything . pls be informed that i have emailed the original email to you, just decided to post here so everybody will be aware). friend is dating someone online now, he has all these gorgeous pictures. process is more about my own learning and finding myself but enjoy the flare up from the hangouts conversations when pushing for pictures or voice contact. the leave payment will cost him like 3000$ thats for another marine to replace him. i've started asking him questions which he did not like he never gives me the chance to reply to his messages it's all about him i saw the warning signs said he catholic goes to church not asked for any money. funny after we met online he was travelling to texas, then new zealand and now ghana, west africa. from his profile:"i am a nobody , got nothing impressive to offer; not a prince charming nor a knight in shining armor. he was from europe but lived in michigan but also traveled around the country for work selling art.  if you wire money to someone you never met, you won't get the money back. know for a fact you can purchase a laptop online overseas with english keys. i am very suspicious and this is the email i got from him today:Hello princess , how are you doing and how has been your day ? he then said his credit card is having a problem over there. one of kristopher barnet's emails just 4 weeks after meeting on the internet dating site ( swedishdating          ) he supose to come to florida to meet me this week, lol. am glad i have insurance because me working under the cia protection plan i have to have insurance. shortly after emailing and texting off the site, he began telling me how he loved me, it was fate that brought us together yada yada. now i have a lot of stolen merchandise that i am sending to the fbi i want to tell this guy how i feel. i have contacted the fbi, facebook and the police from this mans country. have contact from someone who says his name is williams clark cornelius? i'm my mind i felt something was off but he was so kind and loving saying the things any woman wants to hear. so i decided to do some searching and oh boy did i find this man everywhere , so many aliases.

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: “i have a tendency to tell every woman i meet that ‘she’s not like other girls. my name is christina i was just trying to follow up on some information that i have from dating a military man online he recently had told me that i needed to fill out paperwork for him to come from washington dc to see me well i told him that i needed to check out that information. this is why you have to inspect homes for sale thoroughly. i will be very grateful if you can give me the opportunity to discuss this matter with you by assuring me that you will not use any part of it against me in anyway . i got duped just a few days ago by this man ie 5th and 6th of april 2016 and still have my bank receipts of the monies i sent him. i didnt lie, i just did what everybody does in person on a first date, show myself in the best light.'t ever send money to someone you meet online, or let them use your bank account.! now i know it was a scam took me 1 1/2 to really understand i was beening scammed he took so much ÷$$ form me i so embarrassed how stupid that i didn't open my eyes.  attractive, desireable single women 5’1” and over in most cases will not even consider you if you are 5’7” or less, and in most cases 5’8” in borderline. i sent the letter to the army personnel with what he said for me to say. they are the most vile type of vermin in the world. i told him i dont have and that was the end of us. i’d even date a guy shorter than me, if i was attracted to his other physical features and he treated me right. i am emailing you to put a smile on your face and to let you know in my heart you have a special place. express love and kindness without a face it comes from deep inside our hearts from a special place.  on every dating site i’ve been to its the same. and the picture showed an army guy with smith on his uniform . i told him i had read story after story about this type of thing, and it always involved men getting women to trust them, and then they ask the woman for money, and that men do did this were despicable. had the best intentions to say good morning but somehow the day slipped by and here we are in the evening already. talked about wanting come move in this area near me, to finish signing his contract in qatar, get his funding and move here to buy a big house where he plans to build a nice future with me. started with this email: jenny, i can't explain why the world is crumbling on me, everything seem to be happening to me at the same time. for me, i live to love, to experience the magical feeling that love gives, to give my heart , my soul , my everything. i did give him some money but told him that i'm not wealthy and couldn't do any more. im sorry that happened to you, but i'm glad you only lost the money for the i tunes card.  so maybe the old “meeting in person” thing offsets the need for a woman to have a man taller then they are. my gosh someone help i been texinng this girl she said she had a job for wasnt thinking clearly she sent me application my dum ass filled it out with my ss number birthday and everything now she wants me to open a debit card account and give her all the info like passwords security questions this really got my attention. he claims to be norwegian but his accent sounds very much like spanish.! the lover boy looking for his soulmate is now a photojournalist in nigeria with his son, wife passed away for years ago. met someone on a dating site name david zheng, he asked for financial. so for this 2nd experience i use my head and do some research and that's the reason i bump in to this site because i was searching so hard to know if it's real because the photo being used is very handsome. she gave me his email address, so i emailed him. i could not and cannot trust someone i never met to give him my banking info. someone you don't know put money in your bank account and told you to send it, you might be involved in a scam. do know the same person he was supposedly flying back from malaysia, and told me he was arrested at the airport because he was in possession of a bank draft from canada fir over 2,000,000 and did not pay the tax. over the last several years, i have received many 800 or 866 or other similar calls at my office from people who claim to represent ets financial or nco financial. i just checked his text and the lower case "i" was all over it. then i deleted my email i talked to the military dude on and i thought i was safe but i was wrong he started emailing me to my other email and gave me if you don't send me the money i'm gonna die . i've been in meetings with them since this happened that's why i've not been busy till now. have always been rather skeptical and wary through my life. told me i never talk to those ladies, not like i do with you - you are the only one i share my heart with. and if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off. eventually, he finally sent me a picture of he and his cohorts in a room where they all sit at computers and try to scam women in different countries. his name is daniel eke and claimed to live in miami, and worked for ford motor company as an engineering consultant. he could be a person who enjoys talking to women he meets through dating apps but not actually meeting up with them (ugh). i told him no, that he's a scammer, that he was doing exactly what i told him he was going to do from the beginning conversations, and i wanted to be left alone. my love, please you have to pray for me because i'm in trouble here, just know that no matter what happens, i'll be strong. if you withdraw money before the bank learns the check is fake, you'll have to repay the money. he even tried to get credit cards in my name and wanted me to buy several iphones and cards and send them to him . the total amount is 850,000euros in cash and i plan to invest with this money. i’m at the point now of giving up on dating altogether and accepting i’m just going to end up on my own. the guy is the outsider and may always be for a very long time. met a man on a dating site a couple years ago , this one is good , because i actually met him twice in person , of course his nigerian , living in malaysia , after meeting him i thought something was odd as he bought baby shoes apparently for his friends child but he also had a tattoo of baby footprints on his arm . my mom told me about one of her friend who married a nigerian man and got him into the us and then has soon has he got in he divorced her and she never saw him again. the guy who disappeared after your phone call and then continued to use the app: he could have decided that your intonation reminded him too much of a girl who broke his heart in ninth grade." (that will be the very last part of the address and nothing after), then there is a high probability they are not in the military. as this is a difficult time for me i was on there for the right reasons trying to make sense of how often this really does happen until i went online and read some of the stories how they call you baby they fall in love with you after a few days they can't believe that they found the one they send you pictures they look so believable you send them pictures and i know not everybody is out to get you but now it's made me very aware of not wearing my heart on my sleeve so much this is kind of made me realize how could someone do such a thing and i even have one of the addresses to where they wanted me to send the money gram so beware ladies keep telling your stories i wish you all the best of luck and all my prayers go out to the and lost face but there are good men out there we'd have to go out in the world and find them cuz you don't know who you're really talking to on the other end of your phone or your computer so let's be strong together. you might want to consider the possibility that you need to a adjust your perspective and value of yourself first before attempting to attract someone because dating is precisely that: the phenomenon of attracting someone. i like them unpredictable and bat-shit crazy: leaves me hanging for 2 months straight, and then randomly jumps back into my life like i was the one ignoring them. four of my workers were badly injured in the accident and they have since been rushed to the emergency room for urgent medical attention. he said he was in love with me, and that he was 3 year older than me, but he looked more like 10 years younger.

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most of all, she must be ready to be truly loved as never before. called me all kinds of nicknames and seldom used my own name. the mom’s point of view, since i am not the children’s father, and until proven otherwise, just a transient in her life, then i agree strongly with a women who put their children first. not a woman who will go “oh honey, mommy is so sorry your sick, but i’m still going to take you to your grandmother’s because “so-and-so” will be upset with me for ‘standing him/her up’. have been learning a great deal about myself over the past few years. the dating sites even make it difficult for you to cancel. if they ever call you their queen, it's a scammer. long story short he told me (via yahoo messenger) that he loved me and then later that he wanted to marry me. three million five hundred and seventy thousand usd which i made from crude oil business i did with a nigeria citizen, and because of my status as a soldier in the us army, i can not transfer the money to my country of origin because of security reasons,query and questions from the us government. even provided the checking account and routing number for the gal who picks up the money from western union and haven't heard a word.  this height issue is so common, it’s not even funny anymore. after next day , he sent to me air will bill with ' gibraltar security express " will arrive to my place within 3 days. however, he then tells me that it will cost between £1200-£1500 to get the box shipped over and i'll have to pay that charge! he started in on the you never loved me, you you just wanted my money, omg drama, you broke my daughter's heart. you are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. it goes to a page with tips about what to do if you lost  - or gave away - your information. some parts are copied and it's obvious but mostly they are very personal. trawled through facebook and saw that he was on there, his status said divorced and i even managed to do another search that confirmed his divorce. in love, she always danced sexy and always asked about giving money for a business together in manila. i am the only son and child of my family. he told me him and a friend was working on a deal to bring over some 2014 range rovers. he asked to me my real name, my phone number and address to send the gift. had a frederick conte, aka fred conte, freddy conté sending me pictures and calling texting etc,all the same scenario of evassiveness and lovely dovey shit.. so i knew that one was a scammer and i have no intentions of buying anyone anything if i have not met them in person and have build a face to face relationship with. this is where i found out just how high ranking he was, then discovered he had 2 adult children and a wife. date personality: “a sporty girl who will be my gym buddy. on some level really don't this to be him, but my instinct is telling me that it is. the management so far denied any involvement in this accident and thereby holding me responsible for the action of the workers i hired. to tell him he won't ever get a dime from me:I m sorry to say but my car just blew up because oil spilled out and the pipes underneath busted and injured four of my neighbors. told me he came to nigeria with 00 and had run out of money and needed the money to travel to abuja to get his license signed. a day without you in my life is like a day without sunshine, a day without food, or a day without air. be careful,this number is still active on viber and wechat. then he wanted me to send 1500 dollars western union for a package to be delivered to me. you have a picture of this man he sounds like a man i meet own match 1. movie to watch on a date: “the divergent series: allegiant. get together with all your friends all your relatives verify when we get online to chat or talk only we know these answers to these questions and things all of you know from growing up your old neighbor much for you all together. very suspicious if the person won't talk to you on the phone, or says he can't get letters in the mail. father died of cancer last year, mother lives in australia. i hope that this is the relationship we are looking for in a million of years, that can bring happiness and smiles in our life,i will love to know more about your, personality and your family more, so that we can be more concentrate with each other and have a nice relationship together with love and happiness, thanks and take care dear. single moms do not need extra drama in their lives and if the man is bringing the drama and forcing her to decide “it’s either me or the kids” then she is right to deep six that guy! un orthopaedic surgeon whose contract soon ends in syria, but language doesn't equal education level, interesting experience so far so waiting for how the money conversation will come if that is the twist or other avenue. his profile pic was very handsome man apparently us solider in kabul. i’m automatically attracted to big, tall guys, but he got my attention and held it. i want to move this money out of this place, this place is a war zone, so that you may help me keep it till when i will come over to meet you. met a guy on a online dating site called mingle2 and he is in nigeria for work. you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? of all we have no american troops in syria who need money, anytime in service the government takes csre of them, i fell for a captain (not) in syria, but i lost over 59,000 to this fake piece of s___. i don't want to get into trouble but i have no idea what to do. friend of mine told me "you have learned an important lesson: you are a strong independent woman and don't need anyone else's approval for your value in this life". each call is a bill collection call, made to collect payment by credit card for an alleged past-due balance for ups shipping or delivery services. because of the picture's background, taken in germany, it's very specific and i can clearly see it was copied from there. first question to him was why would a dr have to go online to meet someone. they have all kinds of made-up stories about how they need money for emergencies or documents or to buy a ticket to some see you. minutes after i read it, the phone rings and he's there urgently telling me how he knows there are other companies who would love to get his contract who have the funding, and even though he asked a friend for ,000, that would not be enough to help him secure the contract. home | about | meet the team | sponsorship opportunities | newsletter archive | contact us | terms of use | privacy policy. match women (based on my experience) are the worst for discriminating against short guys. this moment, i had trust him and i sent my company address to him. yrs to a man in south africa who i thought loved me . also told him to never call me again or i'll take it to a restraining order status.  the minute a woman takes an interest in me & we start talking back & forth, she disappears rather quickly when she discovers i’m “short”.

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theres tons of latin girl profiles really pretty girls and if you send a message they return and say hi my name is maria an example i offer full service escort services everything . the details you give will go into a database that law enforcement use for investigations. friend of mine is communicating with a man i believe to be a scammer..that the warlords gave it to them in appreciation for rescuing their people. they have a photo of themselves with another person cut out of it? also notes that while it’s common for men to want to date women younger than themselves, if there's too much of an age gap, it's a sign he’s probably not looking for an equal partner in the relationship. someone you met online, and never met in person, asks you to open a new bank account that is a warning sign.? it really will help save a lot of heartache and financial ruin and safety issues. give me the total cost of50 for the whole years semesters. it's a bit different story from what i've read on here, the issue about sending him money just happened few hours ago, he said he is in my country for work, its what his gps location it showing too. he's expected to be returned to work with you on or about[____](again, if you have a date). i've found this is more known in craigslist scams rather than romance scams, however this person is obviously trying any and all ways to scam me. at this time , he show me all the package and waiting my address. they have you do this so they now have your personal info & bank acct plus social security number? reasons women have no right to be mad about the united leggings incident. my late father and mother was are wonderful and kind people, also they are philanthropists.: im sorry about my english, i dont speak very well.  very unfortunate; i had hoped i could have made someone happy.  i write and tell them that i’m willing to put on rollerblades to increase my height, and keep them on! he is asking for 00 from my friend to get home from overseas. i met what appeared to be a handsome widower on a dating site.-813-2368 has called me every day what get on disability, ask me if i could here him, i told him non of his damn business. i did this twice but then the account the money was taken from had no money and it left me with negative 1500 on my credit card. then he told me, he put in for a leave and will send some of his personal items ahead through a fast delivery courier out of london,uk. i didn't give it to him but then western union was calling me to verify my transfer? have been communicating with a man from an online dating website for a couple of months. you open a bank account for someone you met online, and give them the account information, they could use the account for fraud. you open a bank account for someone you met online, and give them the account information, they can use the account for fraud. week i can't remember what i typed into my search engine but i came across military dating scams and had a good read and compared scenarios of other victims. luckily i didn't have it and suggested he ask family, colleagues etc to which he said he'd already tried.  no dates, no relationships; i haven’t been asked out. you give me strength when i just can’t carry on and i truly treasure that. he said he's half italian, half scottish and lives in birmingham. within a few months i was bitten by the love bug and been proposed to by this man.’m a recently divorced, about 6 months, mid fifties guy kind of talkative and witty. i have still now contact with him, so i get more information and now i know the real name of this scammer) use the photos and name of an other man. know he is a scammer and have already reported him to the ftc so. i messaged a couple of the women who commented on there privately telling them to beware, that he's very good, and that he had asked me for money. i hear people say that it could never happen to them, but when you are lonely as many of us are, it can and does. read more about online dating scams in this other blog. i reached out to him one more time for christmas to see if he had come to honolulu in the event that i could be wrong. servicemen and women serving overseas will often have an apo or fpo mailing address. course, as many men filter women out based on weight as there are women filtering on height, so i suppose it’s “fair” in a twisted sense that leaves a lot of people lonely. i have know few of them pretend to be from us military . i do cook sometimes as i like cooking, being happy always makes me feel young everyday. our government doesn't care about scammers or the abuse of women by them other wise they would catch them with all technology us women have given them enough info to arrest them especially on bank fraud. but he kept on asking for money but i kept saying i don't have any money. the information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. he told me he travels all around the world working a large number of hours and his daughter either stays with his "mum" or a nanny who he "pays every month" (which sounded like child support to me, lol). said he was a general in the army in kuwait. when the bank finds out the check is fake, you will have to repay the money, because it's your account. and my guy friend jokingly told me that maybe the guy behind the picture is from nigeria. even have the guy currently still contacting me for pmt. since i saw your profile i cant stop thinking of you, i don't really know why, but i think i am begin to fall in love with you, not because of much thing, but just because of your sincerity and honesty towards our relationship, i wish us to build a nice and good relationship together that can lead us into marriage and make our life happier and brighter., i’m not surprised they pull a vanishing act when they discover you are short. he wanted to send his stuff over to me but somehow all his things got stopped in nigeria. told the company i can't do it and i have no money to pay any charges they asked from me. ive reached out to over 1000 women, and at first i got few responses. if you used a wire transfer company, contact its customer service or fraud department and give details about the transactions. please don't give money or private information to anyone over the internet or phone.

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. within two emails he was telling me how much he loved me. he has sent flowers on several occasions and we talk daily. in the interest of seeing just how far this would go, i had already written down the friends that were listed, in anticipation of that move.  you are so focused on what you perceive to be a failing that you shoot yourself in the foot before you even get going. have a man that sounds just like what you went through . have a person calling and texting me saying he is in australia on an oil rig, needed money to buy helicopter ride back to rig after he went to adelaide to cash his check but they wouldn't cash it so he needed money to get back to the rig, until he could get his money wire transferred into his account. then a month later his son and i had communications until november then his son stopped emailing me. early next morning, there are posts of him with several different men, posing together for pictures. attention to everyone, i want to share my experience to all of you after read all above comments. i asked him why the phone was not the area code from my city and where he was born . i won't fall in love with him, but my evenings aren't so lonely anymore. believe i'm being scammed by someone who calls himself harris aurelio. out for a guy using the name steven pieters from patchogue, ny. it's very easy to fall for their charms but ladies we must relise they only after one thing. has a home in long beach, son that lives in hew york. after i googled the phrase he used in the dating site i found countless fakes profiles in various dating sites worldwide, with numerous photographs , both as a man and even woman. the army says:Military members have an email address that end in ". an accomplice is needed to love; but not all are willing to commit the crime of love. i’m around 5’3 and i’ve dated guys 5’7 and shorter. does anyone know micheal davies a pilot in the military from denver colorado have a 14 year son name alex. you’ve wired money to a scam artist, call the money transfer company to report the fraud and file a complaint. i would think that dating web-sites could make it more difficult by doing background checks, but from what i'm reading here many of you were or have been on paid dating sites when this happened. barnet is a real charmer and very handsome in the (fake) photos. indeed , the greatest lesson is to love and be loved. says he is vegan, family man, loves to cook, dance and travel. if you can adjust this measure from “not ending up alone” to “having coffee with a man i don’t loathe” or “telling some of my best jokes to a stranger over text message and having him respond with a lol”, you may feel more like you’re winning. morales in army asking for money and phone in nigeria. he messages me nearly every day and quickly started saying that he was missing me which i found odd as we hadn't met but i felt flattered and was loving the attention from him and began to think about him constantly. my contract has been approved, but i have to go to qatar to have it signed. he replies that is how he feels right now and is "stronger attracted to me" (now i remember seeing to be on my guard for grammatical errors). course there has to be balance, but if i truly want this woman in my life, then my place will always be a healthy second to her children. then i went ahead and filed a police report and gave the local police the military dudes email. couple days had passed and he possessively flew across the world to his destination.  women don’t give a damn what’s “inside a man’s character,” because there’s no way for them to know that about guys they refuse to speak to, and refuse to give permission to be approached. he says comes from salt city usa he doesn't sound america at all tells me to send money western union makes loads of friends with woman facebook and what other sites he's on got mad yesterday cos didn't send money to him says he loves me wants to come over to marry me as didn't turn up 2 months ago because machine got stolen his plane ticket was fake or so passport i'm hurt as hell i believed this person who ever he is what a fool i am. i never called them back and it was declined / never process., i had this guy using luke giordana, engineer, wife died in car accident, lives in rochester new yours. after i told him no because i dont have money for a phone he stopped talking to me. as others have stated, at some time the children will grow and build there own lives. received an email from a supposed interpol officer named ainan. someone you met online, and never met in person, asks you to open a new bank account, it's a warning sign. i am extremely sorry for anyone who has been through this and i hope that it is put to an end very soon. there was only one problem, he had invested much of his own capital in all of the research and analysis involved in obtaining this contract, and because it was a multi-million dollar deal, he was expected to put up part of the money as security. as much as i want to help him, i dont have the amount he is asking, we are suppose to meet tonight and said he will just return it later to me. i showed my profile to my nephew and he helped me improve my photo selection. sir, military leave of absence letter my name is _____, ***then you mention your job and your position at your job etc**. needless to say i questioned that a commander would be paid in cash and told him that the banks here (sweden) do not even deal with cash anymore.  what i’m saying is when there is a committed healthy (non abusive) relationship, your mate is important too. met a man captain paulson hall usa army stationed in kabul on line in may 2015. so, i asked him his address from london and he gave me address from london." below is his email:I was born and grew up in ny." has to be very last part of the address, with nothing after that., i did a little online research this morning and discovered the google goggle app, plugged in his photo and voila. i met this guy and i don't remember what dating website but of course the profile is gone.: alexander lucio rossi (goes by alex) dob: 2/16/68, email:Phone numbers:on viber) and in us, address 2145 green street, sf 94123 (but no record of him owning there) went by hrtheals profile name in ok cupid and said uk. should have something on him where he lives in the states, has legal papers. he was asking for a replacemnt of his card but the bank in the states is not going to send him since there are 2 person claiming for it so he needs to go home and have it transact personally in the states after i send him the 3000$ he was gone like 2 days thinking his flying already. this had been handy while i took screenshots earlier in the conversations, as he claimed was going to sleep, and he was active on line every 1-2 minutes for several hours.. in massachusetts where we live but currently in nigeria helping build an orphanage for less fortunate. i spoke with my private investigator that checked on his phone numbers and his name, and no one exists with the name he provided.

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i was naive and i thought he loved me but all he was after was my money..He will perform [active duty] with the (united states coast guard) beginning soon. he even send me fake contracts and iterinary ticket and pretended to be a safety and health engineer. the men who’ve placed comments with views about their own height not being an issue at all in their successful dating ventures also come across as much more confident. enough, he was on facebook for an hour or so after he might have arrived, and then nothing more until that day passed. said was legal $$ and if i received it into my account he would collect it when he came back. when the bank finds out the check is no good, you will have to repay the money, because it's your account. hungover gopher totally remembers minnesota’s narrow defeat to middle tennessee. i went back on to see that he had deleted any posts off my wall, and he had posted a new profile picture, this time with his daughter listed. he is widowed, daughter in law school and lives in california. send it soon on tue, dec 1, 2015 at 9:55 am, kristopher barnet wrote: give me a minute ok on tue, dec 1, 2015 at 9:55 am, kristopher barnet wrote: ok on tue, dec 1, 2015 at 9:54 am, jennifer wrote: ok. he claimed his mother was australian, and his father was norwegian and he died when he was young, yet his mother never married again and she lives in london. i have google searched his picture and it only comes back to the site where we met. no photo, or a grainy, out-of-focus or outdated photo, are a sign that the person probably has something to hide, or else is not really serious about the dating process. just had my heart crushed by him very very similar story. that’s exactly what mikw was complaining about…coming second to someone’s child, which is a very narcissistic trait. like one would be using very good and poetic english while some messages are not grammatically correct at all. i opened a millionaire match email from a registered user pleading with me to email his nice friend who just happened to be looking over his shoulder while he was going through profiles. him on a nigeriandating site, claims to be a christian, is widowed (wife died in a car crash) has a son (about 14) and is a ships/ marine engineer currently trying to get a docket space in nigeria. basketball during my senior season… so… you can call me the mr. the last time i said no to giving him money which was a few months back he began ignoring my text for days and then reply with how is your day and how are you doing? he is widow, his parents died when he was 3 years old and he doesnt have simbiliares.: “any time i’m on a date, and my date brings up pope francis, i scream. both say they are engineers bla bla and i live in texas. he claimed his name is daniel roberts, and also says he grew up in germany, but says he owns his residential home flipping business and says he lives in carmel, ny. he assures me that he will give me the code to access his box so i can take out the money i've had to pay out. partner must be young-at-heart, honest, energetic, spontaneous, affectionate, caring,which you mostly have all what im looking for in a woman if im not wrong. his son (lucio) who is 14 lives in ohio with his sister and her family. he says he is old fashion and never can see his face. (i gave him 0) once in malaysia things got worse for him. i’ve met you, and we go out on a couple of dates. anyway that's all i can say since he is still free to do it, for my own safety. us army criminal investigations division (cid) has issued warnings about scammers who pretend to be soldiers. this friendship we possess we owe a world of gratitude and debt,because we would not know each other if it wasn't for the net,i will want you to tell me your feelings about me and what you think we can do to achieve our goal. i'm safe because i didn't join them in the work at that time, i was in my office which is not so close to the scene of the accident, baby i'm very lucky and i had to shut down the site to avoid cameras . if you deposit a stolen check in your account, you'll be helping a criminal, and the bank will contact you when it investigates. use photos of other people, even stolen photos of real servicemembers, to create fake online profiles. i contacted the us army criminal division, gave them his info. to my desperate i met a marine online lately i dont know if his really helping me and told me the picture i send him is mr jonathan matheuw ryke presently deploy in kabul afghanistan, happily maried for 7yrs now and lives in north carolina. you’re so arrogant as to think that you should be more important than any child, then you really have no business dating a mother. that’s a huge red flag on so many levels. i had to call my insurance so these medical bills will be covered. to make it work, you need to train yourself not to see every little rejection as a personal affront (i know, this isn’t easy; it took me a while) and instead to think of each man who falls by the wayside as clearing the way for another, better opportunity. you are basically calling everyone who is pouring their heart out and sharing their stories idiots.) before he found the woman he is now with and i beleive living with. this is the big lesson for me in my life. from yesterday's comment, after seeing the above comments about man from milan i alerted my friend.’t get me wrong: i love dogs and cats (especially, cats) but, if you’re on a date site, lose the trees, the sunsets, canines, kiddies, mom and pop. my problem occurred after a month of beautiful notes and a great picture. claimed he lived in austin texas area and has a 9 year old daughter whose mother died in childbirth.  you’re not so special that women are just going to hand themselves over to you without you lifting a finger dear, and your bitter, resentful attitude is a massive turn-off. i ask him several times to talk to him in skype but all he was telling me anything visual is not allowed since his on mission, instead he was sending me pictures of a marine that somekind of a good looking and decent man. scams often involve romantic requests for money to buy special laptop computers, international telephones, military leave papers, or pay transportation fees for the fake "deployed soldier.'t give your bank account number to a person you never met. with a very tight gut feeling, i figured okay, let's see how far this will go before he let's the boom fall with the request for money. you, i am being cautious but i like to have input as to if my assumptions are correct or not. do have several phone numbers,2 from florida and 2 from lagos nigeria. scammer is richie lettonie under the name of paz nelia amparado,i found out in scamdigger_profile his other pictures w/ diffrent names, he almost scam me were the same stories. have had many scammers, my first ine by the name patrick melo, now he goes by the name patrick leanardo melo. anyone come across a man claiming to originally be from milan, moved to san francisco 18 years ago.

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but she was going to call me thanksgiving from the base and never did. but, all i can do just pray to (god)i learned my lesson and mistakes not to get involved of any men or trust any stranger that you never know face to face. i began to realize we all have our pros and cons, and began to look it as a numbers game. was the end of it as i told him game over. there is nothing wrong with an older man dating a younger woman in general, or vice versa. i do admire your ability to write - it comes straight from your heart which i believe it does - and so touching. he goes by the name on facebook of dave hada. he stalked a woman in the past said his exgirlfriend came back to life waved a gun around got arrested and released. eventually came the request for money for some crazy story about chemicals he needed for his job. have facebook messenger, and he doesn't, so facebook messenger allows you to see how recently the other person has been on facebook. however, to me, it means i am going to get stood up a lot; that when i am with someone they aren’t going to give me their undivided attention when we aren’t with her kids; and that a woman isn’t really interested in a relationship and is hiding behind her kids.: “okay, yes, i do have a perfect hair and delicious body. i just hope that my posting my experiences helps someone else who may be questioning if their person is real or not. interesting - i have been approached on google+, i thought it was funny but obvious language difficulties, cut and paste emails, very fast "love" connection, got my photos and emails, great timing for me due to bad circumstances but an interesting experiment, only 4days in, 14emails, pushing on information and even had the skype session with her that she pushed for. then suddenly he fell dropped his laptop and poured coffee into the hard drive wanted me to purchase his a laptop and ship it to him. well, as you would suppose, haven't heard a word since he was convinced i would love to know it he was avoiding us taxes or just what the scam was. breaking away creates withdrawal better to get it over with . so be patient, work on those things you can control and good things will eventually come your way. he could have had a night of passion with his boss and then when that didn’t work out, decided he’d left it too long to get back in touch with you. i am a nigerian lady and this is exactly my story. after they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. you make my life so amazing and i don’t know how else to repay you but to love you just as much as you love me. want you to know that since the day we met i've fallen deeply in love with you. i tried to let my ex husband is a police officer and the fbi involved my case but again it is so hard for them to chase the case cuz, it's international scams.  so chill out, other people have a right to their views too. the information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. however i've noticed threats two paragraphs seem to b copy and paste. email my heart thanks for you lovely message, i want you to know that love is always here to make our life full of smiles and happiness, this moment i cherish your interest and care towards our relationship, i hope it will bring the moment of joy,happiness,smiles and best of our moments, i never feel this way before in my life, you seems so interesting and caring, i am so much happy and full of smiles that i met with someone like you. it was only when he stopped picking my calls that i decided to research him and came across this site. of the guys i’ve known who whine about being unable to meet decent women have much higher standards than they themselves meet. i have all conversations saved - facebook messenger, and text messages, promise to not ask and breach of promise - everything. and second week of january'16, suddenly he told me that he had awarded from his company for a new contract and have to leave to spain. you gave the scammers your bank or credit card account, they can take more money from you. had the same thing happen to me before i met the guy from mingle 2 dating site. he started messing up because he started using an s after his last name in some situations and he wouldn't tell me what part of town he lived in. even after i wrote him and basically told him i reported him to ftc he is still texting me and wrote this email today. good luck out there and don't have an online dating relationship. telling me about his daughter, where he went to school, not having an exact date returning home from florida joint operations university .’ve read thousands of profiles and humor (which i’m a big fan of, anywhere) can distinguish, as so many people post some of the blandest, generic garbage. hes teing he have alot of money and he want you to email this person or company who can release the money. schumaker is a scam women on face book to get you to be her lover and says she's in the army and needs 90 dollars to get her leave form from her administrator. never sent him money and always calls me his queen.' and let's meet for coffee and if they put you off more than once then move on! i have depth, drive, and you know i will end up being a rich motherf*cker. my husband passed away 17 months ago and i've never been alone before and that was my reason. he had stolen a picture from a cfo in turkey and after investigation i was able to get in touch with him to let him know that his picture was being used. are certain give aways one example was i had a top and i mean a top general in the usa army suddenly skype me? you’re definitely projecting…which kinda proves mikw’s point…. tall handsome of burning love will make you very happy to be alive. i long to live my life for something worhtwhile{ love } ; for it is like oxygen, the very essence of life. got out before i got scammed, but i accepted a facebook invitation from a guy who was a mutual friend of two of my good friends. he says he is a under cover ageny for the army and he is stationed in syria. wife supose to have died of breast cancer 5 years ago after being married 18 years. off: many pics are “proof in advertising” and you only look as good today as your worst pic, which often is the most recent one. they say they love you, and they ask you for money. you were charged for something you didn't receive, or that wasn't as promised, contact your bank or credit card company. there is a guy - but i think is a group of people in ghana that are scammers and at least one of them is asking the women to marry him and he says he is the son of king (which he is - but the father is a king or a chief in one of those regions - volta region to be specific) and i was wondering if other women are sending him money at this time - he is very convincing - he also has two children - i cannot name names here but he would ask you to lend him money and promise to pay but to this day he has not returned any of the money i sent him - i don't think he intends to return the money - one can only wish -- but be very careful because he has all kinds of sad stories -- from being sick to his house burning down and all kinds of needs and catastrophes happening to him. he professed all kinds of love to me and marriage before ever meeting me which i found to be taken back by., your feelings about height are perfectly normal, even though they are at least very inconvenient for short men (which i now define as anything under 5’9”). i said - not my business, he's a grown adult, but don't talk to me if you're talking to a bunch of other ladies.

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he lost his wife and he has a 14 years old son. they ask you to:Chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone., i’m 5’7” and one of the sexiest guys i’ve ever dated was 5’6”. there are no words to express the gratitude i feel in my heart that you came into my life and how you make every day so special. i didn't reply for a few hours as i felt like a fool and was really disappointed in myself for falling for his lines but so thankful that i didn't send him any money.  and i have never heard anyone give themselves such pious, sanctimonious airs about motherhood who is anywhere near the precious, loving little saint of a mommy they’re so desperately trying to convince people they are. she claims she couldn't take back all the money she made in the us army so she use that money to buy goods. i've come to the conclusion tho, that this may not be the way to find someone to spend your future with. i'm feeling so stupid reading everything here about these kind of people.  i am just under 5’9” and including my ex of 12 years, my average partner has been usually a little taller than i am. i have not been asked for money but to write and requsting a satellite phone, which off cause comes with a cost. i'm told i'm good looking, my friends does lie sometimes. the following day he said a colleague gave him some stuff. i wish i fall in love with a nice woman. has sent me several pictures, clearly from someone else's trip, says he is 45 and from south africa. u notice, all of them ( us military) r somewhere in africa, widows, their parents died, arising a child by themselves. my 4 neighbors are all at urgent medical care right now and have been treated for their injuries. all i have and can give is my tender heart. sure enough he has to travel to qatar -plane departs 10 pm, and says his phone is off (which is a google account phone with a (408) area code - san jose, not austin) while he is on the plane but will call when he arrives. he talks a lot of christian talk and says he loves td jakes etc. no different from other women i have dated here though lol. he said he wanted to send me money so could i open an acct with this federal credit union so he could send me money for myself and also send his mom money. he claimed he was widowed, lived in the uk and worked as an engineer on oil rigs..it took another 5 or 6 emails before he asked for me to buy a computer, iphone6 and a cannon camera he was supposed to have lost on a flight to cape town on business and send it to him. tell them he's using the dating site to ask for money. saturday i get a message from him "baby i need your help" as soon as i read that my heart sank as he again asked for money as his carepack was almost empty.  until you do, you’re deluded to believe you could ever make someone happy. you make my life so amazing and i don't know how else to repay you but to love you just as much as you love me. have a doctor in the army do the same to me. i have been duped by david martinez like the other woman said here. name is jason conner and he doesn't have kids and he tells me he works on cars and tells me he needs the money to be able to get his tools back from the nigerian government. after one week, he gave to me his mobile number from uk and told me to add in whatsapp. was this: after flying back to berlin after fire in refinery, needed me to receive 0,000 from ? he says that he goes by dave hada on facebook but his real name is donovan hada. he said he does combat army and security peace keeping. i don't really have an ideal date, but fun must be the main ingredient. it could be a night on the town, a concert, a sporting event, a game of tennis, a cup of coffee or a casual drink. then mailed two packages to my address and told me to hang into them and keep them. i would have no problem marrying a beautiful black woman if she was my soulmate and i fell in love with her. within two weeks he was in love with me and sending me the sweetest love notes you've ever read. every moment spent talking to you is another one of my dreams coming true. i have her thousands and she has a salon off paso tamp in makati. this man needs to be stopped as he is always willing to meet his bevy of women as long as they pay for everything including for him. funny how none of them seem to have a passport. this: i am really weak because a lot of things is going wrong on my side but i am trying to be strong .. go to spa or go to the mall have fun among yourselves. have other friends who succeed in finding guys who actually engage with them and date. scammers often tell people to wire money, especially overseas, because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money after you send it. during those two years i was a single mother, or even an estranged mother. may also be the way i carry myself and i am built on the more in shape side of things. by this time, i'm getting really aggravated, and the last thing he said that really ticked me off: "if you love me you will find a way to get me ,000. victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime. articles have been very help full, but to late for me. there are no words to express the gratitude i feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. so don’t give up - decent women aren’t going to filter you out based solely on height. you gave your bank account or credit card number to someone who took money without your permission, contact your bank or credit card company.  in general i radiate confidence, which is not easily done via online dating without sounding self-absorbed. wanted to let you know my aunt met a guy with the same exact name and story. he has stated saying he loves me all of a sudden and want us to meet. dating is an unusual game in that a definitive victory may mean not having to do it any more, but in the meantime there can also be pleasure in the playing of the game if it can be about meeting new people, learning new things about yourself (you like southern accents, you don’t mind hoppy beers), and not feeling like your greatest life hopes are dashed every time you meet a person who’s kind of lame.

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tango, i’m 5’9” and unless i already know you, i won’t even take a chance on going out with someone shorter than i am. love to go camping and so it would be great if she liked that too. i'm lieutenant thomas moore's wife to be, and i'm applying for his leave request for three(3) months based on confidential family issue. i played this game scammers for about a year after that they stopped communicating with me all at once i also sent them a picture of a safe full of a lot of money and said to them you answer these questions correctly i'll send you this i never heard from them again its called reverse psychology this is one way to start messing with their heads and i'll never bother you again and this cure the epidemic of scammers infesting our websites and our internet networks try it. 10 fights you’re gonna have with your parents this thanksgiving. have the exact emailsent to me after just 2 weeks of knowing each other. his name is oluwaseun adebayo on facebook if you look at his profile it'll say he studied at o. i like my women like i like my peanut butter: chunky. everything was going okay for a while and it was so believable that he actually wanted to be my boyfriend. he then told me his friend was going to help him and he gave me his friends checking account number and told me to pay my credit card and then wire the money through western union. i have never been tricked i just laugh at there lies. i see i should have asked for more details earlier or see the red flags, oh well. then he would recite love poetry and religious things and then all these. he will ask your very expensive phones to keep in touch with you, he will ask you for big amounts of money because he is having all these problems, he will ask you for money for doctors because he is sick, and he will tell you his mind is not straight because of all the problems he is having so he really sweats you into sending him money because he convinces you that he is really going crazy because of his problems. and then the military guy i met he started getting upset cuz i was never on to talk to him and i never send money to him. marine based in nigeria after talking for couple of minutes i knew something wasn't right so i googled and learned as much as i could about scammers and sure enough he asked me to close my dating profile to concentrate on us then he bombarded me with stuff that was straight out of a love poems book i knew he wasn't real but i let him think i believed him as i thought if he's wasting his time trying his luck with me it might just save one woman from losing money then it would b worth it and sure enough yesterday he said i would like to give you 20,000dollars for my xmas and his finance officer would email me with the details sure enough i got one saying i would have to pay 450 dollars dispatch money 50 vat to be paid by western union i would like to warn others that he's going by the name jimmy or james grey i'm only 36 and widowed i only wanted to find love instead i find a scammer it's disheartening i'm new to internet dating and don't know which sites are the best. western union confirmed the he in fact did pick up $$ at same location and same agent every time. said his ex-wife is remarried and lives in canada with his daughter. anyway,even i lost money, i hope this message will save to someone as well. i'm an extremely intelligent person, and i don't see how i could have ever been so stupid, but i guess i just let my loneliness get the best of me. access to my western union account to send money to people. he said he was from south africa, both parents dead, moved to us for work,then formed his own company. of you have been texting with a guy named godson townsend, also a chief engineer with shell co. one, my child has been in my life for, let’s say, two years. then told me he loved me after two weeks but we never spoke just texts. something scammers don't even know coast so different sheet difference between you and scammers.. he calls me by name(he does use sweetheart, baby etc too), he texts me daily several times per day. and my dating life before that was fine, sure i had challenges like everyone else but i had my share of successes too.  i have forfeited; i stand defeated and broken by a game i can’t win.  if you expect someone to give you all the benefits of a relationship but expect them to tolerate being down on your list of priorities, you have no business dating, full stop.  my ex was 5’11” and in heels you can do the math. i really wanted the man behind this to be arrested since his using this marines picture who is brave enough to fight for your country. i have photos if anybody come's or came across him. i do anything if i wired via western union over k within 1.  oh, you may have those rare occasions where a really nice, cute, funny, smart, attractive woman turns up who happens to be petite (five feet tall or less), but this is very rare. have been in contact with the same person would you be willing to talk to me about him? he told me that the dpd delivery company would contacted me cuz, their something i had to pay some local taxes from india country. ktinker the same person name devraj balavan who claims to be a doctor in la and was a usa army deputy in syria as a dr - has sent a matrimony proposal to our family member and started conversation on daily basis- and suddenly with the panic of urgency he called us and told the story of him being in malaysia went for the collection of his army incentives - but as he told us that all his bank account got blocked due to ip address change- and he asked usd 1200 from us to help him immediately and he asked us to transfer money on some malaysian identity of his friend name " njoku emeka prospect" located in malaysia via a westernunion - while being in trust and faith we have transferred him money to help and later found that he is keep on asking more money with some unrealistic stories - which we refused and asked him to meet us and send us more details before we do any more money transaction- but we saw sudden change in his tone and behavior and he started fighting with us asking more money since he is in crises- we chose not to send him money anymore- and we asked him to refund the money whatever we helped him with in the impression of trust and humanity- but he stopped responding on the messages- i saw your note on the same person hence wanted to check if you have got your money back or did you took help from police to report the fraud. dec 1 turning 49, he came up with the story listed above. if we believe what you wrote, we should just kill all men under 5-9, game over. and he does have a wife back in nigeria that visits him often most likely at all our expense . was contacted by a woman on a dating site that said she was contacting me for her boss who had been widowed for over 10 years and was ready to get back into the dating scene, and when she was showing him the dating site he liked my profile. i refused to give my account number and he wouldn't let me set up account for him. i also met a man on dating website who claimed to be u.! my husband passed away 3 years ago and i went and joined skype and fb to get in touch with my family and friends across the otherside of the world. i met the love of my life online 6 years ago and we’ve been together ever since. has anyone been contacted by any man with his profile. i saw another profile with the same man, only different profile name and pic, but exact same guy and info. a mother’s perspective, let me give you a reason why i would put my child over a man.  thank god i dumped the pos and now i’m dating a decent guy! how do i check with the army to see if he is the real deal? you might be able to use the federal government's eldercare locator and type in your zip code to find help in your area. i have not talked to him by phone yet nor will i ever send money. now he is asking me to send money he desperately needs to cover purchases he needs to make. i have had much rejection on line, and my knee jerk response was “they are discriminating against me cuz i am short! he have a daughter name roch two phones area code 310 & 781." unfortunately, he found my aunt who is dating after losing her husband a few years ago. the details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. he said he is a staff sergeant, has been in the army for 11 years and has 4 years left when he will be retiring. is no longer on the dating site anymore as soon he started talking to me he asked for my email and deactivated his account.

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received a phone call at 6 am today from this man, who was livid that i told some of his friends about what happened. she will play your mind and make you believe that she is a worth trusted lady you will ever met. don’t know for sure scott, but i would venture to guess that stature is not your problem. you still sick uestion pecan street and have scammers answer once you feel the eighty's when you get up and have some answer them this correctly if they don't answer that means they're still scam when you get online with friends colleagues family members in order to get online these questions from childhood italy you know when you're growing up. anyway, i will have to see if he will still see me after he got disappointed about me doubting him and not helping him. i delete all of them daily recently they have been posting alot of marines pictures. i looked up his record and he had a criminal history you would not believe. every few days he was telling me me he needed more money, along with itunes cards. same man same story idenical but i sent him my savings. craig's list is full of fake men i seen especially army one's i seen name wilson on here he is now on craig list claiming to be widower and looking for love he is a fake i knew when i saw his picture . it's almost a ring of scammers: there's a giordano gareth and dan bunocci and veroni basketball.  sorry to be harsh, but coddling and reassuring never works with people like you. always had an accent , certainly not a english accent, and when i told him he said he lived all over the world and gotten different accents but only spoke english. you are my best friend, my one true love, my one and only. actually i received this kind of email twice but they didn't get anything from me. out for someone who immediately wants to talk or chat outside the dating sight. he is from milan and lost his wife and son in a car accident 8 years ago. his picture on facebook shows a very good looking man, originally from spain..His emails are all so beautiful and sweet but repeating and lacking but what every woman wants to hear. i trusted him,since he told me over and over how much he loves me and wants to be with me. in a week he was 'in love' then asked for a loan which i said no to. and he was also traveling for his job to do some training. after chatting on messenger for a few weeks he is saying he wants to come to the uk to see me but to be able to do this he needs me to take delivery of his trunk box which contains some of his papers and money and that i can use money from the box to pay for his flight. conversations are nice reminder for me how i want to be, value not attached to another person so ok with outcome unless she tries to cause me harm. i had to have the street blocked off because of cameras and the news team. he used his crimninal mind and my feelings for her against me he saw me crying like a baby and finally he admitted to me it was him but my issue was the girls past because it was clear they had a relationship in the past. his name james blake and december 2015 luke giordano both said they were engineers, dead wife, james blake said he had a 16 year old daughter and lived in king bridge england . i have made a report to scamming scammers education, and am thinking of contacting the fbi. this guys was very good, talked about many things, was very charming and sent a number of pictures, of himself and of his daughter, and i began to get really nervous because i would likely hear about the money request in the near future. she waits 7 weeks to tell you “i am a illegal immigrant and so are 2 of my 3 children”? he wanted access to my bank account to put money in and pay bills. met a guy on facebook called arron seferino bryant who kept telling me he loved me and how beaut8ful i am he told me he lost is wife five ears ago and has a daughter who is elevwn ahd that he wanted to be with ne he said he didbt wabt to break his daughters heart abd wabted ne to sebd her my htold hin no he got mad abd then he wnted me to open a checking acct said his boss was gonna put money in it and for me to send it to hin so he can pay the workers and then he saidwe should get a house togethr since im his wife lol yea hes still trying ive tried to find out information on him with no luck says he works at woodwork and very handsome picks in not fallibg for any of it lol. i have never met him and i was in love with his (fake) photos of a man i would love to meet. cannot disclose his name on the site but i can give as many clues as i can so that the women know how he does it and beware of sending him money because he can come up with really sad stories. every moment spent together is another one of my dreams coming true. a day without you in my life is like a day without sunshine, a day without food, or a day without air. i don't know what to do because then he says asks your parents and friends to give you money. can somebody please tell me if they have came in contact with his man? well, he told me he wanted to marry me, had his child on the phone to talk to me several times briefly. he asked and i've sent to his "agent" electronic devices. stories follows a pattern: someone contacts them online, says he's overseas on business, uses romantic language, makes big promises, and then asks her to send money or help him transfer money. after2 days,one girl called to me with vietnam phone number and parcel is at vietnam but need to pay delivery charges. don't like scam from us army (kabul,afghanistan) because he need money from nigeria also money grams. told me to send the money to a justice emmanuel who would help him collect the money and bring it over to him.'ve been talking to a guy going by the name jerry kenner he's not asked for any money yet. the information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. he's starting to get quite angry with me because i won't agreed to do it so next time i hear from him i'm going to say i believe it's all a scam! when the bank finds out the check is fake, you will have to repay the money, because it's your account. be safe, don't send money to someone you never met. i’ve had more than one man indicate that he simply does not like having a woman taller than him, and it makes him feel bad.'ve been had as well, surely should have known better at my mature age but guess hope of finding your soulmate never dies. i have written this so that others who search the web for these names or numbers will find this and realize that these calls are fraudulent or fake. only hope and pray that it is enough to get me by in the game of love.**update** he also tried to connect my cell phone to google voice to steal my number, etc. how can a person that we never met before falling in love so quickly? true love doesn't need to be always sweet and sugar coating. send me more of your current pictures ok with love edward. i believed in him cuz, he claims that he is in colonel army. but if their dog, friends, boat or even their kids are in all their photos, it may tell you a little about where you’ll stand in the scheme of things.] [during my absence, _________, telephone number ______, will know how to reach me.

Are You Wasting Your Time With Online Dating?

i was almost scammed by this guy and extremely upset that this person lied to me and luckily for me i did not give him a dime. i finally stopped all communication with my stalker from nigeria. so in that case, one still needs to be very, very carefully and vet that guy before he even gets to meet the kids! first ,i refused to pay but the guy tell me to pay and he also will come to my country to meet me. there was no need for you to “counter” with “why i would put my child over a man” because he wasn’t arguing that point - you veered off into a completely different direction with your rant. for three years he lied to me and toyed with my heart and i wish i could get him back for what he did to me. lol ftr my ex husband was around 5’3” served 20 years in the usmc and he never had problem with getting women (part of the reason we divorced, he cheated frequently! he wanted me to pick it up from a nato worker and put it in my bank account. was romance scam i was in a hard place just needing company, never went through a online service well i was surprised to get a response! he is in dating site and has a facebook also. gave me his cellphone number and texed me on it to say that i can text him anytime, but when i asked he said he would prefer we continue to communicate via kik (i assume because it is a free messenger like msn). for your guilty reading pleasure, here are some of the u of m basketball players’ steamy dating profiles:Hometown: hopkins, minnesota. i asked for address etc and he gave me something but who knows. they might ask you to send money, or open a bank account, or receive packages. scammer could have been 2 or more people as looking back, i can see some inconsistency. very handsome photos (as a pilot) with a cute dog. this is the second scammer i have already reported this guy to the ftc the other guy his name was chris and said he was from norway in the us for 35 years but wow his language skills were really bad. i have blocked him from facebook and never transfer money to that women. the humiliation and shame you feel is all-consuming, but to know the authorities don't care makes it even worse. he might come back to the site to create a new profile. here’s how it works: the scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. father and step-father i have raised two girls, a step-daughter now 20, my own daughter of 14 and over the years have dated a few woman who had kids. guy that met my friend on that type of dating site but the thing is that he is fraud a and a who played my feelings and use my love for his personal gain because his main target and main motive is to get money and stolen my money from any trick so in last i'm only saying that be-careful and avoid these types of site who spoils your future. scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. another scammer hit me up on facebook same name different pictures wife died of cancer, young daughter, working in nigeria this was just yesterday wanted ,000, to complete his job there, it was amazing how fast honey, babe, baby, love,went right out the window when i said no. i had guy do same and he still chatting even though not send either to him. on my research, i found this exact messages in a website who is also helping to stop this scam issue. and, like many other online offerings, the "product" received may not always be what was advertised. i stupidly believed him and invested my time into him. have a guy right now wanted me to send money i didn't have then needed a phone, was going to send a used iphone but that was not good enough wanted iphone 6,didn't send. then it changed to 00 so he could have some spending money. i want you to know that since the day we met i’ve fallen deeply in love with you. may also want to tell ups about the calls you received. i google for any and all flights out of the closest two airports on direct flights to qatar, so i have an idea of how long it would be before the "i have arrived" phone calll. have was sent money in my bank account and sent the money but took me time to send it now got told fbi is involved funny thing is now i need to pay 425$ to get the army to stop the fbi from contacting me. waited for 6 hours or so, and lifted the block i put on his profile. so the con started with, i lost my wallet on the lay over plane. said he wanted to open a checking account with my name on it (not happening) since he couldn't cash his checks in the countries he was in. a guy who loves you will find ways to come to you, you don't need to pay for them. love shopping on weekends too and if got chance, i use to travel around. he was evasive and persistent in requests all the while professing his unwavering love for me. date: “sitting on the back of my girl’s pickup truck, drinking barq’s root beer, talking about ways to dismantle the patriarchy. i sent him a message later on that day saying "your not really interested in me are you, just be honest i can take it" he replied that he was, so i then said to prove it. i have also been a victim of these types of scams. also just ran into this scanner girl named jessica hurst on facebook, the messed up part is i contacted her first because she was shooting a 50 cal rifle and i commented on it, plus she was hot, anyways we started talking on text then her phone broke so we had to talk just on facebook , she then said she loved me and wanted 300 for a plane ticket to fly to seattle from miami, so i was pretty suspicious but still unsure, then she starts saying that she is a fashion designer and might get a contract in nigeria or malaysia, then she said she had an inheritance and if her lawyer could deposit the money in my account, at this time i new it was a scam and got pretty rude and nasty, it ended with her blocking me and calling me crazy lol. tried hard for a year on eharmony and match, i’ve had 0 results with matches whom we shared many things in common but my height ended up being their deciding factor at the end some said they like wearing heels and don’t want to stand teller then the man they date. said he hated doing business outside of the us because of the prejudice people he would have to encounter. when i’ve dated women with children, you can’t believe some of the things parents have called me. i have a feeling he was being "fed" what to text by someone remotely, and talking on the phone while skyping would have given away the fact that someone was helping him type/text. then i started researching what works and what doesnt work on online dating. the details you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations. last guy i chatted with was keen, talked with me for over an hour on the phone after over a day of messaging. after getting the google voice call this morning this is all very very obvious. single moms have enough on their plate without having to appease some selfish jerk like you! i had gotten on a paid site, but have now dropped my membership after i've found out what it's really like. loves me, wants to marry me and spoil me even sent me gifts which i think he used someone elses credit card for..she asked for a relationship about a week into our convo i met her though a friend on facebook she told me tonight she having money problems with he ex in laws but she has her own money i'm just worried that it's not real i haven't been in a relationship since my wife died 4 years ago . after talking a couple days he tells me that he is preparing to travel to china and some place else (sorry about details because i was leery already and playing along). he claimed to live in beverly hills, ca, but said he was in ny at the moment waiting to hear whether or not he would be awarded a big contract (to build something). the information you give goes into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.