Jared leto dating lupita nyong

Lupita nyong is dating actor jared leto

and also my future ex-wife, i'm talking to you lupita nyong'o! nextyou've got to watch lupita nyong’o on lip sync battle.) the oscar winner sat in her seat smiling and laughing after leto sent his thanks.

Ugh, I'm So Sorry: Lupita Nyong'o & Jared Leto Possibly Dating

” ellen then goes on to ask if lupita walked out this morning and was seen by the paparazzi and jared responded, “no, no, no, no, she’s far too classy for that.'ve got to watch lupita nyong’o on lip sync battle. public plea to jared and lupita: you guys need to date, immediately.

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Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o: we can't do this with you guys anymore. richardsonand if that's not enough to whet your appetite, lupita posted a collage picture of the two of them, and uploaded it on to instagram. the oscars, lupita appeared on ellen degeneres‘ talk show, and the host said: “so you’re actually in tabloids which means you’ve really made it.

Lupita Nyong'o addresses the Jared Leto dating rumors with Ellen

Lupita Nyong'o on Jared Leto Dating Rumors: I Thought Miley Cyrus

anyway, it wasn't too long ago that jared leto joked about the pair being involved. he went on to send thanks “to all the women i have slept with and those who think they’ve slept with me,” and his “future ex-wife, lupita! but, notice she never actually says that they aren’t dating!

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Are Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto Dating?

nyong’o has not yet gotten used to becoming a tabloid darling, even as her face now graces newspapers and magazines around the world. jared leto and lupita nyong'o: we can't do this with you guys anymore. are more lupita nyong'o and jared leto romance rumours swirling and twirling, thanks in large part to photographer terry richardson.

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but jared seems supersingle these days, and lupita has reportedly split from her boyfriend, rapper k'naan, so what's the issue?“i thought miley cyrus broke us up,” nyong’o, 30, cracked as she discussed her rise to fame this year on the ellen degeneres show..Terry richardsonthe black and white pics see jared and lupita having dinner together, and it's all smiles as the pair joke around.

Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong'o dating? Jared Leto girlfriend

” after, he swiftly changed the subject to discussing lupita’s brother. because there’s rumors that you and jared leto are together. a post shared by lupita nyong'o (@lupitanyongo) on mar 10, 2014 at 6:09am pdt.

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“ellen,” lupita never actually denied rumors about her and jared. when lupita lyong'o went on ellen degeneres' chat show, she joked about them being together: "ah, but i thought miley cyrus broke us up. the academy awards ceremony a little more than a week away, nyong’o has already emerged as a fashion favorite, making a stunning entrance on awards show red carpets and earning multiple magazine covers as she sets the style world abuzz.

Jared Leto & Lupita Nyong'o Dating — Actress Is Interested In Actor

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on “ellen,” jared didn’t have anything to say when she referred to lupita as his girlfriend. leto sat down with ellen to discuss his time at the oscars this week and when they got to talking about the famous oscar selfie, ellen said “your girlfriend, lupita, is there in the back.“you know it’s crazy cause when i read these rumors, they’re so detailed that even i start to question whether they’re true or not,” nyong’o told degeneres of the fame bubble.

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, leto showed up at the miu miu show in paris and sat in the front row when (gasp) lupita was also in the front row. now, we know two stars at a fashion show doesn’t always mean something, but it’s a bit curious that leto would fly to paris after the oscars to take in a show that lupita probably is contractually obligated to be at (she’s the spring face of the label. are more Lupita Lyong’o and Jared Leto romance rumours swirling and twirling, thanks in large part to photographer Terry Richardson.

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- lupita nyong'o is reportedly interested in pursuing a relationship with fellow oscar winner jared leto, but leto's been a bit elusive about the whole matter: "he says he'll call, but then weeks and months go by before they see each other at another awards show. daily news update from around the webDespite some earlier buzz about lupita nyong’o and jared leto dating, it seems there could be some new evidence to support the theory that the (very attractive) duo might be an item.” after a giggle, lupita goes on to say, “well, last i heard miley cyrus broke us up,” referencing a brief miley-jared rumor that was making the rounds.

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