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” said one of the orange-vested metro staffers that greeted me on the vermont/santa monica station platform, wearing a red heart-antennae tiara on her head. friday, metro and zipcar announced a new partnership that places car-share vehicles at ten metro station parking lots. it's speed dating on public transportation in a city where around 0 percent of people drive, and on a friday morning no less—a time when most people are probably working.

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Los Angeles Metro agency thought it would be a great idea to do speed dating on the subway for Valentine's Day. there were some legal issues that had to be wrangled out first, hence the waiver freeing metro from any specified liability, but it was finally approved by the higher-ups. this year, the los angeles metro decided to join in on the marketing fun by providing citizens of los angeles free speed dating on the subway.

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Love train: Metro to host Valentine's Day speed dating on Red Line

is the first in a three-part series on transit oriented development and los angeles. well, actually, a bit of heaven in a subwayaugust 25, 1993red linecopyright 2017 los angeles timesterms of service|privacy policy|index by date|index by keyword. a booth was set up where two metro workers were sitting.

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its april 2014 meeting, the metro board approved its first last mile strategic plan & planning guidelines.. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority say the event will take placeLooking for love in underground places: speed dating on the red line. a relatively low number of participants, the general sentiment from both participants and staff was that it was a heck of a lot of fun, and that it could likely happen again next year — february 14 falls on a saturday in 2015, which could mean a longer speed dating period.

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though by then, there were no more new participants getting on board, and riders just chatted among themselves as metro staff took down the decorations from the car. i arrived at the north hollywood metro station at around 11:15. is underway for a new tunnel that will make it easier for riders to transfer between metro’s orange and red lines.

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i assume regular speed dating is a lot more organized. the metro staffers who rode on the car to call stops and keep the mood festive and lively seemed excited that things were going so well (as well as the opportunity to work away from the office). speed dating event went from 11 am to 1 pm i rode back on the last north hollywood-bound train of the activity, and it hit 1 pm halfway en route, but metro staff just let the fun go on until the end of the line.

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’s red light program under fire, huizar wants fiscal study (plus metro) why isn’t the westwood/ucla westside subway station planned for ucla?(stephen box has been leading the charge for a better bike plan on metro trains than the "two bikes per car " rule that was proposed earlier this month. per metro’s fact sheet [pdf], the new tunnel, officially the north hollywood station underpass project, is expected to be completed in spring 2016.

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participants seemed to be an ethnically diverse cross-section of los angeles, most of them in the 20s-to-40s age range. angeles metro red line train ride from union station to 7th street/metro center. are here: lat home→collections→red linelove train: metro to host valentine's day speed dating on red linefebruary 13, 2014|by ruben vives.

Valentine's Day Speed Dating on the Los Angeles Subway - Vice

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 today’s piece is an introduction and a look at metro’s role. a public agency that customarily deals with things such as consent decrees, fare increases, and all the rigmarole and minutiae pertaining to running a public transportation operation, speed dating on the subway is a sign of a culture shift: a transit agency that actually wants to engage and interact with its riders. metro rail red & purple lines breda a650's @ 7th street/metro center/julian dixion.

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) not only was this my first time speed dating, but this was my first time speed dating on a train, and definitely my last. to metro’s steve hymon, who was snapping pictures on this car for the source, fran curbello, metro’s communications manager for promotions and special events, came up with the idea in december. los angeles metro agency thought it would be a great idea to do speed dating on the subway for valentine's day.

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MTA will play Cupid on Valentine’s Day by hosting a speed dating event on the Red Line. speakers included los angeles mayor and metro board chair eric garcetti, metro boardmember jacquelyn dupont-walker, metro’s new ceo phil washington, and zipcar […]. the agency said on its official twitter account, “ultimately, we just want everyone to fall in love with metro.

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