Is skill based matchmaking gone

Is skill based matchmaking gone in aw

a lot of destiny players have invested hundreds of hours into the game so its only fair for the players that supported the game since day to receive some honesty from the maker of the gameplayers of the game dont need anything but honesty and good communication skills from the company which unfortunately is not present in bungie and for bungie to fix a lot of things in the game. to this point, all competitive queues have used elo-computed skill-based matchmaking. i see the motivation for what high-skill players have expressed: that they want a ranked playlist when they are in the mood for a tough challenge and a social playlist when they want to have fun with non-meta weapons and alternative builds or play with lower-skilled friends. in titanfall skill rankings are opt in and do not affect matchmaking yet the majority of people don't enable it. in december, bungie implemented a new skill based matchmaking system without informing fans. the ranges creates an opposite problem: you’ll have more viable candidates to match with (aka, you’ll match faster) but those candidates might be of much higher or much lower skill than you (aka, you could have a match against very differently skilled players). a lot of destiny players have invested hundreds of hours into the game so its only fair for the players that supported the game since day to receive some honesty from the maker of the gameplayers of the game dont need anything but honesty and good communication skills from the company which unfortunately is not present in bungie and for bungie to fix a lot of things in the gamewhile their lack of communication is annoying and frustrating, people need to realize they aren't paying a subscription and are asking for more free content. are you going to manage skill based match making with only ~700 players? admits skill-based matchmaking was implemented in destiny, confirming fans’ rampant speculation after pvp matches have become extra competitive and laggy. we are working on ways to make our skill-based tolerance ranges smarter so that they will do a better job of balancing speed of matching with the quality of your matching. gold[–]srt8srt8on2p4ever 3 points4 points5 points 10 months ago (1 child)anyone blind enough to not acknowledge that skill is prioritized heavily against connection need to go to sir dimetrious past streams and see how him and his all na team got connected with an all uk team in the tournament final, on the first try.

Destiny - Skill Based Matchmaking in Crucible | Connection Issues

[–]punch logicimmaraptor 1 point2 points3 points 10 months ago (3 children)so if i hit you in the head with a sniper that's unskilled? is a point to having multiple threads flooding in about matchmaking - it is equivalent to the resounding voice of civil disobedience. to bungie, the new system that determines each individual players skill was inside the code of the taken king, and started gathering information in october. activision is the scummiest publisher and bungee has gone to shit. potential high quality connections are automatically being filtered out because they are not within a skill range. i mash you with every pellet from a shotgun that's unskilled? the past month or so the destiny community has been abuzz with a discussion about matchmaking in destiny. casual play will not use any skill-based matchmaking, so you will match with all available players. of the player base within this lobby use sbmm to split the teams based on skill so for that specific lobby only . similar controversy hit black ops 3 last month, which caused treyarch to revert to matchmaking based on connection strength and availability. out of curiosity, how does the current matchmaking handle groups?

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if they want to search for skill after establishing the best connection, fine. they take a skill range, and look for good connections in that skill range. gold[–]drunkwoman 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago* (0 children)except, here, it's people who actively want to discuss matchmaking (irrespective of their position on sbmm) vs those who are indifferent to it and would rather talk about lore/art/cats. every player starts destiny the same - it is therefore up to each player to hone in on their skills and rise the ranks so that they can perhaps one day become one of the "better players' out there and stomp those who are less skilled than them in crucible. trying to play doubles with a less skilled friend means no chance of winning, and playing with a similarly skilled friend means we're playing sweaties every game against a bunch of try hards with a perfectly rolled her benevolence or matador. is based solely off of my observation, but i could be wrong. gold[–]golfshrek 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (0 children)nope, equal skill. i think the skill level should definitely be shown in tiers with rank play. from the matchmaking to the shit-tastic dlc that you needed to progress. every week you would get a choice of rolls of a weapon based on your rank. notion of "protecting the less skilled players" in a casual, non-ranked playlist with such a bullshit system is beyond me.

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the long term solution was always to retool the entire skill matching system under the hood so players would have much closer matches. can really sum up most of the requests in three statements:* match as quickly as possible* match as closely as possible to your skill* give you some choice in what you play. to utilize your argument, why aren't you ok with losing a bit more to more skilled players so the playerbase as a whole has a better overall pvp experience? current mm settings means anyone who isn't in the middle of the "skill" bell curve is guaranteed to have a terrible, demoralizing time. to sum up, despite consumers high expectation based on loose wording on marketing department, bungie is doing fine. unkillable opponents due to lag are a lot more frustrating than higher-skilled opponents. this conversely has heavier sbmm weighting, starting with a narrower skill bracket when matchmaking. while command rank can help indicate how much time someone has spent with battleborn, it’s not always an accurate indicator of how skilled they are. use that number to find teammates and opponents of similar skill within a certain tolerance range. times, those priorities are at odds within the matchmaking system. if the game were to matchmake by connection and then split the teams by skill, the chances of coming across a sub 1kd or greater than 2kd are both pretty slim.

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Destiny players are calling out Bungie for its incompetence and

with skill based match making it's essentially impossible to use those guns ever because as much as i like my dis-47 it simply can't keep up with the better options when those options are being used by players at or above my skill level. when i see players at my skill level in trials i can win a lot (bout a 1. example (made up skill numbers 1-100):team 1 roster skills: 99, 74, 33, 22, 11team 2 roster skills: 95, 72, 38, 20, 12. as a proponent of sbmm, you want less skilled players to kill and are criticizing someone else for wanting the same? i don't think it's because of poor matchmaking during y1. week, we’re going to roll out another round of changes in an effort to improve matchmaking. command rank increases as you play but it does not factor into your behind-the-scenes skill rating. me there's no evidence that the majority of fps players want skill based matchmaking and where it exists the people that would benefit the most from it do not actively use it. sbmm makes all 12 guardians be in a certain skill range, team making makes sure each team has an even chance.’s how we’re changing versus public:* the three existing mode-based queues are going away* two new queues will be available: casual play and competitive play* intermittently, a third option, spotlight battle, will appear featuring a single specific map or mode. gold[–]golfshrek -4 points-3 points-2 points 10 months ago (0 children)the "my poor less skilled friends" problem is not caused by sbmm it is caused by team making and has always been in the game, it is unavoidable.

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The great Destiny matchmaking saga continues as SBMM takes a

i don't want an easy time in the crucible, i just would like to feel like the outcome of the match to be more than a pre-determined coin toss based on player handicaps. i'd hate to think they would be turned off from what i consider the best pvp content in this game because they were set up for failure by a matchmaking system. - why skill based matchmaking (sbmm) is bad + alternatives (destiny sbmm). as of december (when players really started noticing the more competitive games and higher amounts of latency) was when bungie activated the new matchmaking system across all crucible playlists. so everyone who has an opinion on matchmaking fall on the same side of the equation. a nutshell, we attempt to find the best connections within a skill range, and if we can't find a good match, we expand the skill range and try again. i also learned a lot from all the tips and techniques that are readily available on these forums and the internet and gradually improved my skills. sbmm does is let the lazy and weak players who don't put enough effort and time into improving their skills hide behind a little artificial wall that prevents them from matching against the good players. example, we can make you wait until you have a very precise skill match, but that might take a very long time as we wait for just the right players to be online and available to match. a new player is a good gamer, and goes on a multi-game winning streak, they could be in the top ranks of skilled players by command rank 5 or 6. system is comparing the skill of fully constructed teams, eventually loosening the reigns from there.

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that means, when you play a match of battleborn, we use a skill rating number to track how you compare against other players. far, most of our weekly changes to matchmaking have been to change our allowable tolerance ranges, and to adjust how fast and how far ratings can change within our scale. the ranked playlists (starting with black ops 2) which match people based on skill have always been ghost towns with a minuscule percentage of the population playing them even though low skill players should in theory prefer them to something like the team deathmatch playlist. i do like the idea of broadening the skill bracket restrictions, id love to play with the 1., i'd be fine with bungie using black ops 3's matchmaking algorithm, where they place you in a lobby based on connection then split the lobbies based on skill. your points about the lack of variety making the game stale are bogus - you want less skilled players to kill so you can use different weapons and win. we've gone ahead and re stickied it for everyone's use. if you want to play a match against players of very similar skill, we need to use as narrow of a tolerance rating as possible. forcing everyone to post about matchmaking only in this mega thread (which is already not on the main page) essentially buries the issue. this would help ensure that there is participation across the whole skill range. that’s because in recent weeks, matches in the crucible have been extra competitive, hard to find, and exceptionally laggy—typical signs that a matchmaking system is a skill based system.

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it will use the same skill-based matchmaking ramp as used by the competitive play queue, and like the competitive play queue, spotlight battles will give you bonus experience and credits. common concern in matchmaking is command rank (the number next to your name on the front-end menu). say they've been looking into reports of lag and longer matchmaking times, like it's an event that's naturally occurring. gold[–]lxlgn 7 points8 points9 points 10 months ago (3 children)i wish there was skill based matchmaking for heroic strikes. a lot of destiny players have invested hundreds of hours into the game so its only fair for the players that supported the game since day to receive some honesty from the maker of the gameplayers of the game dont need anything but honesty and good communication skills from the company which unfortunately is not present in bungie and for bungie to fix a lot of things in the gameyou literally deserve nothing for playing the game. paints a very weird picture for me because k/d is only half of a persons skill. gold[–]808codyin805 1 point2 points3 points 10 months ago (1 child)im a solo player as well, and i apologize for my assumption of a pub stomp, i read most of the comments linked together, and based on sbmm post history, i quickly judge the top players asking for it removed due to sweaty matches, upon reading your post i commented on, you never once mentioned the sweats, haha,I myself am a member of the sub 1 kd group, though im getting it higher and higher each day. we have to be bungie's guinea pigs for their matchmaking science experiment, idk. it might take a little longer to find a match, but the match should be closer to your skill level. english it does, as well as any latin based languages. gold[–]invrkno 3 points4 points5 points 10 months ago (1 child)i think my problem with the current state of the crucible right now is that i can't figure what skill level i'm classified as.

Bungie Admits They Stealth Implemented Skill-Based Matchmaking

Black Ops 3: "Glitch" Teleport Ability - How does it work? Specialists

all of this at the expense of taking fun away from the good players who actually put effort into their game by getting all the lag, sweaty ass matches with one set of meta weapons and not being able to enjoy pvp with friends at varying skill levels. gold[–]omlega -3 points-2 points-1 points 10 months ago (0 children)that could work, but if its within +/- 15% then it may be possible for a lot of games being a sweatfest, unless people within that range are dramatically different skill levels due to some kind of exponential skill growth , but hell, what do i know. admits that skill based matchmaking was implemented in Destiny, confirming rampant speculation of fans after PvP matches have become extra competitive and laggy. i'm an average player at best, do my fair share of helping my team win, but i get matched made with players way above my skill level, i get partnered with people who are wayyyyyyyy below my skill level and get match up against teams? more choices divide the community, creating separate matchmaking pools, which results in (you guessed it) longer waits. for the skill-based matchmaking vs connection-based matchmaking brouhaha has reached megathread level. gold[–]mr1000111 3 points4 points5 points 10 months ago (2 children)doubles is essentially unplayable solo or with a less skilled friend. it's really their fault for being less skilled and staying that way, rather than re-examining their game, learning from better players and improving their skills/gear/awareness so that they can actually "git gud" and don't get stomped all the time. gold[–]vrdrf -5 points-4 points-3 points 10 months ago (0 children)yeah but the reason i'm mentioning is because the main problem is the lag that makes it even more sweaty with extreme matchmaking times yet for every "the lag ruins" i see 10 "but my k/d! in cbmm, the outcome is determined before the game begins, based on whichever team has a higher elo. gold[–]echoalphadelta1 3 points4 points5 points 10 months ago (0 children)i've always thought the most simple idea is to form a lobby based almost completely off connection, once lobby is formed you rank players 1-12 or 1-6 depending on game type, and then it's evens vs.

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– casual play matches fast but randomly; competitive play will take longer to match but be closer in skill; spotlight battle matches by skill on one specific map. problem with skill-based matchmaking, gamers say, is that when putting players together, it prioritizes skill ranking over connection strength and availability, thus resulting in long waits between matches and increased amounts of latency, commonly referred to as lag. so, when it's me, a cr 12,25,11,30 against cr 100,100,100,90,87, it seems like there's two things happening:The system is making teams of comparable skill to each other (trying to pair similar mmrs together). feel like the majority of low-skill players might prefer the ranked playlist so they only go against same-skilled opponents, which seems would leave only the high-skill players in the social playlist (? we’ve also considered displaying your skill rating, and may eventually. - skill based matchmaking in crucible | connection issues (destiny crucible). a new player is a good gamer, and goes on a multi-game winning streak, they could be in the top ranks of skilled players by command rank 5 or 6. what i am curious about is what encourages players of different skill level to choose between the playlists. has been your experience with destiny‘s new skill-based matchmaking system? it's silly to have rank play and only know your rank based off of calculating your w/l. gold[–]waldosmash 4 points5 points6 points 10 months ago (3 children)to begin with sbmm is making the matchmaking times far too long.

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i'm not sure how the skill rank is calculated, but low level players i've seen always play the wrong game - they invariably go after 1v1 kills instead of objectives, get creamed, and feed the other team. take 2 players of very close skill and shuffle them onto 2 teams, keep doing that until you have a team of varying skills, but matched 1-to-1 against the other team's skills. gold[–]psndbn -2 points-1 points0 points 10 months ago (0 children)everyone questions matchmaking, has anyone questioned damage referee yet? gold[–]fred112015 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (0 children)anyone else feel like when they said its a combo skill/connection that it means you will get matched with crazy skilled red bar opposition but your team members will have good connections while being basically new to the crucible. gold[–]ko-ba 1 point2 points3 points 10 months ago (0 children)what was wrong with matchmaking at the beginning of ttk? i hit you with every bolt from a non hitscan fusion that's unskilled? i seem to get teamed up with players of my skill level or below but the opposing team is more often than not god tier players by comparison. says it didn’t tell destiny fans about the change because “in order to really put [the new matchmaking system] through the paces, we needed the raw, unbiased data. - testing how effective sbmm is in destiny | skill based matchmaking (destiny crucible). this environment naturally lends itself to being heavily cbmm weighted, which allows for friends of different skill levels to play together. if you are very high (or very low) in ratings, however, this can create a problem: too few players within your skill range to create a full match.

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