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on day 15, after winning a challenge, jase and lola won immunity from the nominations. on day 22, after winning a challenge, kat and mandla won immunity from the nominations. in the big brother australia 2012, females were called to the parlour room and had to correctly guess the all males' secrets.

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in week 4 he faced eviction after losing the secrets task with all the boys but he saved himself as hoh and replaced himself with iris.[10] after that, all boys were put up for eviction, with exception of mandla (who won immunity). by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

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in week 5 hoh sol saved mandla and replaced him with thando, she then survived public vote after getting 11% of votes to save. in week 5 she was nominated for eviction and was evicted with 6% of votes to save. however, hoh mzamo could save one of the girls, and replace her with a male.

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week 6, loko and mandla won the immunity challenge after the nominations were held.[8] after that, all girls were put up for eviction, with exception of iris (who was new in the house) and lola (who won immunity). in an attempt to split-up the relationships, emmett requested big brother to go on a date with the remaining female housemates - kat, iris, lexi and loko - to which big brother approved.

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& emmett - big brother canada hot and heavy under covers. week 8, kat and sol won the immunity challenge after the nominations were held. over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account.

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in week 7 he was one of the 5 housemates who conspired against lexi and for that reason all housemates faced public vote. he also took part in that week's task presentation where housemates had to dramatise a scene whereby the tour guides (mandla and mk) showed the rest of the housemates through beautiful mzansi. after mbali was ejected, iris, who got the most votes after mbali, moved to the main house, while jenayne, nku and paris were evicted.

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emmett left the house the following sunday and was interviewed by host, lungile radu. in week 2 he faced public vote to move to the main house and he was evicted on day 14 after getting 12% of votes to move. he chose to save thando, and nominate mk in her place.

PURE ART || Actress || MC|| V/O Artist|| Events & Artist Management || LokoLime Productions|| BOOKINGS/ENQUIRIES: @lokolimepro /thelokolimeproductions@gmail. however, hoh jase could save one of the boys, and replace him with a female. he chose to save himself, and nominate iris in his place.

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in week 8 he was nominated for eviction by his fellow housemates and he survived after receiving 38% of votes to save. in week 5 she was nominated for possible eviction and she survived after getting 61% of the votes to save.[12] sol, as hoh, decided to sace mandla and put thando in his place.

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in week 5 he faced eviction after his fellow housemates nominated him and he survived eviction after receiving 22% of votes to save. day 1, six housemates jenayne, paris, nku, kgosi, mbali and iris (named chambermates) entered in the chamber. in week 3 all girls except lola and iris faced eviction, hoh mzamo saved thando and replaced him with mk.

in week 4 after the boys failed the secrets task they were all up for eviction, hoh jase saved himself and replaced himself with iris. and Loko whisper under the covers about their Secret Mission. sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

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