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muslims from my time on single muslims, i realized that the same developers of muslim faces created this app. matching with someone within a 200 mile radius, the app connects you via email — but your wali is always carbon copied..and as always a load more less interesting bug fixesif you appreciate the hard graft please leave a review, we really appreciate it! the messaging system is okay and the app design seems fine. as i mentioned before, the developers are notorious for recycling profiles from their other dating apps. for example, i saw profiles from muslim faces on single muslims, which is strange, considering how you have to create separate logins for the two apps., the no nonsense approach to finding a great muslim spouse. it has the exact same issues that the previously mentioned apps have, but there are more profiles.

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i wish everyone the most successful pursuits and would love to see this app grow in scale to provide more people with options for completing their deen, in sha allah. the app isn’t too buggy and the message system is usable. in this day and age, i commend an app that stays true to principles of halal matchmaking while being culturally relevant enough to attract young people. the developers of muzmatch might have outdone even dil mile, which is the main matchmaking app among south asians. most people on this app couldn’t speak english, so it was nearly impossible to start meaningful conversations with anyone near my age. i ranked this app last, because i couldn’t sign up; yelli is broken. reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about muzmatch: Where single Muslims meet. however, i ranked minder third, because some of my other friends have used this app and thought it was great.

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the app has been built from the ground up with privacy, security and ease of use in mind. ibooks doesn't open, click the ibooks app in your dock. app is without a doubt the best on the market for young muslims who are serious about getting married. convention-organized speed-dating solves that problem, but let’s be real, it opens the door to more. moreover, the people on the app barely use it, so it takes weeks to get matches. these apps have plenty of good, open-minded people; however, it might not have that islamic focus that so many of you are trying to find in a future spouse.” at the same time, hamid says the app is progressive in that it will be open to gay, lesbian, and transgender muslims looking for longterm partners. actually, a little researching on the app store lead me to find that the group, web vision, created this and numerous other dating apps.

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if that’s not enough, creating a profile on this app is so time consuming..- explore is now badged reflecting new users in who likes me that you’re yet to like/pass- the app’s badge also takes into account this number in real time, now showing both the total unread messages and new profiles that like you- profiles in lists in explore and chat are now labelled appropriately making it easy to garner if they’re a match, a favourite, an instant match, or were previously matched- the layout of chat has been tidied up with the unread message indicator moved to the left gutter for better prominence and consistency with the new explore- we now state the price of an instant match of its screen- better error handling with in app purchases- fixed an issue where the navigation bar wouldn’t hide after blocking a user making explore/chat look extremely weird. stories social media blamed for rise in stds in rhode island hacking the hookup app. marriage app is now available for ios and will launch for android on february 13th. also, many people on these apps may not want anything serious. also, it’s nearly impossible to navigate through the app, because it’s so clunky. users will have the ability to report accounts that are using the app inappropriately. somehow, conversations don’t happen as serendipitously as they would if you weren’t on the hot seat with only three minutes to pitch yourself and decide if you wouldn’t mind picking up the dirty socks of the person across from you for the rest of your life — all while your parents bite their nails off in the back of the room.

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course, you can always swipe left through tinder until you happen upon a muslim-sounding name and hope that person is interested in marriage and not a hookup, but chances are, you’ll probably match with that guy from your local masjid and you’ll spend the rest of your jumu’ah prayers lowering your gaze. but we do our bit too with all profiles manually vetted and approved by a robust selfie verification system and proprietary algorithms to detect abuse of our service. their customer service is superb; you can easily message them through the app if there’s a problem. it really turns me off from using this app, and i would recommend the readers to do the same. thus, i’m presenting these app reviews for someone who is looking for a serious relationship. the new mobile matchmaking apps for muslims promise to overcome all the obstacles on your quest to find the one—awkward gender relations, scarcity of eligible partners, meddling elders, job interview-like speed-dating, racist and sexist matrimonial websites. itunes doesn't open, click the itunes application icon in your dock or on your windows desktop. luckily, muslims have an arsenal of dating applications (apps) that help to navigate the thin line between allowed matchmaking and irreligious dating.

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the mobile app version of ishqr will soon launch worldwide in english..) vacate that seat at the matrimonial speed-dating table where your parents are cheering you on from the sidelines. mblanguage: englishseller: muzmatch ltd© muzmatch limitedyou must be at least 17 years old to download this app. they seem like great ideas and have attractive screenshots on the appstore, but they’re really just 2 out of 5 qalbs. “this ensures the app is halal, and we don’t have to police anyone,” says memon. facebook neededeasily create your profile using the app in minutes. you’re still not convinced that swiping through piles of photos won’t detract from a deeper connection, then humaira mubeen’s ishqr app is for you. i got a chance to look at their profiles and use the app on their phones to get a feel for it.

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of the entire haystack of the app store’s muslim dating apps, i think this is the needle.” crescent’s instagram strategy is positioning the app as the gateway to serious relationships, with messages like “i don’t date. Download muzmatch: Where single Muslims meet and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. originally, the screenshots on the app store makes this app seem like its usable and has a good interface, but once you try it, you’ll be sorely mistaken. maybe if i were from a middle eastern, i would have found this app more useful. you don’t trust yourself not to use the above apps’ private messaging features in a halal manner, there’s the bliss marriage app, founded by 25-year-old aneesa memon. for criticism that a tinder-like app would emphasize physical appearance over personality, hamid responds, “it’s human nature to dig deeper into personality based upon physical attraction, the way you do when you see someone attractive in person.“the app will have optional filters where you can pick your denomination and level of religiosity (liberal, moderate, conservative, etc.

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 the interface and app design looks very clean and attractive and yelli got rave reviews at the beginning of 2015. to download the free app muzmatch: where single muslims meet by muzmatch limited, get itunes now. he developed salaamswipe, a matchmaking app modeled after the location-based dating/hookup (haram alert!) app tinder, in order to increase the breadth of his own muslim network in vancouver. you need is an app that lifts the pardah and widens your social circle, but only with marriage-minded muslims. unlike the “casual” connotation tinder has taken on, hamid’s crescent app is designed with a different, more meaningful, goal: to “help modern muslims find love. all the pictures and profiles have to be approved by the administrators, though you will be approved almost all of the time. so far, from her perspective, she seems to like what the app has done for her.

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it’s also focused towards a south asian demographic, so there were people from different religions on this app. americans have a gender relations problem, says 25-year-old humaira mubeen, founder of matchmaking site and forthcoming app, ishqr. there were people of all kinds of ethnicities on this app, but mostly arab as expected. soon, you'll only be able to post a comment on buzzfeed using a facebook account or via our app. as of now, i don’t really think there are any muslim hookup apps and the idea of one seems like an oxymoron. that’s right, no communication on bliss marriage app is private—so think twice before you send that nizar qabbani quote. they have a lot of profiles on this app, but my main issue was that it would keep showing people who were really far away. they have everything from divorced dating and 50 plus dating to a couple of funny ones like sugar daddy dating.

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jessa also encounters concerns about the halalness of his version of muslim tinder, salaam swipe, but he says it would be more accurate to compare his app to the biodata concept. met the one and only my other half in deen on muzmatch it's like a dream came true finally with all honesty and approval from my parents my dream will come true as well joining two families together as one is the most greatest feeling ever alhamedallah last but not least i would love to thank every single one of you jazakoum allah khairan. minder isn’t too glitchy; i think the developers did a great job on this app. matches appear in a chat interface where you can get to know them better. this is the only app out of all the other ones that i’m actually keeping and trying out for the future. it's very frustrating to see that you have 16 messages but it's really just one message from one person it's just the app showing you 16 notifications. you’re a single Muslim in North America, you know the thirst is real. it is not the prettiest app on this list, but it works.

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as the hugely popular tinder offered a simple solution for the general population seeking to quickly and easily meet singles in their vicinity, apps modeled after that same concept were bound to take off within the muslim demographic. left or right: tmo reviews the best (and worst) muslim matchmaking apps*the muslim observer. because of this, i put my focus on how these apps try to facilitate an actual marriage. know for some of you who’ve tried tinder or dil mile type dating apps might seem down by the erratic and terrible behavior of some of the people who use them. give you a little background, i’m an iphone user and i got all the following on the apple’s app store. you choose to mack in your vicinity based off a visual and a minimal bio with crescent or salaam swipe, or you’re willing to go the distance based on a mental image after reading a quirky self-written profile with ishqr, or you want to get serious and cc your wali on your proposal with bliss marriage app, you’ve got options, all at your fingertips. at least four matchmaking (yes, matchmaking, because “dating” would be too scandalous for your parents) apps designed by young muslims, especially for muslims, plan to launch this month and save you from a future as “cat aunty” or “creepy uncle. but in the meantime, i would give this app a 0 out of 5 qalbs.

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